Outline of transport

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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to transport:

Transport or transportationmovement of people and goods from one place to another.

Essence of transportEdit

Types of transportEdit

By availabilityEdit

Modes and vehiclesEdit



Animal-powered transportEdit

Animal-powered transport

Animals domesticated for transportEdit
Animal-powered vehiclesEdit

Cable transportEdit

Cable transport

Conveyor transportEdit

Conveyor transport

Human-powered transportEdit

Human-powered transport

Hybrid transportEdit

Military transportEdit

Air force transportEdit
Army transportEdit
Navy transportEdit

Ground transportationEdit

Ground transportation

Motorized road transportEdit

Road transport

Motorized off-road transportEdit

Off-road transport

Rail transportEdit

Rail transport

Pipeline transportEdit

Pipeline transport

Ship transportEdit

Ship transport

Space transportEdit

Space transport

Transport on the Moon and MarsEdit
Space transport launched from the surface of the MoonEdit
  • Ascent stage of Apollo Lunar Module, manned, six times, 1969-1972 (return to Earth in the Apollo program)

Transportation systemsEdit




History of transportEdit

Theory and designEdit

Fictional and proposed future transportEdit

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