North American Football League

The North American Football League (NAFL) was a proposed American spring football league. In 2014, the league announced it was to begin play for the 2016 season;[2] however, there have been no further announcements that the league has met any of their listed key dates as of April 1, 2016.[3]

North American Football League
SportAmerican football
CEOChristopher White
CountryUnited States

The league were scheduled to run tryouts on March 15, 2015, in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and charged prospective recruits over $100. However, it was reported that nobody from the league actually attended the tryouts. The league stated that the tryouts had been postponed to March 29 but the local representatives had failed to notify attendees.[4] A later tryout in the Atlanta area would be cancelled the morning of the scheduled date.

In May 2017, league chairman Christopher White, and his wife, Tracy, were charged with grand theft in defrauding a potential investor of $150,000. They are alleged to have taken up for $700,000 with no intent on actually launching a functioning league and an affiliated production company for broadcasting games.[5]

Proposed teamsEdit

Team Location Announced
Birmingham Freedom[6] Birmingham, Alabama 2015
Connecticut Colonials Hartford, Connecticut 2015
Columbus Flight Columbus, Ohio 2015
Kentucky Thoroughbreds Louisville, Kentucky 2015
Memphis Kings Memphis, Tennessee 2015
North Carolina Redwolves Raleigh, North Carolina 2015
OKC Slingers Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2017
Orlando Sentinels Orlando, Florida 2015
St. Louis Scouts St. Louis, Missouri 2017
Virginia Crusaders Richmond, Virginia 2015


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