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Members of the 1st Dáil

This is a list of the 105 MPs who were elected for Irish seats at the 1918 United Kingdom general election. Sinn Féin emerged as the largest party, in their first general election. They adopted a policy of abstention from the House of British House of Commons in Westminster. Instead they took their election as a mandate for independence and established a revolutionary parliament known as Dáil Éireann, with its members known as Teachtaí Dála or TDs. It met for the first time on 21 January 1919 in Mansion House in Dublin. The majority of Sinn Féin's MPs were imprisoned at the time so only 27 elected representatives attended the initial meeting of the First Dáil. The First Dáil lasted 892 days. Those elected for the remaining Irish seats, from the Irish Parliamentary Party and the Irish Unionist Party, for the most part ignored the invitation to attend the First Dáil. Thomas Harbison, elected for the Irish Parliamentary Party for North East Tyrone, did acknowledge the invitation, but "stated he should decline for obvious reasons".[1]

1st Dáil Éireann
2nd Dáil
Oireachtas logo.svg
JurisdictionIrish Republic
Meeting placeMansion House
UCD (Earlsfort Terrace)
Term21 January 1919 – 10 May 1921
Election1918 general election
GovernmentGovernment of the 1st Dáil
Ceann ComhairleSeán T. O'Kelly
Count Plunkett
until 22 January 1919
Cathal Brugha
until 22 January 1919
President of Dáil ÉireannÉamon de Valera
Cathal Brugha
until 1 April 1919

Under this Irish republican theory, all 105 MPs were members of the Dáil, and their names were called out on the roll of membership. The database of Oireachtas members includes only those elected for Sinn Féin.[2] For clarity on the representation of constituencies, they are listed here in a single list.

Members of the First Dáil of the Irish Republic, taken on the steps of the Mansion House in Dublin after their first meeting on 21 January 1919, with caption indicating their names in the Irish language. Note that some members were not present because they were either in prison or in danger of arrest.

