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Mugi Rekso Abadi (MRA) is an Indonesian holding company with units in magazines, retail, hotel, broadcast, food and beverage, lifestyle, entertainment and automotive companies. MRA (Mugi Rekso Abadi) was founded in 1993. It is based in Jakarta and is one of the largest media groups in Indonesia.

Mugi Rekso Abadi Holding Company
HeadquartersJakarta, Indonesia



In 1993, Soetikno Soedarjo co-founded the company. He formed PT MRA as the holding company for media and lifestyle companies. He started out with two colleagues, Adiguna Sutowo and Dian M Soedardjo. Soetikno is currently the CEO.

With an investment of 8 billion rupiah, Sutowo and Soetikno formed the company and its first lifestyle and entertainment enterprise: a Hard Rock Cafe. The idea came from a casual conversation between Sutowo, Soetikno and Muthia Kasim. Suetikno then invested in a broadcast media division, creating Hard Rock FM Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali, Zoom Bar & Lounge, i-Radio, MTV Radio, majalah Cosmo, Omni Channel, and IP Entertainment.[1]


MRA has seven divisions, Print Media, Broadcast Media, Retail & Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Hotel & Property.[2]

Print mediaEdit

Soetikno Soedarjo published Cosmopolitan Magazine in Indonesia in August 1997.[3] It publishes:

Broadcast mediaEdit

The first media unit was Hard Rock FM, established in 1996. It was built to leverage the success of Hard Rock Cafe. The success of Hard Rock FM led to the creation of I-Radio and TRAX FM, and lastly in 2005, Cosmopolitan.[4] Units include:[5]

  • PT. Surya Swara Mediatama (MRA Media EMD)
  • PT. Radio Antar Nusa Djaja (Hard Rock FM Jakarta)
  • PT. Radio Baturiti Menaraswara (Hard Rock Radio Bali)
  • PT. Radio Suara Kedjajaan (Trax FM Jakarta)
  • PT. Radio Mustika Abadi (I-Radio Jakarta)
  • PT. Radio Muara Abdi Nusa (Cosmopolitan FM Jakarta)
  • PT. Media Network Indonesia (MNI)
  • PT. Radio Ekacita Swara Buana (Hard Rock Bandung)
  • PT. Radio Gema Dwipa Intinada (I-Radio Bandung)
  • PT. Harini Jaya Mandiri (Hard Rock Surabaya)
  • PT. Radio Mustika Gema Buana (Trax FM Semarang)
  • PT. Radio Permata Swaranusa (I-Radio Jogja)

Retail and lifestyleEdit

Food and beverageEdit


Hotel & PropertyEdit

  • Bulgari Hotel & Resort


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