Patuakhali District

Patuakhali (Bengali: পটুয়াখালী, romanizedPotuakhali) is a district in South-central Bangladesh in the Barisal Division. This district is the main entrance for the beach of Kuakata.


Patuakhali District
সাগরকন্যা (Daughter of the Sea)
Location of Patuakhali in Bangladesh
Location of Patuakhali in Bangladesh
Expandable map of Patuakhali District
Coordinates: 22°21′15″N 90°19′05″E / 22.3542°N 90.3181°E / 22.3542; 90.3181Coordinates: 22°21′15″N 90°19′05″E / 22.3542°N 90.3181°E / 22.3542; 90.3181
Country Bangladesh
DivisionBarisal Division
 • Deputy CommissionerMd. Matiul Islam Chowdhury [1]
 • Total3,220.15 km2 (1,243.31 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total1,535,854
 • Density480/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+06:00 (BST)
Postal code
HDI (2018)0.586[2]
medium · 16th of 21


It is adjacent to the Bay of Bengal. The area of the district is 3220.15 km2.[3]

Patuakhali city is surrounded on three sides by rivers. The two major rivers are Laukathi and Lohalia, which are directly connected with the Bay of Bengal. The city has an inland airport used for transport and private travel across the country.

A number of different tribal peoples live in the district.


There are 8 upazilas in this district. They are:

  1. Dumki Upazila
  2. Patuakhali Sadat Upazila
  3. Mirzaganj Upazila
  4. Bauphal Upazila
  5. Galachipa Upazila
  6. Dashmina Upazila
  7. Rangabali Upazila
  8. Kalapara Upazila


  • Deputy Commissioner (DC): MD. Matiul Islam Chawdhury
  • Superintendent of Police (SP): Mr.Md.Shahidullah PPM
  • Administrator of Zila Porishod: Mr. Khalilur Rahman Mohon[4]


Agriculture is the profession of the most of the people. Fishing is also a prominent profession of this district. Thousands of boats go into the deep sea to fish and come back with tons of fish. Paddy, jute, and different types of vegetables are the main product of agriculture sector.[citation needed] Main sources of income Agriculture 57.05%, non-agricultural labourer 5.37%, industry 1.03%, commerce 13.79%, transport and communication 2.04%, service 9.22%, construction 2.13%, religious service 0.26%, rent and remittance 0.40% and others 8.71%.


Main Crops of Patuakhali district areas as follows:[5]


The fruit trees indigenous to Patuakhali district areas as follows:[6]


The literacy rate of Patuakhali is 54.1%; male 56.2% and female 52.0% (District Statistics, 2011). Educational institutions: university 1, medical College 1, college 65, primary teachers training institute (PTI) 1, polytechnic institute 1, vocational institute 1, technical school 5, secondary school 324, primary school 1143, satellite school 14, community school 9, kindergarten 36, madrasa 506. (District Statistics, 2011)[7]

Medical College
Polytechnic Institute


Religions in Patuakhali District[8]
Religion Percent

The district is overwhelmingly Muslim. Similar to other districts in the Barisal division, the minority Hindu and Christian populations have seen a decline in absolute numbers in the 2001-2011 period. The district has 3892 mosques, 187 temples, three Buddhist temples and two churches.[9]

Patuakhali cityEdit

The city of Patuakhali is situated beside two local rivers: Laukathi River and Lohalia River. During high tides some of the regions of Patuakhali get flooded. The Bay of Bengal is not far from the region.

At the entrance of the city there is a bridge that connects Barisal (the divisional city) with Patuakhali and Kuakata Beach.

As Patuakhali is a coastal area, it is affected almost every year by natural disasters like cyclones, floods and tornadoes. To help the disaster-affected people, many NGO's are active in the area. They play a vital role in developing the life style of poor people.

Bura Ghuranga river view from the bank of Bura Ghuranga river in beside the Gazi Bhari, East Auliapur, Ronghopaldi, Arojbegi, Dhasmina.

Port of PayraEdit

Port of Payra is planned to become the third sea port of Bangladesh (after Chittagong and Mongla).

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