Members of the 2nd Dáil

There were two elections in Ireland on 24 May 1921, as a result of the Government of Ireland Act 1920 to establish the House of Commons of Northern Ireland and the House of Commons of Southern Ireland. A resolution of Dáil Éireann on 10 May 1921 held that these elections were to be regarded as elections to Dáil Éireann and that all those returned at these elections be regarded as members of Dáil Éireann.[1] According to this theory of Irish republicanism, these elections provided the membership of the Second Dáil. The Second Dáil lasted 388 days.

2nd Dáil Éireann
1st Dáil 3rd Dáil
Oireachtas logo.svg
JurisdictionIrish Republic
Southern Ireland
Meeting placeRoyal College of Surgeons
Mansion House
UCD (Earlsfort Terrace)
Term16 August 1921 – 8 June 1922
Election1921 general election
GovernmentGovernment of the 2nd Dáil
Ceann ComhairleEoin MacNeill
President of Dáil ÉireannArthur Griffith
from 10 January 1922 until 12 August 1922
Éamon de Valera
until 26 August 1921
President of the
Irish Republic
Éamon de Valera
from 26 August 1921 until 9 January 1922
Chairman of the Provisional GovernmentW. T. Cosgrave
Michael Collins
from 16 January 1922 until 22 August 1922
1st16 August 1921 – 14 September 1921
2nd14 December 1921 – 8 June 1922

In the election to the area designated as Northern Ireland, 52 members were elected from 9 geographic constituencies and Queen's University of Belfast. The Ulster Unionist Party won 40 seats, while Sinn Féin and the Nationalist Party (the successor to the Irish Parliamentary Party) won six seats each; 5 of those elected for Sinn Féin were also elected for constituencies in Southern Ireland, while Nationalist Party leader Joseph Devlin was elected to two seats in Northern Ireland. On 7 June Sir James Craig, leader of the UUP, became the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.

In the election to the area designated as Southern Ireland, 124 Sinn Féin candidates were returned unopposed from 26 geographic constituencies and the National University of Ireland constituency.[2] The University of Dublin constituency returned four Independent Unionist candidates, also unopposed. The four Independent Unionists met as the House of Commons of Southern Ireland on 28 June 1921, for one meeting only.

Those elected for Sinn Féin sat as the Second Dáil, calling themselves Teachtaí Dála (TDs). There were 125 TDs, taking into account that five represented two constituencies. The others elected did not respond to the invitation. Although the contemporaneous roll of Dáil membership included all those elected in both Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, the database of Oireachtas members includes only those elected for Sinn Féin.[3] For clarity on the representation of constituencies, they are listed here in a single list.

It was during the 2nd Dáil that the Anglo-Irish Treaty was debated, and it was ratified on 7 January 1922.[4]

Election resultEdit

1921 Northern Ireland general election
Party Seats
Ulster Unionist Party 40
Sinn Féin 6
Nationalist Party (NI) 6
1921 Southern Ireland general election
Party Seats
Sinn Féin 124
Independent Unionist 4

Members by constituencyEdit

Only those elected for Sinn Féin chose to sit as TDs in the Second Dáil.

