List of supermarket chains in Oceania

This is a list of supermarket chains in Oceania.


  1. by parent company

Coles GroupEdit


    • IGA
    • Supa IGA
    • Shop-Rite (Australian Capital Territory, only 1 store remaining and located at Griffith)
    • Eziway (Western Australia only)
    • IGA X-Press

Progressive Trading Pty LtdEdit

    • Progressive Supa IGA (Western Australia only) consists of one store: Shoalwater Supa IGA. Progressive Supa IGA consisted of 15 stores 12 "Progressive Stores" and 3 "Supa IGA Stores" The last Progressive Supa IGA (Spearwood Progressive Supa IGA) closed in February 2019. Leda Supa IGA wss demolished in 2018 while High Wycombe Supa IGA was sold to Pham Group IGA. Progressive Supa IGA parent company "Progressive Trading Pty Ltd" is a joint venture between "BMS Bendigo Retail Group Vic" and "Metcash"

Woolworths LimitedEdit

Supermarkets West Pty Ltd

  • Opened its First Farmer Jack's Family Supermarket in 1987. Each of the stores are Independently owned and Operated by local Franchisees. FoodWorks Supermarkets are also locally owned and operated and Supermarkets West use the name under Licence from Australian United Retailers Limited.
  • 1. Farmer Jack's Family Supermarkets (Western Australia only)
  • 2. FoodWorks - Used under Licence in (Western Australia only)

Independent businessesEdit

Former Supermarket Chains.Edit

Foodland Associated Limited GroupEdit

  • Action Supermarkets (Queensland, Northern NSW, Western Australia only) 49 stores sold to and rebranded as Woolworths, remaining stores rebranded as IGA in 2006.
  • Action Food Barns
  • Advantage Supermarkets
  • Dewsons Supermarkets
  • Dewsons Express Supermarkets
  • Supa Valu Supermarkets
  • Foodland Supermarkets (Western Australia Only) - Same name as the stores in South Australia and Northern Territory but not financially related.
  • Rules Supermarkets
  • Cheap Foods Supermarkets
  • BI-Lo Supermarkets (Western Australia only)
  • Food For Less - chain of supermarkets located in the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland. Last store located at Beresfield, NSW now Rebranded with WoolWorths signage
    • Coles Supermarket Group (Formally Coles Myer), (Coles Group) & (Wesfarmers)
    • Newmart (Western Australia only) Rebranded as Coles in 2003. Some Stores sold to FAL and rebranded as Action.
      • Bi-Lo - BI-LO was a chain established in 1979 in South Australia. It was bought out by Coles Myer in 1987. It later expanded nationally. Coles started converting stores from the late 2006. It withdrew from Victoria in 2009, and from NSW in 2016. The last store was located at (Loganholme, Queensland) The store was closed 30 June 2017. Most stores were re-branded as Coles.
    • Crittendens
    • Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket (Queensland only) consisted of Two Stores located at
    • 1. Aspley
    • 2. Sunnybank Hills
    • All Pick 'n' Pay Hypermarket stores got rebranded to other Store Names within the Wesfarmers Group.
  • Other Former supermarkets
  • Arrow Supermarkets
  • AUR
    Rebranded as FoodWorks in 2003.
  • Franklins (sold to Metcash in 2010)
  • Franklins Big Fresh (Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria only)
    All stores closed or sold off in 2001
  • BBC Supermarket
  • Toowoomba, located beside Myer Toowoomba
  • Betta Value (Western Australia only)
    consisted of one store located at Charthouse (Waikiki) and was renamed IGA
  • Budget Rite Foodmarkets
  • Buy Rite
    Taken over by AUR in the 1990s, rebranded as FoodWorks in 2003.
  • Cannon Supermarkets (ACT?)
    Taken over by Woolworths Limited, stores rebranded as Woolworths
  • Charlie Carters (Western Australia only)
  • Clancy's (Western Australia only)
    Rebranded as IGA in 2006.
  • Dickens Foodmarkets
  • Giants supermarket qld
  • Super Q store qld
  • woodridge meremaid waters aspley/pick n pay
  • Festival Supermarkets
    Rebranded as IGA in 2000.
  • Foodland supermarkets (Western Australia only)
    Rebranded as Eziway Food store
  • Foodland Supermarket (South Australia only)
    rebranded Foodland IGA
  • Food Master
  • Four Square WA (Western Australia only
    Rebranded as Eziway in 2004
  • Fresco Supermarkets (New South Wales only)
    All but one store were taken over and rebranded as Franklins in 2002.
  • Goodfellows
  • Harry Heaths (Victoria metro Melbourne only) - Heidelberg, Forest Hill, Nunawading, Chirnside Park, Epping Plaza, Balwyn became part of SSW
  • Half Case
    Became Payless
  • Jack the Slasher Supermarkets (Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales)
    Renamed to Food For Less in the early 1980s
  • Jewel Supermarkets
    Rebranded as IGA in 2000
  • MityMart
  • Nancarrows (Victoria only)
    Woolworths sold this division to Davids Holdings, many rebranded as Foodtown and Welcome Mart

New ZealandEdit


Supermarket retailing in New Zealand is a duopoly:


  • Progressive Enterprises
    • 3 Guys - rebranded as Countdown
    • Big Fresh - rebranded as Woolworths or Countdown
    • Foodtown - rebranded as Countdown
    • Price Chopper - rebranded as Woolworths or Countdown
    • Woolworths - rebranded as Countdown
  • The Warehouse - shut down their supermarket sections but continues to sell some food items
  • Write Price - rebranded as Pak'nSave Mini

Papua New GuineaEdit