Maddam Sir is an Indian Hindi-language comedy action television series which aired from 24 February 2020 to 18 February 2023 on Sony SAB[1][2] and digitally streamed on SonyLIV. Produced by Jay Mehta for Jay Productions, it stars Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Priyanshu Singh, Sonali Naik and Bhavika Sharma.[3][4]

Maddam Sir
Also known asMaddam Sir – Kuch Baat Hai Kyunki Jazbaat Hai
Created byJay Mehta
Written by
  • Deepak Malik
  • Devang Kakkad
  • Vikas Sharma
  • Sameer Garud
  • Lourrence Joseph John
Screenplay by
  • Deepak Mallik
  • Devang Kakkad Vikas Sharma
  • Sameer Garud
Directed byHemen Chauhan
Creative directorTaiyyab Mallik
Theme music composerLalit Sen
Opening themeMaddam Sir theme music
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of episodes741 (list of episodes)
CinematographyRahul B Soni
EditorsPankaj Kathpal
Rahul Mathur
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22–26 minutes
Production companyJay Production
Original release
NetworkSony SAB
Release24 February 2020 (2020-02-24) –
18 February 2023 (2023-02-18)



Four Lucknow-based female police officers and one male officer work at a Mahila police station which consists of SHO Haseena Mallik, SI Karishma Singh, Head Constable Pushpa Singh, Constable Santosh Sharma, and male Constable Cheeteshwar Chaturvedi. They are helped by prisoner-turned-spy Billeshwar Champat. Karishma Singh is short-tempered, and Haseena Malik is emotional in solving cases; this sometimes creates a conflict between them.

DSP Anubhav Singh is a negotiation specialist and the cousin of Karishma, who sorts out the differences between them. Love blossoms between Haseena Malik and Anubhav Singh. Haseena proposes to Anubhav; he accepts, but she later learns that he pretended to love her for a national-security mission. After succeeding in the mission, Anubhav realises that he was wrong to have used Haseena and he was in love with her from the beginning. He apologises, declares his love, and proposes marriage. She turns him down, fearing another heartbreak. However, they become closer. Haseena eventually accepts Anubhav's proposal. Anubhav is then ordered to leave his fiancée and his city for a national-security mission which could cost him his life. He sends Haseena away with Karishma’s help, knowing that staying with him would endanger her life.

The Mahila Thana gets a humanoid, ASI Mira, for a 90-day trial of teaching human emotions. However, Karishma feels that the robot is trying to take the place of human police officers. Karishma and Meera solve cases together. Returning to her police station, Haseena collides with a secret agent who delivers a hard disk with the details of all secret agents in the country. The leader of the perpetrators, who killed the agent after failing to get the disk from him, hacks Mira to obtain it. He orders her to kill Haseena, Mira’s friend and colleague. Mira fires her gun, realising what she has done later. She alerts everyone in the police station about the hack. They discover that Mira has developed emotions which Haseena wanted to give her, but they have to dismantle her to prevent further hacking.

A month later, Pushpa and Karishma meet Urmila Mahadev Mhatre in Mumbai: Haseena's lookalike,[5] a Marathi vada pav seller. Karishma plans to take Urmila to Lucknow, pretending that she is Haseena Malik; this will help her catch Haseena’s killers. Urmila is actually Haseena in disguise, who was following orders from secret agent Ajay to catch the terrorists involved in the attempt on her life. They want the hard disk with sensitive information about the agents, which could be a threat to national security if it fell into the wrong hands. Bakshi suspects Anubhav, but changes his mind when Anubhav saves Haseena from goons. Haseena trusts Anubhav, and reveals her identity to him. Karishma learns about the hard disk, and Anubhav tells her to guard it carefully. Haseena soon discovers that Anubhav is behind everything; she steals the hard disk from Karishma and confronts Anubhav, publicly calling him a traitor. She shoots Anubhav, who shoots her back; Haseena loses her memory and starts considering herself urmila. Karishma destroys the hard disk and kills Anubhav, but Haseena has forgotten everything. She regains her memory during a fight, and rejoins her MPT team.

