Thartharat (1989) is a Marathi-language film directed by  Mahesh Kothare, and produced by Aravind Samant. The film stars Mahesh Kothare, Priya Arun, Laxmikant Berde and Ravindra Berde in lead roles with Rahul Solapurkar, Jairam Kulkarni and Kishore Nandlaskar in supporting roles.[1] The music was composed by Anil Mohile. The screenplay was based on a story written by Mahesh Kothare.[2]


Lakshya is the son of Zunjaar Rao Ghorpade who runs a daily newspaper named Zunjaar. The newspaper Zunjaar was suffering from bad sales for some time due to its competitor Apradh. Zunjaar Rao has hopes that his son would help him to increase the sales, but Lakshya spend most of the time with his girlfriend Gange. The situation changed such that the village is about to fire Zunjaar Rao to stop his paper from shutting down. Lakshya publishes a fake news in the paper that a band of armed robbers with Taklya Haiwan has reached the village. His idea works and his newspaper gets good market. Meanwhile Uma the editor of Apradh also reaches in the village to cover the news. As fear starts prevailing in the village inspector Mahesh Jhadav gets transferred to the village. But the real fear arises when Taklya Haiwan and group actually targets the village for their robberies. Inspector Mahesh Jhadav and Lakshya tries to save the village from terror.  [2]


  • Priya Arun as Daughter of Policeman
  • Laxmikant Berde as Lakshya
  • Ravindra Berde as Owner of Apradh Newspaper
  • Mahesh Kothare as Inspector Mahesh Jadhav
  • Balchandra Kulkarni as Sarpanch
  • Jairam Kulkarni as Zunzar Rao Ghorpade
  • Kishore Nandlaskar
  • Nivedita Joshi Saraf as Inspector's Girlfriend
  • Dilip Shirke as Policeman
  • Rahul Solapurkar as Taklya Haiwan[2]



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