Portuguese Republican Party

The Portuguese Republican Party (Portuguese: Partido Republicano Português, pronounced [pɐɾˈtiðu ʁɛpuβliˈkɐnu puɾtuˈɣeʃ]; 1876–1911) was a Portuguese political party formed during the late years of monarchy that proposed and conducted the substitution of the Constitutional Monarchy by the Portuguese First Republic.[1]

Portuguese Republican Party
Partido Republicano Português
Political positionCenter to center-left
SloganPátria e Liberdade
("Fatherland and Liberty")
Party flag
Bicolor Vermelha e Verde.png

When the Republic was established on the 5 October 1910 Revolution, the members of the party initially stood together, but soon began splitting into different parties, including the Democratic Party, Democratic Leftwing Republican Party, Reformist Party, Republican Union, Evolutionist Party, Centrist Republican Party, Popular Party, Radical Party, Republican Liberal Party, Liberal Republican Union, Reconstitution Party and Nationalist Republican Party.

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