Amar Vidrohi and his team join the MPT, leading to rivalry between the two teams. Cheeta and Santosh declare their love, and Haseena goes underground to clear her name. Amar realizes that the MPT belongs to Haseena’s team, and leaves. Misri Pandey returns as the new SHO, but she and her politician uncle framed Haseena. They are arrested, and Haseena returns.

Karishma’s twin sister, Kaushalya (aka Kareena), who ran away with the money their father had saved for Karishma’s admission to the police force in order to become an actress, returns to Lucknow. She needs Karishma to train her in police tactics for her upcoming film, in which she plays a female cop. Kareena befriends the MPT team, and Haseena asks them to swap their roles to help them understand the challenges faced in each other’s professions. Karishma forgives Kareena and reconciles with her after learning about her sacrifices for their father. The MPT team later learns that Kareena is unwittingly being used as a suicide bomber by a terrorist group and saves her. Kareena bids farewell to the MPT team and leaves for Chennai to pursue her career.

Chingari Gang tries to replace the police, torturing and traumatising guilty men. Haseena and her team unsuccessfully try to stop them. Cheetah makes a mistake which could get him suspended, but Santosh takes the blame for him and is suspended instead. Karishma secretly infiltrates the gang to stop them. Cheetah and Binni chat online and fall in love. They decide to meet, but Cheetah learns that Binni is a member of the gang. Haseena learns about this and tells Cheetah to continue dating Binni to gain her trust and obtain evidence against the gang. Haseena sees Karishma wearing a Chingari Gang saree, and tells her to continue the act. Shivani, the gang leader, learns about Binni and Cheetah and expels her. Binni later learns that Karishma is betraying the gang, calls Shivani, and tells her everything. Shivani tries to kill Karishma, who is rescued by Haseena and her team. Shivani accidentally kills Saira Begum while trying to kill Haseena; she decides to take responsibility for the Chingari Gang’s crimes and surrenders to the MPT.

Mira returns with Mira G, an upgraded version of herself who can predict crimes. After being shot on her wristwatch, she is sent back to the C.A.R.D. Research Institute.

ACP Naina Mathur comes to Lucknow in search of Cherry, a criminal. She moves back to her hometown after Haseena and Karishma catch Cherry when she tries to kill Naina.

Shaziya Siddiqui, an aspiring police officer, arrives at the MPT. Claiming to be Haseena’s cousin, she wants to take her police exams with Haseena’s help. Shaziya actually escaped from the village of Devariya, which is harshly ruled by two brothers. They have outlawed women pursuing their ambitions and have kidnapped Nagma, Shaziya’s mother, to force her to return. The MPT team rescues Shaziya and Nagma with the help of Santu, Mira G, Misri and Shivani, who is now a lawyer at the Allahabad High Court. Haseena and Karishma expose the failure of Devariya's MLA to maintain law and order, and he vows to take revenge on them. Haseena is promoted to DSP and the team celebrate, but MPT station is bombed, with the media assuming that the team is dead. However, Haseena narrates her journey with the MPT team several months later, indicating that she survived the blast.