Members of the 2nd Dáil[5]
Constituency Name Party
Antrim Milne Barbour UUP
Robert Crawford UUP
Joseph Devlin[6] Nationalist
John Fawcett Gordon UUP
George Boyle Hanna UUP
Robert Megaw UUP
Hugh O'Neill UUP
Armagh Richard Best UUP
Michael Collins[7] Sinn Féin
John Dillon Nugent Nationalist
David Graham Shillington UUP
Belfast East Dawson Bates UUP
Herbert Dixon UUP
Thompson Donald UUP
James Augustine Duff UUP
Belfast North Lloyd Campbell UUP
William Grant UUP
Samuel McGuffin UUP
Robert McKeown UUP
Belfast South Crawford McCullagh UUP
Julia McMordie UUP
Thomas Moles UUP
Hugh MacDowell Pollock UUP
Belfast West Thomas Henry Burn UUP
Joseph Devlin[6] Nationalist
Robert Lynn UUP
William J. Twaddell UUP
Carlow–Kilkenny Edward Aylward Sinn Féin
W. T. Cosgrave Sinn Féin
James Lennon Sinn Féin
Gearóid O'Sullivan Sinn Féin
Cavan Arthur Griffith[8] Sinn Féin
Paul Galligan Sinn Féin
Seán Milroy[9] Sinn Féin
Clare Brian O'Higgins Sinn Féin
Éamon de Valera[10] Sinn Féin
Sean Liddy Sinn Féin
Patrick Brennan Sinn Féin
Cork Borough James J. Walsh Sinn Féin
Liam de Róiste Sinn Féin
Mary MacSwiney Sinn Féin
Daniel O'Callaghan Sinn Féin
Cork East and North–East David Kent Sinn Féin
Thomas Hunter Sinn Féin
Séamus Fitzgerald Sinn Féin
Cork Mid, North, South,
South East and West
Seán MacSwiney Sinn Féin
Patrick O'Keeffe Sinn Féin
Michael Collins[7] Sinn Féin
Daniel Corkery Sinn Féin
Seán Hales Sinn Féin
Seán Hayes Sinn Féin
Seán Moylan Sinn Féin
Seán Nolan Sinn Féin
Donegal Joseph O'Doherty Sinn Féin
Peter Ward Sinn Féin
Joseph Sweeney Sinn Féin
Patrick McGoldrick Sinn Féin
Joseph McGinley Sinn Féin
Samuel O'Flaherty Sinn Féin
Down J. M. Andrews UUP
James Craig UUP
Éamon de Valera[10] Sinn Féin
Thomas Lavery UUP
Robert McBride UUP
Thomas McMullan UUP
Harry Mulholland UUP
Patrick O'Neill Nationalist
Dublin County Michael Derham Sinn Féin
George Gavan Duffy Sinn Féin
Séamus Dwyer Sinn Féin
Desmond FitzGerald Sinn Féin
Frank Lawless Sinn Féin
Margaret Pearse Sinn Féin
Dublin Mid Seán T. O'Kelly Sinn Féin
Philip Shanahan Sinn Féin
Seán McGarry Sinn Féin
Kathleen Clarke Sinn Féin
Dublin North-West Joseph McGrath Sinn Féin
Michael Staines Sinn Féin
Philip Cosgrave Sinn Féin
Richard Mulcahy Sinn Féin
Dublin South Constance Markievicz Sinn Féin
Thomas Kelly Sinn Féin
Daniel McCarthy Sinn Féin
Cathal Ó Murchadha Sinn Féin
Dublin University Ernest Alton Independent Unionist
James Craig Independent Unionist
Gerald Fitzgibbon Independent Unionist
William Thrift Independent Unionist
Fermanagh and Tyrone Edward Archdale UUP
James Cooper UUP
William Coote UUP
Arthur Griffith[8] Sinn Féin
Thomas Harbison Nationalist
William Thomas Miller UUP
Seán Milroy[9] Sinn Féin
Seán O'Mahony Sinn Féin
Galway Pádraic Ó Máille Sinn Féin
Liam Mellows Sinn Féin
Bryan Cusack Sinn Féin
Frank Fahy Sinn Féin
Patrick Hogan Sinn Féin
George Nicolls Sinn Féin
Joseph Whelehan Sinn Féin
Kerry–Limerick West Piaras Béaslaí Sinn Féin
Fionán Lynch Sinn Féin
Austin Stack Sinn Féin
Patrick Cahill Sinn Féin
Con Collins Sinn Féin
James Crowley Sinn Féin
Thomas O'Donoghue Sinn Féin
Edmund Roche Sinn Féin
Kildare–Wicklow Domhnall Ua Buachalla Sinn Féin
Robert Barton Sinn Féin
Christopher Byrne Sinn Féin
Art O'Connor Sinn Féin
Erskine Childers Sinn Féin
Leitrim–Roscommon North Thomas Carter Sinn Féin
James Dolan Sinn Féin
Andrew Lavin Sinn Féin
George Noble Plunkett Sinn Féin
Leix–Offaly Patrick McCartan Sinn Féin
Joseph Lynch Sinn Féin
Francis Bulfin Sinn Féin
Kevin O'Higgins Sinn Féin
Limerick City–Limerick East Michael Colivet Sinn Féin
Richard Hayes Sinn Féin
William Hayes Sinn Féin
Kathleen O'Callaghan Sinn Féin
Londonderry Robert Anderson UUP
Dehra Chichester UUP
George Leeke Nationalist
Eoin MacNeill[11] Sinn Féin
John Martin Mark UUP
Longford–Westmeath Joseph McGuinness Sinn Féin
Lorcan Robbins Sinn Féin
Seán Mac Eoin Sinn Féin
Laurence Ginnell Sinn Féin
Louth–Meath John J. O'Kelly Sinn Féin
James Murphy Sinn Féin
Justin McKenna Sinn Féin
Peter Hughes Sinn Féin
Eamonn Duggan Sinn Féin
Mayo North and West John Crowley Sinn Féin
Thomas Derrig Sinn Féin
Joseph MacBride Sinn Féin
P. J. Ruttledge Sinn Féin
Mayo South–Roscommon South William Sears Sinn Féin
Tom Maguire Sinn Féin
Daniel O'Rourke Sinn Féin
Harry Boland Sinn Féin
Monaghan Ernest Blythe Sinn Féin
Seán MacEntee Sinn Féin
Eoin O'Duffy Sinn Féin
National University of Ireland Eoin MacNeill[11] Sinn Féin
Ada English Sinn Féin
Michael Hayes Sinn Féin
William Stockley Sinn Féin
Queen's University of Belfast John Campbell UUP
Robert Johnstone UUP
Hugh Morrison UUP
John Hanna Robb UUP
Sligo–Mayo East Frank Carty Sinn Féin
Alexander McCabe Sinn Féin
James Devins Sinn Féin
Francis Ferran Sinn Féin
Thomas O'Donnell Sinn Féin
Tipperary Mid, North and South Séamus Burke Sinn Féin
Joseph MacDonagh Sinn Féin
P. J. Moloney Sinn Féin
Patrick O'Byrne Sinn Féin
Waterford–Tipperary East Cathal Brugha Sinn Féin
Eamon Dee Sinn Féin
Frank Drohan Sinn Féin
Séumas Robinson Sinn Féin
Vincent White Sinn Féin
Wexford James Ryan Sinn Féin
Seán Etchingham Sinn Féin
Richard Corish Sinn Féin
Séamus Doyle Sinn Féin

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