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Amica is an Italian language monthly fashion and women's magazine based in Milan, Italy. The magazine has several international editions published in Bulgaria, Indonesia and Singapore.

Logo of Amica magazine.png
Logo of Amica
Editor-in-chiefEmanuela Testori
CategoriesWomen's magazine
Fashion magazine
PublisherRCS Periodici
Year founded1962
First issue1 March 1962; 57 years ago (1962-03-01)
CompanyRCS MediaGroup
Based inMilan

History and profileEdit

Amica was established in March 1962.[1][2][3][4] The cover of its first issue was dedicated to Sophia Loren.[1] The original publisher of the magazine was Crespi.[2] The magazine is part of RCS MediaGroup and is published by RCS Periodici on a monthly basis in Milan.[3][5] It offers articles on the recent fashion trends.[3]

From 1986 to 2001 Casamica, a magazine on interior design, was distributed with Amica.[6] Later it became a supplement of the daily paper Corriere della Sera, another publication of RCS MediaGroup.[6] The online edition of Amica appeared in 1997.[7] The Bulgarian edition of the magazine was launched in late September 2007.[8][9] Its editions in Indonesia and Singapore, published in English, were both started in 2008.[10] In November 2011 the Italian edition was redesigned and began to include four sections: Stories, Fashion, Beauty, and Escape.[11] At the end of 2014 the international edition of the magazine, Amica International, was started.[12]

The editor-in-chief of Amica is Emanuela Testori.[13]


Amica had a circulation of 209,638 copies in 1984.[14] Between February 2006 and January 2007 the magazine sold 180,100 copies.[15] Its circulation was 180,257 copies in 2007.[16][17] From August 2010 to July 2011 the monthly had a circulation of 145,380 copies.[11]

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