  • Gulki Joshi as SHO Haseena Malik, a.k.a. Maddam Sir (2020–2023): Shahjahan and Noorjahan's daughter; Anubhav's love-interest and ex-fiancée; Karishma's mentor and close friend, and Naina's friend and batchmate. At the end of series, she is promoted to DSP and indicates that she survived the fatal blast at MPT.[6][7]
  • Yukti Kapoor as
    • SI Karishma Singh (2020–2023): Kaushalya's elder twin sister; Anubhav's cousin; Pushpa and Pyare's daughter-in-law: Haseena's protective close friend.[8]
    • Kaushalya Singh, alias Kareena (2022): An actress, Karishma's younger twin sister, and Anubhav's cousin.[9]
  • Bhavika Sharma as Cybercrime Specialist Constable Santosh "Santu" Sharma (2020–2022; 2023): Cheetah's love interest, who is suspended due to Cheetah's negligence.[10][11]
  • Sonali Pandit Naik as head constable Pushpa Singh (2020–2023): MPT's oldest member, Pyare's widow, and Karishma's mother-in-law.[12]
  • Yashkant Sharma as Constable Cheeteshwar "Cheetah" Chaturvedi (2020): A women's psychologist at MPT and Santu's love interest
    • Priyanshu Singh replaced Yashkant as Constable Cheteshwar "Cheetah" Chaturvedi (2020-2023).
  • Ajay Jadhav as
    • Billeshwar "Billu" Champat (2020–2023): A thief turned spy, who enjoys living in jail because he has no other place to live.
    • Commissioner Vikram Ghosh (2023): Billu's lookalike, Lucknow's new commissioner, and Shobhna's husband.


  • Satyapal Landge as Badnaam (2020–2023): Tea vendor near the MPT.
  • Ashwani Rathore as Iqbal (2020–2023): The local barber.
  • Darpan Shrivastava as Usman (2020): A local biriyani vendor; replaced by Harveer Singh.
  • Gaurav Wadhwa as Sunny Chaddha (2020, 2022): A reporter who has a crush on Santosh;
    • Jatin Arora replaced Wadhwa as Sunny Chaddha. (2020–2021)
  • Rajesh Dubey as DSP Mahesh Singh (2020–2023): Anubhav's predecessor as DSP.
  • Umesh Bajpai as Fassruddin Nawab Sahab (2020–2023): Owner of the MPT building and Raees and Zeenat's father, who has a crush on Head Constable Pushpa Singh.
  • Nimesh Soni as
    • Bulbul Pandey (2020–2023): SHO of Jankipooram Police Thana, Pallavi's husband, and Champak's senior and brother-in-law, who is temporarily transferred to MPT.
    • Kartik Bajaj (2020): Misogynistic owner of a cab company.
    • Balli (2020): Dishonest owner of the LPJ diet-plan company.
  • Amit Kumar Sinha as Champak Chaudhary (2020–2023): A Janakipuram Police Thaana constable, Pallavi's brother, and Bulbul's junior and brother-in-law.
  • Disha Savla as Pallavi Pandey (2020, 2022–2023): Champak's sister and Bulbul's wife.
  • Rahil Azam as DSP Anubhav Singh(2020–2022): An IB negotiation specialist and Lucknow DSP, Karishma and Kaushalya 's cousin, and Haseena's ex-fiancé. When he turns evil, Karishma and Haseena kill him.[13]
  • Esha Kansara as SI/SHO Misri Pandey (2020, 2022–2023): A corrupt police officer who temporarily comes to MPT.[14]
  • Roopa Divetia as Noorjahan Malik (2021): Haseena's mother;[15] replaced 2021–2023 by Utkarsha Naik.
  • Salman Shaikh as Rajvir Tomar, a.k.a. Computer (2021): Head constable of Jankipooram Police Thaana who has a crush on Karishma Singh, not knowing that she is married.
  • Jignesh Modi as Chedi (2021): Jankipooram Police Thaana constable.
  • Pankhuri Awasthy Rode as ASI Mira (2021–2023): A humanoid robot police officer invented by C.A.R.D. Research Institute, who was sent to MPT for a 90-day trial to learn emotions under Karishma Singh. She shoots Haseena, and returns to the MPT as Mira G.[16]
  • Prakash Ramchandani as Secret Agent Ajay Bakshi (2021–2023): Anubhav's senior, who saves Haseena's life and asks her to pose as Mumbai vada pav vendor Urmila Mahadev Mhatre to catch the people who tried to murder her for the hard disk.
  • Savi Thakur as SHO Amar Vidrohi (2022): Yogita's younger brother and Bunty's adoptive father who is temporarily in charge of the MPT.[17]
  • Jay Pathak as Harendra Singh, a.k.a. Deewan Ji (2022): MPT head constable under Amar Vidrohi.
  • Rachana Parulkar as Advocate Shivani Pawar, a.k.a. Shivani Tai (2022–2023): Chingaari Gang leader turned Allahabad High Court advocate.[18]
  • Prachi Bohra as Binny Chaudhary (2022): Chingaari Gang member.[18]
  • Sulabha Arya as Saira Begum (2022): Founder of the Chingaari Gang, who is accidentally shot dead by Shivani.[18]


