Austrian Football League

The Austrian Football League (AFL) is the elite league of American football in Austria. The league was founded in 1984 and plays by the rules of the NCAA.

Austrian Football League
SportAmerican football
Founded1984; 37 years ago (1984)
No. of teams8
Czech Republic
Most recent
Vienna Vikings
Most titlesVienna Vikings (15)
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The AFL was founded in 1984 by the teams Salzburg Lions, Graz Giants and Vienna Ramblocks.

The AFL is commonly considered as one of the best American football leagues in Europe. This was especially so in the period from 2004 to 2011, when the EFL was won seven out of eight times by an AFL team.[1]

In 2010, the Prague Panthers from the Czech Republic joined the league as the first team from outside of Austria. The Panthers were a member of the AFL until the 2016 season. In 2016, the Ljubljana Silverhawks from Slovenia joined, and in 2018, the Bratislava Monarchs from Slovakia entered the league.

The regular season consists of ten games and starts in mid-March; the playoffs continue through July. The final game, the Austrian Bowl, was held for the first time in 1984 in Salzburg, Austria.


"Blue River Bowl III": Danube Dragons vs. Vikings at Rattenfängerstadion [de] in Korneuburg, 2010

In 2021, the AFL will consist of:

Austrian BowlEdit

All gamesEdit

Bowl Date Champions Runners-Up Score Location
I October 20, 1984 Salzburg Lions Graz Giants 27–10 Salzburg
II June 28, 1986 Graz Giants Vienna Vikings 31–12 Salzburg
III July 5, 1987 Graz Giants Salzburg Lions 20–00 ASKÖ Schmelz, Vienna
IV July 3, 1988 Graz Giants Vienna Vikings 33–15 ASKÖ Schmelz, Vienna
V July 1, 1989 Salzburg Lions Graz Giants 34–00 Salzburg
VI July 1, 1990 Graz Giants Klosterneuburg Mercenaries 59–70 Linz
VII July 7, 1991 Graz Giants Vienna Vikings 38–70 ASKÖ Eggenberg, Graz
VIII July 5, 1992 Graz Giants Schwarzenau Rangers 28–13 ASKÖ Schmelz, Vienna
IX July 4, 1993 Feldkirch Oscar Dinos Salzburg Bulls 45–10 BSZ Südstadt, Maria Enzersdorf
X July 4, 1994 Vienna Vikings Levi's Graz Giants 45–23 Schwechat-Rannersdorf
XI July 15, 1995 Levi's Graz Giants Vienna Vikings 26–20 Schwechat-Rannersdorf
XII July 13, 1996 Vienna Vikings Levi's Graz Giants 41–35 Schwechat-Rannersdorf
XIII July 12, 1997 Levi's Graz Giants Klosterneuburg Mercenaries 35–14 Schwechat-Rannersdorf
XIV July 18, 1998 Levi's Graz Giants Vienna Vikings 43–30 BSZ Südstadt, Maria Enzersdorf
XV July 20, 1999 Chrysler Vikings Levi's Graz Giants 37–35 Schwechat-Rannersdorf
XVI July 22, 2000 Chrysler Vikings Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders 34–28 Casino Stadion Hohe Warte, Vienna
XVII July 21, 2001 Chrysler Vikings Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders 24–14 Lindenstadion, Eisenstadt
XVIII July 20, 2002 Chrysler Vikings Öko-Box Graz Giants 52–21 Casino Stadion Hohe Warte, Vienna
XIX July 12, 2003 Chrysler Vikings Öko-Box Graz Giants 56–42 Casino Stadion Hohe Warte, Vienna
XX July 17, 2004 Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders Chrysler Vikings 28–20 EM-Stadion Wals-Siezenheim, Salzburg
XXI July 16, 2005 Chrysler Vikings Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders 43–14 Südstadt, Maria Enzersdorf
XXII July 14, 2006 Swarco Raiders Tirol Dodge Vikings 43–19 Hohe Warte, Vienna
XXIII July 14, 2007 Dodge Vikings Turek Graz Giants 42–14 Hohe Warte, Vienna
XXIV June 27, 2008 Turek Graz Giants Swarco Raiders Tirol 31–21 Wolfsberg
XXV July 18, 2009 Raiffeisen Vikings Turek Graz Giants 22–19 Graz
XXVI July 9, 2010 Danube Dragons Swarco Raiders Tirol 28–21 Tivoli-Neu, Innsbruck
XXVII June 23, 2011 Swarco Raiders Tirol Raiffeisen Vikings 23–13 Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna
XXVIII July 28, 2012 Raiffeisen Vikings Swarco Raiders Tirol 48–34 Hohe Warte, Vienna
XXIX July 27, 2013 Raiffeisen Vikings Swarco Raiders Tirol 48–31 NV Arena, Sankt Pölten
XXX July 26, 2014 Raiffeisen Vikings Swarco Raiders Tirol 24–17 NV Arena, Sankt Pölten
XXXI July 11, 2015 Swarco Raiders Tirol Vienna Vikings 38–00 Wörthersee Stadion, Klagenfurt
XXXII July 23, 2016 Swarco Raiders Tirol Graz Giants 51–70 Wörthersee Stadion, Klagenfurt
XXXIII July 29, 2017 Dacia Vienna Vikings Swarco Raiders Tirol 45–26 Wörthersee Stadion, Klagenfurt
XXXIV July 21, 2018 Swarco Raiders Tirol Dacia Vienna Vikings 51–48 NV Arena, Sankt Pölten
XXXV July 27, 2019 Swarco Raiders Tirol Dacia Vienna Vikings 42–34 NV Arena, Sankt Pölten

By TeamEdit

Rank Teams Champions Runners-up
1 Vienna Vikings 15 11
2 Graz Giants 10 11
3 Swarco Raiders Tirol 7 9
4 Salzburg Bulls 2 2
5 Danube Dragons[1] 1 2
6 Feldkirch Oscar Dinos 1 0

^ 1: Formerly known as Klosterneuburg Mercenaries

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