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List of American and Canadian football leagues

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This is a list of leagues in American football and Canadian football.

There have been professional football leagues of varying levels since the invention of the sport. The two major leagues are the National Football League and Canadian Football League,, but unlike the other major sports in the United States, (MLB, MLS, NBA and NHL) no formal development farm system is in use. There has been attempts to organize a development league such as the Association of Professional Football Leagues and NFL Europe.

In the past several ambitious entrepreneurs have attempted to launch rival leagues to the NFL, but beside the AAFC and the AFL that eventually merged with the NFL, none have succeed. Due to the lack of an official minor league system, most leagues attempt to fill the void for with various levels of success and vary in structure with professional, semiprofessional, or developmental systems.

The high cost of supporting an entire roster of professional players and stadium fees lead to an indoor variation with the launch of the Arena Football League in 1987.


Leagues in North AmericaEdit

Current leagues in North AmericaEdit

Professional outdoor leagues:

Originally American Professional Football Conference, American Professional Football Association (1920–1921)
Merged with the American Football League (1960–69)
Formed from Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (1909) and Western Interprovincial Football Union (1936)

Professional arena/indoor leagues:

Formed from United Indoor Football and Intense Football League
Formed from Champions Professional Indoor Football League and Lone Star Football League
Formed from Arena Pro Football and Can-Am Indoor Football League

Semi-professional leaguesEdit

Developmental leaguesEdit

Collegiate and amateur leaguesEdit

Women's leaguesEdit

Originally known as the Lingerie Football League from 2009 to 2013.

Planned leagues in North AmericaEdit

Defunct leagues in North AmericaEdit

Major outdoor leagues:

Known as the Western Pennsylvania Senior Independent Football Conference from 1920s onward.

Minor outdoor leagues

Indoor leagues

Collegiate and amateur leagues

Women's leagues

Leagues outside North AmericaEdit

Current American football minor and semi professional leagues outside North AmericaEdit

Central and South America:




Defunct American football minor leagues around the worldEdit

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