  • Amish Tanna as Ashok, caretaker of poor children orphanage (2020)
  • Divyangana Jain as:
    • Rani (2020–2021), a career criminal.
    • Cherry (2023), a criminal mastermind who is arrested by Haseena and Karishma.
  • Shilpa Shinde as ACP Naina Mathur (2023), Haseena's batchmate and friend.[19][20]
  • Vaishali Thakkar as Head Constable Babita Sarkar (2020), a temporary replacement for Pushpa who had trained Haseena and Karishma.
  • Roopam Sharma as Mona (2021), a corrupt clinical psychologist.
  • Lakshya Handa as Avtaar Kapoor (2021), Karishma's boss.
  • Kavita Kaushik as IPS Chandramukhi Chautala from F.I.R. (2022).[21]
  • Shubhangi Gokhale as Cheeteshwar's aunt (2022).
  • Simmi Ghoshal as Binno, a victim of noise pollution (2021).
  • Guru Saran Tiwari as Yash Kapoor, director of Kareena's film, who is involved with terrorist group which tried to use Kareena as a suicide bomber (2022).
  • Tanya Abrol as Dipti, a female wrestler who is the victim of discrimination.
  • Trishna Vivek as
    • Dr. Archana Nagar, who performed illegal gender tests (2020).
    • Sudha Narayan, an NCG officer who suspected that Haseena was a drug smuggler (2020).
  • Mahi Sharma as
    • Mahi, the fake Karishma Singh (2020).
    • Nisha Amrit, Roshni's mother, a social-media blogger accused of involvement in a terrorist association (2021).
  • Neha Tiwari as Chandu, the fake Santosh Sharma (2020).
  • Shefali Rana as the fake Pushpa Singh (2020).
  • Ananya Dwivedi as Zoya, a child with kidney disease whose doctor donates a kidney to her (2020).
  • Rishikesh Ingley as
    • Dr. Vikas, Zoya's doctor.
    • Rahul, a dishonest cashier (2021).
  • Pallavi Pradhan as Savitri Singh, Ajay's mother (2020).
  • Govind Khatri as Mahipal Singh (2021): Genda's husband, Mansi's father, Haseena's adoptive uncle, and owner of Prasuti Charitable Hospital.
  • Hunar Hali Gandhi as Genda Rani (2021): Mahipal's wife and Mansi's adoptive mother, mastermind of the conspiracy to inject a virus into pregnant women at Prasuti Charitable Hospital.
  • Swasti Katyal as Mansi Singh, Mahipal's daughter and Genda's adopted daughter (2021).
  • Tarka Pednekar as
    • Gauri, Asthana's sister (2020).
    • Manu, Rani's right hand and advisor (2021).
    • Dolly, a divorcee who is harassed by her boss (2021).
  • Anupama Prakash as Ileana, Billu's girlfriend (2020).
  • Manoj Chandila as
    • Ajay Kumar, an actor who insults Pushpa Singh and the police (2020).
    • Manav, Keshav's boss (2020).
    • Kareena's co-star in her film (2022).
  • Pranay Dixit as
    • An actor who is invited to Santosh Sharma's fake wedding (2020).
    • Mr. Joseph, head chef of the Yo Kabab company (2020).
    • Victor, Nancy's husband who is involved with the dangerous criminal Musa (2020).
    • Shankar, Haldi's first husband who blackmails her (2020).
    • Shekhar, who wants his wife Pallavi to focus on herself instead of her family (2021).
    • Rohit, Chandrika's husband (2021).
    • Abhinav Jasuja, a gym owner falsely accused of domestic violence by his wife (2021).
    • Mukesh aka Qaidi Zameer, a detective-novel writer (2021).
    • Subod, Jharna's husband (2021).
    • Rohit, Mayui's husband who cheats on her (2022).
    • Arun, a man who pretends to be blind (2022).
    • Narayan, Dhanalakshmi's husband, who hides his phone from his wife to conceal his financial problems (2022).
    • Barkha's husband, who tortured his wife (2023).
  • Preeti Shukhla[22] as
    • Sona, Montu's wife (2020).
    • Simran, Rahul's wife, who brought a bomb to MPT (2020).
    • Chandrika, Rohit's wife, who hires a detective to investigate her husband (2021).
    • Rupa Jasuja, Abhinav's wife, who falsely accuses her husband of domestic violence (2021).
    • Jharna, Subod's wife (2021).
    • Manju, a nurse pressured by her career and family (2022).
    • Trisha, who has hallucinations (2022).
    • Meethi Shukla, who seizes her landlord's house with her mother-in-law (2022).
  • Kunnal Sheth as
