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Current selections: social history of viruses , history of virology , vaccination , prion , immune system , virus classification , bacteriophage , plant virus , infection , reverse transcriptase , interferon , RNA interference , poliomyelitis eradication , virus quantification , Hershey–Chase experiment 

Broad articles of general interest.

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Current selections: rotavirus , HIV , canine parvovirus , poliovirus , norovirus , Papillomaviridae , hantavirus , Epstein–Barr virus , West Nile virus , Adenoviridae , tobacco mosaic virus , mimivirus , alphavirus , cauliflower mosaic virus , adeno-associated virus , henipavirus , Sputnik virophage , hepatitis D 

Single virus or small group. Must include a usable image of the virus.

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Current selections: dengue fever , poliomyelitis , smallpox , influenza , hepatitis B , herpes simplex , common cold , herpes zoster , meningitis , hepatitis C , gastroenteritis , yellow fever , chickenpox , HIV/AIDS , cervical cancer , Ebola virus disease , Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease , measles , foot-and-mouth disease , rabies 

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Current selections: zidovudine , aciclovir , polio vaccine , MMR vaccine controversy , ribavirin , HPV vaccines , nevirapine , oseltamivir 

Individual antiviral drugs & vaccines. Must have an image; preferably not just a chemical line diagram.

  • Influenza vaccine  -- long top-importance article on important vaccine; non-specific vaccination image but Fluzone has usable vial image. Rather US centric and disorganised but the orange tags have now been dealt with. Espresso Addict (talk) 17:36, 18 October 2013
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Current selections: 1918 flu pandemic , 2009 flu pandemic , West African Ebola virus epidemic , 1993 Four Corners hantavirus outbreak , 1978 smallpox outbreak in the United Kingdom , 2001 United Kingdom foot-and-mouth outbreak , severe acute respiratory syndrome 

Historical outbreaks of viral disease.

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Current selections: Edward Jenner , Frank Macfarlane Burnet , Jonas Salk , Rosalind Franklin , Aniru Conteh , Ryan White , list of poliomyelitis survivors , Frederick Sanger , Randy Shilts , Thomas Henry Flewett , George Hirst (virologist) , Walter Reed / , Françoise Barré-Sinoussi , Peter Piot , Ali Maow Maalin 

Virologists and medical researchers who work on viruses preferred. Free images preferred but not essential.

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  • ...that structural biologist Erica Ollmann Saphire travelled to Africa to observe rodents in the field in order to study how viruses like Ebola are spread?
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  • ...that the newly spreading practice in East Africa of flashblood, injecting oneself with blood of another heroin user to get high, has been called "the most effective way of infecting yourself with HIV"?

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