Iniciales was a Spanish individualist anarchist[1] and naturist eclectic magazine which ran between 1929 and 1937.

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The first number appeared in Barcelona in February, 1929. Its predecessor was Barcelona's Ética (1927–1929). It ran each fifteen days and sometimes on a monthly basis.

It was directed by individualist anarchist José Elizalde, translator into Spanish of Han Ryner and Émile Armand, and member of the group «Sol y Vida» which met in Ateneo Naturista Ecléctico de Barcelona. Collaborators include Isaac Puente, Federica Montseny, David Díez, Han Ryner, María Huot, André Lorulot, Juan del Pi, Leon Drovar, Tato Lorenzo, Medina González, Miguel Giménez Igualada, Clotilde Betances Jaeger, among others.

Subsequently, it came out in Valencia under the title Ética between 1935 and 1936, with an editing team which consisted of Felipe Alaiz, José Alberola, Progreso Fernández, T. Ruiz and Gonzalo Vidal. Between April 1936 and April it ceased publication and went back to being called Iniciales from 1937. The final issue appeared in May 1937.

As an eclectic magazine, it dealt with diverse subjects such as anarchism, pedagogy, individualism, sex education, naturism, nudism, free love, hiking, dance and it criticized alcohol and drug consumption.

In 2001 Spanish historian Xavier Díez published Utopia sexual a la premsa anarquista de Catalunya. La revista Ética-Iniciales (1927-1937).


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