    • Monty Sharma, Sona's husband, who created App Zara to replace wives (2020).
    • Radhe, Haseena's helper who was denied paternity leave (2020).
    • Gopal, fake husbands of Nawab Sahab's unmarried tenants (2020).
    • Keshav, pressured by his boss to work at the expense of his wife (2021).
    • Kailash, cheated by an online friend (2021).
    • Jaidev, an actor in pan masala advertisements (2021).
    • Manu, Tanu's husband who is five years younger (2022).
    • Rohan Acharya, owner of the Ummidhai website where poor people receive medical help (2022).
    • Kamal Sharma, an amnesiac abandoned by his brother (2022).
  • Urvi Gor as
    • Alia, mistreated by her brother-in-law (2021).
    • Trisha Gulati, kidnapped on New Year's Eve (2021).
    • Chorni, a thief with a sham marriage to Cheetah Chaturvedi (2022).
  • Soneer Vadhera as
    • Rahul Mallya, Simran's husband who threatened to explode a bomb to gain his in-laws' respect (2020).
    • Shekhar, Shikha's husband, whose newborn child was stolen (2020).
    • Ashok, an alcoholic who annoyed his wife (2021).
    • Rajesh, Indu's husband (2022).
  • Urmila Tiwari as
    • Anita Chauhan, Vijay's wife (2020).
    • Shalini, a beauty-parlour owner who is cheated in a dating app (2021).
    • Pratha, a girl forced to follow superstitious rituals by her mother (2021).
    • Priyali Singh, the fake Aparna Bansal (2021).
    • Nafeesa Ansari, a female don who conducted fake crowdfunding campaigns (2022).
    • Asha, Badnam's sister (2022).
  • Shrashti Maheshwari as Riya, the commissioner's daughter who came to MPT to write about the station (2022).
  • Piya Valecha as Mrs. Malkhani, owner of the Batterfly club (2021).
  • Amit Mistry as Vijay Chauhan, Anita's husband (2020).
  • Dolly Chawla as
    • Haldi, Brijesh's wife, who was mistreated by her ex-husband's parents (2020).
    • Indu, Rajesh's wife (2022).
  • Apara Jariwala as Sarita Singh, Pushpa's aunt-in-law; Karishma's grand-aunt-in-law (2022).
  • Tejal Adivarekar as Malaika, Pushpa and Karishma's home help (2021–2022).
  • Ashish Pawar as Sajan, Urmila's (Haseena's) supporter, friend and admirer (2022).
  • Prem Vallabh as Mr. Chaturvedi, Cheeta's father (2022).
  • Anju Rajiv as Mrs. Chaturvedi, Cheeta's mother (2022).
  • Anupama Solanki as Dipti, a creative director with an advertising agency (2022).[23]
  • Abhay Bhadoriya as Bunty, a blackmailing teenager addicted to pizza (2022).
  • Aman Mishra as Adil Shaikh, an arms dealer chosen by Haseena for her marriage (2022).
  • Akansha Sharma as Rama, Karishma's best friend in childhood (2022).
  • Rakhi Sawant as Begum, a thief along with her lover, Badshah.[24]
  • Ketan Singh as Badshah, a thief along with his lover, Begum.
  • Tunisha Sharma as ASP Aditi Jammwal from Hero - Gayab Mode On (2021).
  • Deepak Pareek as Honourable Secretary Advocate Dakshesh Joshipura from Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey.
  • Sayantani Ghosh as Daljeet Bagga from Tera Yaar Hoon Main.
  • Vijay Kashyap as Col. Pushpinder Batra, director of Parakram SAF from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Gulfam Khan as Mrs. Batra from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Karan Veer Mehra as Abhay, Koel's husband from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Prathmesh Sharma as Bala, Parakram SAF cadet from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Shaleen Malhotra as Special Agent Karan Shergill from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Kaveri Priyam as Cadet Dr. Monami Mahajan from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Kunal Karan Kapoor as Cadet Siddharth Ganju from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Diljot Kaur Chhabra as Special Agent Sanjana Dubey from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Aditya Deshmukh as Special Agent Faizuddin Siddiqui from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Simple Kaul as Cadet Koel Roy from Ziddi Dil Maane Na.
  • Ankit Bathla as Kabir (2020).





