List of magazines in Spain

Magazines in Spain are varied and numerous,[1] but they have small circulation.[2] In terms of frequency, the Spanish magazines are mostly weekly and monthly.[3] Although there are news magazines and political magazines in the country, they mostly focuses on entertainment, social events, sports, and television.[3]

There were many influential feminist magazines in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the country. The first magazine of which the editor-in-chief was a woman was El Robespierre Español existed in the period 1811–1812.[4] The number of the mainstream women's magazines intensified in the 1960s.[5] As of 2014 there were also large number of aviation magazines in the country.[6]

The data by the General Media Survey indicated that in 2003 there were 137 magazines in Spain.[7] At the beginning of 2005 the number rose to 576.[8] In addition, there was a total of 19 supplements.[8] However, between 2008 and 2012 a total of 182 magazines ceased publication in Spain.[9]

The following is an incomplete list of current and defunct magazines published in Spain. They may be published in Spanish or in other languages.

























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