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Zapatlela 2 (झपाटलेला २) is a Marathi horror comedy movie, which was released in 3D on 7 June 2013. It is directed by Mahesh Kothare and is the sequel to Zapatlela, released 20 years previously (in 1993).[2] Zapatlela 2 is the first Marathi film shot entirely with a 3D camera.[3][4]

Zapatlela 2
Zapatlela 2,2014.jpg
Directed by Mahesh Kothare
Produced by Mahesh Kothare
Adinath Kothare
Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Written by Mahesh Kothare
Ashok Patole (dialogue)
Screenplay by Ashok Patole
Mahesh Kothare
Story by Mahesh Kothare
Starring Adinath Kothare
Sonalee Kulkarni
Sai Tamhankar
Makarand Anaspure
Madhu Kambikar
Music by Avdhoot Gupte
Cinematography Suresh Deshmane
Edited by Shashank Shah
Kothare and Kothare Vision
Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Distributed by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Moving Pictures
Release date
  • June 7, 2013 (2013-06-07)
Running time
175 minutes
Country India
Language Marathi
Budget 45 million (US$700,000)
Box office 110 million (US$1.7 million)[1]

The film marks the comeback of the renowned ventriloquist Ramdas Padhye along with his famous evil puppet Tatya Vinchu. Though Padhye claims that the sequel had higher challenges in presenting the puppet, he also admits that advanced VFX helped in taking the puppet to the next level.

Mahesh has stated that if the film did well, it would be dubbed into Hindi and a third movie in the series could be made.[5]



The film opens within the mansion of Baba Chamatkar (Raghvendra Kadkol). Kubdya Khavis has escaped from the prison and secured the doll containing the soul of gangster Tatya Vinchu (shown in prequel Zapatlela) and orders Baba Chamatkar to revive Tatya Vinchu again. He admits that the diamonds worth 5 crore which are now worth 50 crores were stolen by him and Tatya but only Tatya knows its location. He plans to sap all the information and kill Tatya again. He also offers Baba half of the cost of diamonds in return for reviving Tatya. However, Baba refuses to commit the same mistake again. Infuriated, Kubdya tries to kill him using a trishul (a weapon which looks like a trident). However, Baba uses the same weapon to kill him. A drop of Kubdya's blood is accidentally transferred towards the doll, which resuscitates Tatya Vinchu. Tatya confronts Baba Chamatkar and forces him to tell how to migrate to a human form. Baba resists in the beginning and then falls unconscious. Tatya finds a book named 'Om Fat Swaha' and discovers that, to migrate to a human form, the victim (Tatya) must make use of the Mrutyunjaya Mantra on the person to whom he has confessed his true name. But now that the person (Lakshya, portrayed by Laxmikant Berde in Zapatlela) is dead, the same mantra can be used on his son. Tatya vows to find Lakshya's son and migrate into his body.

Meanwhile, at Shrirangpur, a jatra (village fair) has been organized dedicated to the village deity. Aditya Bolke (Adinath Kothare) is a mechanical engineer without a job, and like his father, is thoroughly interested in ventriloquism. He lives with his grandmother (Madhu Kambikar). Aditya meets Megha (Sonalee Kulkarni), who is on a vacation and is a lavani dancer at her mother's (Vishakha Subhedar) theater within the fair. Aditya and Megha fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, Makarand/Makya (Makarand Anaspure) has set up his ventriloquist theater (puppet show) and wishes to make a healthy profit from this fair. He has created a doll which resembles Tatya Vinchu, after hearing the local legend, although he himself is skeptic about it.

Aditya frequently tries to meet Makarand and learn about ventriloquism, but is challenged by the theater's security guard (Deepak Shirke), and the chase often ends up funnily. Gauri Wagh (Sai Tamhankar) is a journalist and has arrived to Shrirangpur to cover a report on the fair. Meanwhile, Tatya arrives in the fair and identifies Aditya as the son of Lakshya. Gauri, in a small incident, discovers that the doll is, in fact, alive. Aditya accidentally gets hold of Tatya Vinchu, and after taking it home, discovers that the doll is alive. However, being an engineer, he thinks that the doll is battery powered.

Police Commissioner Mahesh Jadhav (Mahesh Kothare) investigates the death of Kubdya Khavis and is notified that Baba Chamatkar (who has passed into a coma after being confronted by Tatya), has revived. Baba tells Mahesh that Tatya has in fact been revived. Mahesh instructs the police at Shrirangpur to find the doll. He then travels to Shrirangpur and meets Inspector Sakharam (Vijay Chavan, who has been portrayed as Sakhya Havaldar in the prequel). Sakharam tells him that the doll has been located (which is in fact the replica created by Makarand). The police destroy the doll in a bonfire.

On the last day of the fair, Makarand is confronted by Tatya Vinchu, who threatens him at knifepoint and takes him to Aditya's house. He confronts his grandmother, who runs to Inspector Sakharam and tells him that Tatya is on his way to Aditya, who is at a religious procession at the fair. Tatya makes his way to Aditya, who travels up the Ferris wheel to save himself. However, the wheel gets stuck up. Tatya climbs up to him and tries to recite the mantra on Aditya. However, Mahesh (who has been communicated by Sakharam) reaches in time and shoots Tatya between his eyebrows. Tatya falls down, and is picked up by Mahesh. However, Tatya uses Mahesh's revolver gun and shoots him in his arm. Tatya goes back to climb up and reach Aditya. Aditya picks up a coconut knife and severs Tatya's head. Mahesh finds Tatya's headless body and orders the police that the case is not closed until the severed head is found. In the end scene, Tatya's head is shown to be resting (yet alive) under Mahesh's car.



Makers almost spend 1.7 crore on 3D and Visual effects.[6]


Zapatlela 2
Soundtrack album by Avdhoot Gupte
Released May 2013
Genre Film soundtrack
Length 21:57
Label Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Avdhoot Gupte chronology
Zapatlela 2

The film's soundtrack is composed by Avdhoot Gupte with lyrics are penned by Guru Thakur.

Track listEdit

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1 Kalajat Mukkam Kela Vaishali Samant 4:34
2 Madanike Avadhoot Gupte, Jhanvi Prabhu Arora 4:25
3 Gajmukha (Version 1) Avadhoot Gupte, Vaishali Samant 4:21
4 Gajmukha (Version 2) Avadhoot Gupte, Vaishali Samant, Swapnil Bandodkar 6:45
5 Zapatlela Theme Avadhoot Gupte 2:32
Total length :21:57


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