Nikolay Baskov

Nikolay Victorovich Baskov (Russian: Николай Викторович Басков; born 15 October 1976) is a Russian tenor who performs in both operatic and popular music styles.[1] His honors include commendations as Meritorious Artist[2] and People's Artist[3] of the Russian Federation, as well as People's Artist of Ukraine.[4]

Nikolay Baskov
Николай Басков
Николай Басков (Белые ночи Санкт-Петербурга — 2021. Григорий Лепс собирает друзей) (cropped).jpg
Nikolay Baskov

(1976-10-15) 15 October 1976 (age 46)
Alma materMoscow Conservatory, Gnessin State Musical College
Years active2000–present
Musical career
GenresClassical, opera, Folk, Pop

In addition to his career as a vocalist, Baskov is a regular figure on the Russian game show What? Where? When?.


Baskov studied at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music and Moscow Conservatory.[5] In 1998, he placed first in the All-Russian Young Singers Competition and placed second in the 1999 Grande Voce competition in Spain.[5]

Released in 2011, the Nikolai Baskov: Romantic Journey concert performance CD/DVD took place at Moscow's Hall of the Luzhniki Stadium. Baskov was accompanied by a full orchestra and played to a crowd of nearly 10,000 people. Taped with 24 HD cameras, this is Russia's most elaborate and expensive performance ever recorded for international television. He performed classic pieces from Tosca, La bohème, Werther, Turandot and other popular songs from his catalogue such as Be My Love, Granada and Back to Sorrento. Baskov is joined by world-renowned soprano, Montserrat Caballé, and her daughter Marti, for several duets.[6]

In early 2012, Baskov embarked on his first American tour.[5]

In December 2012, he signed an open letter against a St. Petersburg bill banning "homosexual propaganda," along with pop stars like Philipp Kirkorov and Dima Bilan.[7]

In March 2022, Baskov openly supported Russia's military aggression and invasion in Ukraine. On 7 March, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine informed Baskov of suspicion of propagandizing war on the territory of Ukraine. The court arrested him in absentia.[8] He claimed "thirty years of unprincipled deception of Russia by the West", accused the United States of trying to "destroy Russia" and said that “claims that NATO is peaceful are a lie”.[9][10] After these statements, the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on 24 March that Baskov would be banned from entering Latvia indefinitely.[11]


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  • Karaoke EP (2020)

Pesnya godaEdit

Year Final Title in English
2002 Шарманка, Силы небесные "Barrel organ, Hosts of Heaven"
2003 Любовь не знает слова "нет" "Love Does Not Know the Word 'No'"
2004 Ах, эта ночь, Цветет малина, Я буду руки твои целовать "Oh, This Night, Flowering Raspberry, I Will Kiss Your Hands"
2005 Сердце, Отпусти меня "A Heart, Let Me Go"
2006 Я знаю, ты далеко "I Know You're Far Away"
2007 Тебе одной "You're The One"
2008 Внезапная любовь "Sudden Love"
2009 Цветы, Права любовь "Flowers, Love Rights"
2010 Все цветы "All Flowers"
2011 Сохранив любовь "Keeping Love"
2012 Странник, Я найду свою любовь "Wanderer, I'll Find My Love"
2013 Ну кто сказал, Николай "Well, Who Said, Nikolay"
2014 Вишневая любовь "Cherry Love"
2015 Ты мое счастье, Любовь – не слова "You Are My Happiness, Love - Not Words"
2016 Я подарю тебе любовь

Обниму тебя

"I will gift you love"

"Hug you"

2017 Ждать тебя

Твои глаза Маренго

"Wait for you"

"Your eyes Marengo"

2018 Мой король

Ты сердце мое разбила

"My king"

"You broke my heart"

2019 Караоке




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