Official Residence of the President (Republic of China)

Coordinates: 25°02′03″N 121°30′50″E / 25.034107°N 121.513919°E / 25.034107; 121.513919

The Official Residence of the President of the Republic of China is provided by the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the President, while in office, along with his or her family. The current official residence is at the intersection of Chongqing South Road Section 2 and Aiguo West Road, Zhongzheng, Taipei, and has been in use since Lee Teng-hui's presidency. Security of the residence is maintained by the Sixth Special Corps of the National Police Agency along with a wall along the perimeter of the complex.


The Official Residence takes on a different alias depending on the code name assigned by the National Security Bureau. The code name is usually selected depending on the current state of the nation, the transfer of power between political parties, or the incoming President's style of governance and ideals.

Term President Location Alias Meaning Comments
1—5 Chiang Kai-shek Intersection of Zhongshan North Road Sec. 5 and Fulin Road, Shilin, Taipei Shilin Official Residence Located in Shilin  
5 Yen Chia-kan Near present-day official residence; code name "Chongqing" Chongqing Official Residence "Double celebration;" also the name of the ROC's wartime capital.  
6—7 Chiang Ching-kuo Bei'an Road, Dazhi, Taipei, code name "Qihai (Seven Seas)" Seven Seas Residence Named after the United States Seventh Fleet that protected Taiwan during the First Taiwan Strait Crisis.[1]  
7—9 Lee Teng-hui Current location; code name "Da'an" Da'an Official Residence Literally "Great Peace under Heaven;" also the location of Lee's previous home (Daan, Taipei).[1]  
10, 11 Chen Shui-bian Current location; code name "Yushan" Yushan Official Residence Named after the tallest mountain in Taiwan, Yushan; also to symbolize a new era with the "son of Taiwan" taking office in the first transfer of power between political parties.[2]  
12, 13 Ma Ying-jeou Current location; code name "Zhongxing" Zhongxing Residence Second transfer of power; to symbolize the revitalization of Taiwan. Also a combination of Zhongzheng (location of Official Residence) and Xinglong Road, Wenshan, Taipei (Ma's original address).[3][4][5][6] Changed "Official Residence" to "Residence".[7]
14 Tsai Ing-wen Current location; code name "Yonghe" Yonghe Residence Third transfer of power; to "preserve eternal peace in the Taiwan Strait." Also the previous location of Tsai's home (Yonghe, New Taipei City).[8] Retained title of "Residence."

Official Residence of the Vice President of the Republic of ChinaEdit

The Vice President's Residence is separate from that of the President's (e.g. Yen's Chongqing Official Residence; Lee's previous residence was in Da'an). Code names for the Vice Presidents of the Republic of China: Li Yuan-tsu—"Chongshi (崇實)," Lien Chan— "Dunhua (敦化),"[1] Annette Lu— "Ren'ai (仁愛),"[9] Vincent Siew— "Chang'an (長安),"[10] Wu Den-yih— "Heping (和平),"[11] Chen Chien-jen— formerly "Shengjia (聖家 Holy Family, named after Chen's Catholic faith)",[8] since replaced with "Ping'an (平安, lit. peace/safety)".[12]


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