Trinca (comic)

Trinca was a weekly comic magazine published in Madrid, Spain, from 1970 to 1973.

CategoriesComic magazine
FounderEsteban Maroto
Year founded1970
Final issue1973
Based inMadrid


Trinca was launched in 1970 by Doncel, a publishing house owned by the Frente de Juventudes which is an organization of the Francoist Regime for young people.[1] The magazine was modelled on Italian magazine, Il Giornalino.[1] Both publications had common characteristics such as educational goals and quality production.[1] However, the editors of Trinca kept an open mind about visual contents, and support innovation in graphics, and illustration. The founder of the magazine was Esteban Maroto and its publisher was Alma de Dragón.[2] The magazine was published on a weekly basis.[3]

This project joined several Spanish creators who were working abroad such as Antonio Hernández Palacios, or Victor de la Fuente, and showed a complete different trend in Spanish comic publishers. Alfonso Azpiri was among the contributors to the magazine[4] who started his career in the magazine in 1971.[5]

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