Pengjia Islet

Pengjia Islet (Chinese: 彭佳; pinyin: péng jiā yǔ[6][7]), also known as P'eng-chia Hsü, Hōka-sho,[8] Agincourt,[3][9] Dashihshan Islet, Chaolai Islet, P'eng-chia Yü or Pengchia Islet, is an islet north of Taiwan and is administered under Zhongzheng District, Keelung City. It is under Taiwanese military control and cannot be visited by ordinary citizens.[3]

Pengjia Islet
Native name:
Taiwan map large.gif
P'eng-chia Yü north of Taiwan Island
Pengjia Islet is located in East China Sea
Pengjia Islet
Pengjia Islet
Location in the East China Sea
LocationZhongzheng, Keelung, Taiwan[1][2][3][4]
Area1.14 km2 (0.44 sq mi)[5]
ProvinceTaiwan (streamlined)
Provincial cityKeelung
Additional information
Time zone
Pengjia Islet is located in Taiwan
Pengjia Islet
Pengjia Islet
Location of Pengjia Islet


In September 1984, forty plus fishing boats from Japan intruded on the territorial waters of Pengchia Islet (Pengjia Islet). Their catch was estimated to be worth 20 million TWD.[10]

On 7 September 2012 and again on 9 April 2016, President Ma Ying-jeou visited Pengjia Islet.[4][11]


Pengjia Islet part of Zhongzheng, Keelung, Taiwan (ROC). The islet is located to the northeast of Keelung. The islet is surrounded by cliffs on its eastern, southern and northern sides. On the western side, the sea is full of reef and rocks. The only safe way to land on the island is via the dock on the western side.[6]


There are no long-term residents on the islet. As of 2002, there were about 40 itinerant residents living on the island, who are mostly employees of the weather observatory and coast guard divisions.[6][12]

The island had over 100 inhabitants in the 1890s, when George MacKay wrote From Far Formosa (see page 185).



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