Before its premiere, the series was entitled Mahila Police Thana. In early February 2020, the main cast promoted it in Lucknow.[25]



Bhavika Sharma left the series in 2022 because she was unhappy with the development of her character.[26]



Shilpa Shinde, cast as Naina Mathur, said that the crew was "not being serious about work" and accused the producers of "not giving [a] satisfactory role to her"[27] days after her arrival. Joshi and Sonali Naik responded, "If we were so unprofessional then the show wouldn't have existed for three long years." Joshi added, "Audience is the best judge and all the fifteen minutes of fame can rest in peace."[20]

Shinde later posted a three-minute video on Instagram, and accused Joshi and Naik of insulting her:

Who's Gulki Joshi? What has she done in her career? She became popular due to me[28] ... Cast can't accept some positive changes in show with new entries when the show is on the verge of getting off-air and the TRPs increased due to me.[29]

Joshi responded,

She abused our whole cast for the sake of limelight and I'm really very grateful to her that I'm getting so much love and support due to this controversy and my followers also increased due to same.[30]



The Big Shanivaar[31] was a mahasangam (crossover) of all Sony SAB's on-going shows (except Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah) telecast on 9 October 2021 to promote Sony SAB's Saturday lineup.

Another edition of The Big Shanivaar was telecast on 20 November 2021 to celebrate Diwali in the Parakram SAF and to help its cadet, Koel Roy, escape from her husband.

Shaam Shaandar, a one-hour New Year's special, was broadcast on 31 December 2021 with Ziddi Dil Maane Na and Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey.

In March 2022, Kavita Kaushik from F.I.R. appeared as a guest reprising the role of Chandramukhi Chautala.[32]

In October 2023, Gulki Joshi appeared as a guest in Vanshaj reprising the role of Haseena Malik.[33]



After a three-year run, the series went off the air on 18 February 2023.[34] Producer Kinnari Mehta later announced that it would return for a second season. At the end of the final episode, it was revealed that Haseena had survived the fatal blast. The cast, as Team MPT, later announced their return for season two.[35]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref.
2021 Indian Telly Awards Best Actor in a Lead Role Male Rahil Azam Nominated
2022 Indian Television Academy Awards[36] Popular Show – Drama Maddam Sir Nominated
Popular Actress – Comedy Yukti Kapoor Nominated [37]
Gulki Joshi Nominated
Sonali Pandit Naik Nominated
Bhavika Sharma Nominated [37]
Best Director – Comedy Hemen Chauhan Nominated
2023 Indian Telly Awards Best Sitcom / Comedy Programme Maddam Sir Won [38]

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