New Democratic Party (Albania)

The New Democratic Party (Albanian: Partia Demokrate e Re) was a centre-right, conservative[1] political party in Albania founded in 1999 as a split from the Democratic Party of Albania. It was led by Genc Pollo.[2]

New Democratic Party
Partia Demokrate e Re
LeaderGenc Pollo
Founded1999 (1999)
Dissolved2009 (2009)
Split fromDemocratic Party of Albania
Merged intoDemocratic Party of Albania
Liberal conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
European affiliationEuropean Peoples Party (observer)
ColoursBlue, Yellow

PDR was part of the Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Welfare coalition. In the parliamentary elections of 2005 PDR won four seats on the proportional list.

The party led by Genc pollo who was the deputy chairman of the Democratic Party. Created The NDP which he claimed to be the alternative choice for those right-wingers who had lost faith in the leadership of the Democratic Party and especially in its leader Sali Berisha. While the NDP had argued against Berisha and the DP. The NDP joined the Berisha I Government. The Party was an observer member of the European People's Party (EPP). October 2008 Genc Pollo and Sali Berisha, Prime Minister and head of the Democratic Party, the senior party in the government coalition, had announced their parties will merge before the 2009 election. The NDP reunited with the DP again in 2009.


Deputies from 2001-2005[3]
Dashamir Shehi
Ilirian Barzani
Jak Ndokaj
Nard Ndoka
Saimir Curri
Qazim Tepshi
Deputies from 2005-2009[4]
Genc Pollo
Jak Ndokaj (Later Switched to the PDK)
Tritan Shehu
Frrok Gjini (Later Switched to the PDK)

Election resultsEdit

Election Votes % Seats +/– Government
2001 68,181 5.06 (#3)
6 / 140
  0 Opposition
2005 101,373 7.42 (#6)
4 / 140
  1 Coalition


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