2005 Albanian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Albania on 3 July 2005.[1] The result was a victory for the opposition Democratic Party (PD) and its allies, prominently the Republican Party (PR). Former president Sali Berisha became prime minister as a result of the election.[2]

2005 Albanian parliamentary election
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All 140 seats in the Parliament of Albania
71 seats needed for a majority
Turnout49.07% (Decrease4.55pp)
Party Leader % Seats +/–
PD Sali Berisha 7.67 56 +10
PS Fatos Nano 8.89 42 -31
LSI Ilir Meta 8.40 3 New
PR Fatmir Mediu 19.96 11 New
PSD Skënder Gjinushi 12.74 7 +3
PDR Genc Pollo 7.42 4 +1
PAA Lufter Xhuveli 6.56 4 +1
AD Neritan Ceka 4.76 3 0
PDS Paskal Milo 4.25 2 New
PBDNJ Vangjel Dule 4.13 2 -1
PDK Nard Ndoka 3.26 2 +2
BLD Arjan Starova 1.06 1 New
Independent 1 -1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
2005 elections Albania ENGLISH2.png
Prime Minister before Elected Prime Minister
Fatos Nano 2003.jpg Fatos Nano
Sali Berisha
Sali Berisha (cropped).jpg

Electoral systemEdit

The 140 members of parliament were elected using the mixed-member proportional representation. Voters elected 100 deputies directly from constituencies and 40 from party lists.[3]


The proper conduct of the election was seen as crucial in maintaining Albania's eventual EU hopes.[4] For the most part, election day was peaceful, but OSCE monitors said that the poll only partially complied with international standards,[5] citing disorganization, improper procedures and "a few violent incidents." The Central Election Commission (CEC) received over 300 complaints.[6]

Monitors from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe called the election a “disappointment,” saying it failed to comply with international standards because of “serious irregularities,” intimidation, vote-buying and “violence committed by extremists on both sides.”[7]


On 14 July the CEC released final results for 97 constituencies as well as the tentative national proportional results. The clear winners were the Democratic Party and its allies, though with many close constituency races between the PD and the governing Socialist Party of Albania (PSSh). The only party to win both proportional and constituency-level seats was the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) of former prime minister Ilir Meta, as Meta himself won the party's lone constituency mandate. Despite this, the LSI did not fulfill pre-election expectations that it might emerge as a dealmaker in the next parliament.

Democratic Party of Albania602,06644.0656104,7967.67056+10
Socialist Party of Albania538,90639.4442121,4128.89042–31
Socialist Movement for Integration112,4518.231114,7988.4045New
Movement for National Development20,9551.53047,9673.5100New
Social Democratic Party of Albania18,3651.340174,10312.7477+3
Unity for Human Rights Party12,1710.89056,4034.1322–1
Democratic Alliance Party10,6490.78065,0934.76330
Environmentalist Agrarian Party9,9880.73089,6356.5644+1
Social Democracy Party of Albania8,5140.62057,9984.2522New
Communist Party of Albania3,8910.2808,9370.6500New
Party of Labour of Albania3,4490.2509,2920.6800New
Alliance for Welfare and Solidarity1,7260.1305,0290.3700New
Social Albanian Parties – National Unity Party1,4330.1003,2600.2400New
Albanian National Front Party1,2770.09022,8961.6800New
Albanian Democratic Monarchist Movement Party9570.0707740.0600New
Albanian Green League6380.0501,7100.1300New
Albanian Democratic Party for a New Right Democracy5550.0401,7940.1300New
Albanian National Community Party5480.0400New
Democratic Movement for Integration5050.0400New
Albanian Future Party4450.0300New
Albanian Socialist Alliance Party2450.0206,6040.4800New
Albanian Party of Democratic Reforms2310.0200New
Communist Party of Albania 8 November1240.0100New
Social Christian Party of Albania1070.01000
People's Alliance Party990.0100New
Albanian National Reconciliation Party780.0100New
Albanian Emigration Party340.0000New
Green Party of Albania220.0000New
Republican Party of Albania272,74619.961111New
New Democratic Party101,3737.4244+1
Demochristian Party of Albania44,5763.2622+2
Party for Justice and Integration16,0121.1700New
Liberal Democratic Union14,4181.0611New
Freedom and Human Rights Movements9,0270.6600New
Democratic National Front Party7,6320.5600New
Albanian Democratic Union Party7,3710.54000
Albanian National Security Party5700.0400New
Valid votes1,366,50697.781,366,22698.42
Invalid/blank votes31,0132.2221,9731.58
Total votes1,397,519100.001,388,199100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,848,14449.072,850,82148.69
Source: CLEA (constituency), CEC (compensatory)


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