Mahesh Kothare

Mahesh Kothare (born 28 September 1953) is an Indian actor, film director and producer of Marathi and Hindi films. He has worked in Indian cinema from a young age and acted in well-known movies such as Raja Aur Runk, Chhota Bhai, Mere Laal, and Ghar Ghar ki Kahani. The well known Hindi song Tu kitni achhi hai tu kitni bholi hai o maa from the film Raja Aur Runk features Kothare as Master Mahesh.

Mahesh Kothare
Mahesh Kothare (Cropped).jpg
Born (1953-09-28) 28 September 1953 (age 67)
OccupationFilm producer, Film director, Actor
Years active1985 – present
Spouse(s)Nilima Kothare
ChildrenAdinath Kothare
RelativesUrmilla Kothare (daughter-in-law)

Considered a revolutionary figure in the Marathi film industry, he began his directorial career with the groundbreaking Dhoom dhadaka (1985) and has since delivered many box office hits over a period of 20 years. Kothare's films are known for their technical nuances and fantasy concepts and he is one of the few Indian film makers who have made successful films in the fantasy genre.

Kothare made the first Marathi film in true 3D, Zapatlela 2, a box office hit which was released on 7 June 2013 and was the sequel to his 1993 box office blockbuster Zapatlela. In the original horror comedy a doll named Tatya Vinchu comes to life, while the sequel adds animatronics and state of the art CGI.


Kothare started his career in Hindi movies with roles in Raja aur Runk and Ghar Ghar ki Kahani. He later switched to Marathi cinema, where he worked with well known stars and directors while continuing to make Hindi films without any noteworthy success. Kothare became a top Marathi director with hits including Dhumdhadaka, Zapatlela, Zapatlela 2, Khatarnak and Khabardar.

Kothare, along with, Laxmikant Berde, Sachin Pilgaonkar and Ashok Saraf formed a successful quartet, giving hits after hits, in the Marathi Cinema Industry in the 1980s and 1990s.

He also owns the Kothare Vision production house.[1]

Marathi film careerEdit

In the mid-1980s, Kothare and another young actor, Sachin Pilgaonkar, helped to revolutionize the Marathi film industry with their directing. Pilgaonkar directed Navri Mile Navryala, while Kothare directed Dhoom Dhadaka. Both films became box office hits, but Dhumdhadaka became a trendsetter which brought young audiences to recognize the Marathi style of movie-making. Kothare then went on to make comedies which also became major hits. He also made Dhadakebaaz, the first Marathi film shot in CinemaScope and brought a number of innovations such as Dolby Digital sound to Marathi cinema with the film Chimni Pakhara. He made Pachadlela in 2004, which was the first Marathi film with computer-generated effects. Kothare was also the first Marathi filmmaker to produce science-fiction films.

In 2013, Kothare made the film Zapatlela 2 in 3D with his son Adinath Kothare in the lead. The film was the sequel to his 1993 box office hit Zapatlela, which has acquired a cult following amongst Marathi audiences and features a doll named Tatya Vinchu that comes to life. Kothare revived Tatya Vinchu with 3D, animatronics and state of the art CGI in the sequel Zapatlela 2, which was the first Marathi film shot in 3D using split beam technology produced by Spanish stereographer Enrique Criado.[2][3] The film was shot at ND Studios, Karjat and released on 7 June 2013, going on to become a big hit over its 100-day run.

Personal lifeEdit

Kothare's son Adinath played a leading role in Zapatlela 2. Adinath is married to Marathi actress Urmilla Kothare.


As an actor Kothare appeared primarily as a police inspector with first name Mahesh.

Year Title Remark
2013 Zapatlela 2[4] CID Inspector Mahesh Jadhav
2011 Dubhang[5]
2010 Ideachi Kalpana
2010 Ved Laavi Jeeva
2008 Full 3 Dhamal
2007 Zabardast
2006 Shubha Mangal Saavadhan
2005 Khabardar Guest Appearance
2004 Pachhadlela Inspector Mahesh Jadhav
2000 Khatarnak
1998 Dhangad Dhinga Advocate Mithare
1996 Masoom Hindi Movie
1994 Majha Chakula Inspector
1993 Zapatlela CID Inspector Mahesh Jadhav
1992 Jiwalagaa
1990 Dhadakebaaz Mahesh Nemade
1989 Thartharat CID Inspector Mahesh Jadhav
1987 De Danadan Sub Inspector Mahesh Danke
1985 Dhoom Dhadaka Mahesh Jawalkar
1984 Lek Chalali Sasarala Vilas
1983 Gupchup Gupchup Ashok
1964 Chota Jawan
1970 Safar Feroz Khan's Younger Brother
1971 Ghar Ghar ki Kahani
1968 Raja Aur Runk
Directorial credits
Year Title
1985 Dhoom Dhadaka
1987 De Danadan
1989 Thartharat
1990 Dhadakebaaz
1991 Jeevalaga
1993 Zapatlela
1994 Mazha Chhakula
1996 Masoom
1999 Lo main Aagaya
1998 Dhangad-Dhinga
2000 Khatarnaak
2001 Chimani Pakhar
2004 Pachadlela
2005 Khabardar
2007 Shubha Mangal Saavadhan
2008 Zabardast
2010 Ved Laavi Jeeva
2011 Dubhang
2013 Zapatlela 2

Awards and recognitionEdit

  • 1986 – Best Director – Film Dhumdhadaka (Marathi) – Filmfare Awards
  • 1986 – Best Film – Film Dhumdhadaka (Marathi) – Filmfare Awards
  • 1994 – Best Director 3 – Film Mazha Chhakula (Marathi) – Maharashtra State
  • 1994 – Best Film 3 – Film Mazha Chhakula (Marathi) – Maharashtra State
  • 1994 – Best Director – Film Mazha Chhakula (Marathi) – Screen Award
  • 1994 – Best Film – Film Mazha Chhakula (Marathi) – Screen Award
  • 2001 – Best Director – Marathi Screen Award for Khatarnak (Marathi film 2000)
  • 2007 – Best Director 2 – Film Khabardar (Marathi) Maharashtra State
  • 2007 – Best Screenplay – Film Khabardar (Marathi) Maharashtra State
  • 2009 – Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marathi Cinema – Maharashtra State

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