La Campana de Gràcia

La Campana de Gràcia (Catalan pronunciation: [lə kəmˈpanə ðə ˈɣɾasiə]; "Gràcia's bell") was a seminal Catalan weekly magazine of satire, written bilingually in Catalan and Spanish of the late 19th and early 20th century, staunchly supportive of republicanism and anticlericalism. The headquarters was in Barcelona.[1]

La Campana de Gràcia
La Campana de Gràcia.JPG
CategoriesSatirical magazine
FounderInocencio López Bernagosi
Year founded1870
First issue8 May 1870
Final issue1934
CompanyRepublican Left of Catalonia
Based inBarcelona

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La Campana de Gràcia was founded in 1870 by Innocenci López i Bernagossi [ca][1] and was edited for 64 years. The magazine was first published on 8 May 1870.[1] The magazine was published on a weekly basis.[1] Although at first it focused on the Spanish politics of the time, often leaving out Catalan politics and Catalanist actions, its ideological tone changed over time and by 1906 it openly expressed support for Solidaritat Catalana and Catalan working-class left-wing political issues. From 1932 until its last issue in 1934, it was owned by ERC.[1] Two of its most notable directors were Antonio Sierra and Prudenci Bertrana.

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