List of Indian film directors

India has many regional film centres, such as Bollywood (Hindi) in Mumbai, Marathi cinema in Pune Telugu cinema in Hyderabad, Tamil cinema in Chennai, Malayalam cinema in Kochi, Kannada cinema in Bangalore, Odia Cinema in Bhubaneswar, Assamese cinema in Guwahati and Bengali cinema in Kolkata . Most Indian film directors are known for their work with one regional industry, while many others are active directors of films from multiple industries.

Directors of parallel or independent cinemaEdit

Parallel Cinema is otherwise known as "Art films" cinema, and is known for its serious and realistic films with real-life situations. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Indian government financed a number of such films, on Indian themes. Many of the directors were graduates of the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Ritwik Ghatak was a professor at the institute and a well-known director in his own right. The best-known Indian "neo-realist" is Satyajit Ray.

Active in multiple languagesEdit

The following is a list of film directors who have directed films from more than one regional film industry in India. This does not include directors who work in a single industry whose films have been dubbed into other languages.

DIRECTOR Assamese Bengali Bhojpuri English Gujarati Hindi Kannada Malayalam Marathi Maithili Odia Punjabi Tamil Telugu
Ram Gopal Varma Yes Yes Yes Yes
K. Raghavendra Rao Yes Yes Yes
Dasari Narayana Rao Yes Yes
S. S. Rajamouli Yes Yes
Puri Jagannath Yes Yes Yes Yes
S. Shankar Yes Yes
Bharathan Yes
Basu Bhattacharya Yes Yes
Gautham Menon Yes Yes Yes
Girish Karnad Yes Yes
Girish Kasaravalli Yes Yes
Mani Ratnam Yes Yes Yes Yes
AR Murugadoss Yes Yes Yes
Puttanna Kanagal Yes Yes
Satish Rajwade Yes Yes
Sachin Kundalkar Yes Yes
Prasanta Nanda Yes Yes Yes
Hara Patnaik Yes Yes Yes
Radha Bharadwaj
Siddique Yes Yes Yes
Mahesh Manjrekar Yes Yes
Sunil Kumar Desai Yes Yes
Upendra Yes Yes Yes Yes
Aarun Nagar Yes

Bengali film directorsEdit

Gujrati film directorsEdit

(Jiten Purohit)

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