Election result (Ireland only)Edit

Members by constituencyEdit

Members of the 1st Dáil[3]
Constituency Name Party
Antrim East Robert McCalmont Irish Unionist
Antrim Mid Hugh O'Neill Irish Unionist
Antrim North Peter Kerr-Smiley Irish Unionist
Antrim South Charles Curtis Craig Irish Unionist
Armagh Mid James Rolston Lonsdale Irish Unionist
Armagh North William Allen Irish Unionist
Armagh South Patrick Donnelly Irish Parliamentary
Belfast Cromac William Arthur Lindsay Irish Unionist
Belfast Duncairn Edward Carson Irish Unionist
Belfast Falls Joseph Devlin Irish Parliamentary
Belfast Ormeau Thomas Moles Irish Unionist
Belfast Pottinger Herbert Dixon Irish Unionist
Belfast St Anne's Thomas Henry Burn Labour Unionist
Belfast Shankill Samuel McGuffin Labour Unionist
Belfast Victoria Thompson Donald Labour Unionist
Belfast Woodvale Robert Lynn Irish Unionist
Carlow James Lennon Sinn Féin
Cavan East Arthur Griffith[n 2] Sinn Féin
Cavan West Paul Galligan Sinn Féin
Clare East Éamon de Valera[n 3] Sinn Féin
Clare West Brian O'Higgins Sinn Féin
Cork City Liam de Róiste Sinn Féin
Cork City James J. Walsh[n 4] Sinn Féin
Cork East David Kent Sinn Féin
Cork Mid Terence MacSwiney[n 5] Sinn Féin
Cork North Patrick O'Keeffe Sinn Féin
Cork North East Thomas Hunter Sinn Féin
Cork South Michael Collins Sinn Féin
Cork South East Diarmuid Lynch[n 6] Sinn Féin
Cork West Seán Hayes[n 4] Sinn Féin
Donegal East Edward Kelly Irish Parliamentary
Donegal North Joseph O'Doherty[n 4] Sinn Féin
Donegal South Peter Ward[n 4] Sinn Féin
Donegal West Joseph Sweeney[n 4] Sinn Féin
Down East David Reid Irish Unionist
Down Mid James Craig Irish Unionist
Down North Thomas Watters Brown Irish Unionist
Down South Jeremiah McVeagh Irish Parliamentary
Down West Daniel M. Wilson Irish Unionist
Dublin Clontarf Richard Mulcahy[n 4] Sinn Féin
Dublin College Green Seán T. O'Kelly[n 4] Sinn Féin
Dublin Harbour Philip Shanahan[n 4] Sinn Féin
Dublin North Frank Lawless Sinn Féin
Dublin Pembroke Desmond FitzGerald Sinn Féin
Dublin Rathmines Maurice Dockrell Irish Unionist
Dublin South George Gavan Duffy[n 4] Sinn Féin
Dublin St James's Joseph McGrath Sinn Féin
Dublin St Michan's Michael Staines[n 4] Sinn Féin
Dublin St Patrick's Constance Markievicz Sinn Féin
Dublin St Stephen's Green Thomas Kelly[n 4] Sinn Féin
Dublin University Arthur Samuels Irish Unionist
Dublin University Robert Woods Independent Unionist
Fermanagh North Edward Archdale Irish Unionist
Fermanagh South Seán O'Mahony Sinn Féin
Galway Connemara Pádraic Ó Máille[n 4] Sinn Féin
Galway East Liam Mellows[n 7] Sinn Féin
Galway North Bryan Cusack Sinn Féin
Galway South Frank Fahy Sinn Féin
Kerry East Piaras Béaslaí[n 4] Sinn Féin
Kerry North James Crowley Sinn Féin
Kerry South Fionán Lynch Sinn Féin
Kerry West Austin Stack Sinn Féin
Kildare North Domhnall Ua Buachalla[n 4] Sinn Féin
Kildare South Art O'Connor Sinn Féin
Kilkenny North W. T. Cosgrave Sinn Féin
Kilkenny South James O'Mara Sinn Féin
King's County Patrick McCartan Sinn Féin
Leitrim James Dolan Sinn Féin
Limerick City Michael Colivet Sinn Féin
Limerick East Richard Hayes Sinn Féin
Limerick West Con Collins[n 4] Sinn Féin
Londonderry City Eoin MacNeill[n 4][n 8] Sinn Féin
Londonderry North Hugh Anderson Irish Unionist
Londonderry South Denis Henry Irish Unionist
Longford Joseph McGuinness Sinn Féin
Louth John J. O'Kelly[n 4] Sinn Féin
Mayo East Éamon de Valera[n 3] Sinn Féin
Mayo North John Crowley[n 4] Sinn Féin
Mayo South William Sears Sinn Féin
Mayo West Joseph MacBride Sinn Féin
Meath North Liam Mellows[n 7] Sinn Féin
Meath South Eamonn Duggan[n 4] Sinn Féin
Monaghan North Ernest Blythe Sinn Féin
Monaghan South Seán MacEntee Sinn Féin
National University of Ireland Eoin MacNeill[n 4][n 8] Sinn Féin
Queen's County Kevin O'Higgins[n 4] Sinn Féin
Roscommon North George Noble Plunkett[n 4] Sinn Féin
Roscommon South Harry Boland Sinn Féin
Queen's University of Belfast William Whitla Irish Unionist
Sligo North J. J. Clancy Sinn Féin
Sligo South Alexander McCabe Sinn Féin
Tipperary East Pierce McCan[n 9] Sinn Féin
Tipperary Mid Séamus Burke[n 4] Sinn Féin
Tipperary North Joseph MacDonagh Sinn Féin
Tipperary South P. J. Moloney[n 4] Sinn Féin
Tyrone North East Thomas Harbison Irish Parliamentary
Tyrone North West Arthur Griffith[n 2] Sinn Féin
Tyrone South William Coote Irish Unionist
Waterford City William Redmond Irish Parliamentary
Waterford County Cathal Brugha[n 4] Sinn Féin
Westmeath Laurence Ginnell Sinn Féin
Wexford North Roger Sweetman[n 4] Sinn Féin
Wexford South James Ryan[n 4] Sinn Féin
Wicklow East Seán Etchingham Sinn Féin
Wicklow West Robert Barton[n 4] Sinn Féin
Photograph of members of the First Dáil of the Irish Republic, taken on the steps of the Mansion House in Dublin on 9 April 1919.
  1. ^ Sinn Féin won 73 constituencies but 4 MPs were elected for 2 constituencies, so there were 69 persons elected for Sinn Féin in total.
  2. ^ a b Arthur Griffith was elected for two constituencies; Cavan East and Tyrone North West.
  3. ^ a b Éamon de Valera was elected for two constituencies; Clare East and Mayo East.
  4. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z aa ab Attended the opening session of the First Dáil on 21 January 1919
  5. ^ Died on hunger strike in prison on 25 October 1920
  6. ^ Resigned his seat, effective 6 August 1920.[4]
  7. ^ a b Liam Mellows was elected for two constituencies; Galway East and Meath North.
  8. ^ a b Eoin MacNeill was elected for two constituencies; Londonderry City and National University of Ireland.
  9. ^ Died in prison on 6 March 1919

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