List of American and Canadian football leagues

This is a list of current and defunct leagues of American football and Canadian football.

Leagues in North AmericaEdit

Current professional leagues in North AmericaEdit

Professional outdoor leaguesEdit


Originally American Professional Football Conference, American Professional Football Association (1920–1921)
Merged with the American Football League (1960–69)
Formed from Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (1909) and Western Interprovincial Football Union (1936).


Professional arena/indoor leaguesEdit

Formed from United Indoor Football and Intense Football League
Formed from Champions Professional Indoor Football League and Lone Star Football League

Developmental leaguesEdit

Current semi-professional leaguesEdit

Collegiate and amateur leaguesEdit

Current women's leaguesEdit

Women's Indoor/Arena leaguesEdit

Operated as the Lingerie Football League from 2009 to 2012.

Planned women's leaguesEdit

Planned leagues in North AmericaEdit

Historical leagues in North AmericaEdit

Major outdoor leaguesEdit

Minor outdoor leaguesEdit

Became Interstate Football League in 1933
Originally the New Jersey Football Circuit (1934)
Low-level fall league that was fully organized in September 1959 with five independent teams who played the other teams sporadically. The original teams were Duquesne Ironmen (Pennsylvania), Melvindale Redskins (Michigan), Toledo Tornadoes, Dayton Triangles (Ohio) and Newark Rams (New Jersey). Players were from both pro and college teams.[16] Teams also end up play in Sarnia, Zaneville (Ohio Colts), Port Huron and Detroit,[17] while Toledo Tornadoes leave for the larger United Football League (1961–1964).[18]
Renamed North Atlantic Football League in 1967

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Collegiate and amateur leaguesEdit

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Leagues outside North AmericaEdit

Current professional leagues outside North AmericaEdit

Current minor professional, semi professional and amateur leagues outside North AmericaEdit

Central and South America:




Defunct minor leagues around the worldEdit

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  1. ^ The league was in hiatus and re-branded as the NFL Europe League in 1995.


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