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List of journalists killed in Europe

This is a list of journalists killed in Europe (as a continent), divided by country.

While journalists in the European Union (EU) generally work in good conditions, there are cases of murdered journalists, and many of them remain unpunished.[1] This list includes non EU countries within Europe such as Turkey, Ukraine and Russia.

Number of journalists killed or murdered in Europe (not all countries included in the list are included in the map) while on duty or assignment, 1992-2017[1]


  • Alexandra Tuttle, a correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, September was killed on 22 September 1993 when the military plane on which she was flying was hit by an Abkhazian ground-to-air missile.[2]
  • Andrey Soloviev, a Soviet war photographer for ITAR-TASS was killed by a sniper in Sukhumi on 27 September 1993.[3]
  • Georgy Chanya, a correspondent for Resonants was killed on 26 May 1998 while reporting fighting between Abkhazian rebels and Georgian guerrilla fighters near Gali.[4]


  • Tirgran Nagdalian was fatally shot in his head on 28 December 2002 in Yerevan. The motive remains unconfirmed.[5]



  • Dzmitry Zavadski disappeared and was presumably murdered on 7 July 2000. On 14 March 2002 four people were sentenced for his abduction, but not for the murder, as the body had never been found,[14], and while the performers may have been condemned, the masterminds are still at large.[15] He was declared dead on 28 November 2003.[16]
  • Aleh Byabenin was found hanged in the stairwell of his summer home in Minsk on 3 September 2010, but no suicide note was found.[17]

Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit

25 journalists were killed in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslav Wars between 1991 and 1995:[1]

  • On 28 January 1994, Marco Luchetta, Alessandro Saša Ota and Dario D'Angelo, three Italian journalist working for RAI, were killed in Mostar by a mortar.[18]


  • Radio presenter and author Bobi Tsankov was shot dead in central Sofia on 5 January 2010.[20]
  • Victoria Marinova, a television journalist who reported on an investigation into alleged corruption involving European Union funds was murdered in Bulgaria's northern town of Ruse. Her body was found on 6 October 2018.[21]


Two journalists were killed in Croatia the 1991–1995 war in Yugoslavia:[1]








11 journalists were killed in Italy by mafias or terrorist organizations:[37]


  • Askhat Sharipjanov, an editor of the website Navigator, was hit by a car in Almaty on 20 July 2004. The driver was found guilty of traffic violations and careless driving that resulted in a person's death, but Sharipjanov's colleagues believed it was contract murder.[38]
  • Gennady Pavlyuk (pen name: Ibragim Rustambek), editor-in-chief of Bely Parokhod died in a hospital Almaty on 22 December 2009, six days after falling from a building with his hands and legs bound with tape. Two people were condemned for his murder.[39]



  • Gundars Matiss died on 28 November 2001, from a brain hemorrhage after being attacked on 15 November.[42]


  • Vitas Lingis was shot dead on 12 October 1993.[43]


  • Maltese reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered in a mafia-style car bomb attack on 16 October 2017.[44] This was the first attack of its kind in Malta and for a very long time in Western Europe. At 53, this mother of three was among the most exposed journalists on the island, notably because of her fight for transparency and against the corruption that is corroding Maltese politics and society. She made a lot of enemies through her investigations and revelations, both in the newspapers where she was working and on her blog,[45] one of the most popular in the country, especially within the island’s political and business elite. She received many threats and recently filed a police report about it.[46]



Dozens of journalists have been killed in Russia since the Nineties.


  • Dada Vujasinović was found dead in her apartment on 8 April 1994. The police ruled it a suicide, but most evidence disputes this. Since January 2009, her death was regarded as a murder case, but no one has been arrested.[48]
  • Slavko Ćuruvija was murdered on 11 April 1999 in Belgrade. In November 2013 the Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation was established with the aim to preserve his heritage and advance media freedom in Serbia.[49] A trial is ongoing but according to Veran Matić, president of the Commission for the Investigation of the Murder of Journalists in Serbia, the trial chamber is acting with the intent of acquitting those accused.[50]
  • On 7 May 1999 three Chinese journalists died in the United States bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. American officials later claimed they were intelligence agents.[51]
  • Milan Pantić was killed on 11 June 2001 in Jagodina. The case is still unsolved but the Commission led by Matić has collected new data.[52]
  • Broadcast journalist Luka Popov was killed in his home in the village of Srpski Krstur on 16 June 2016.[53] A few days later three people were arrested.[54]


Ján Kuciak and his fiancée
  • On 25 February 2018, the Slovak investigative reporter Ján Kuciak, 27, and his partner were found shot dead in their home in Veľká Mača, western Slovakia. “As a reporter for online news website[55], Kuciak wrote about serious economic crimes and illegal activities involving several high profile Slovak businessmen and their relations with top politicians”, EUobserver reports[56], adding that “Kuciak was also working on a story linking prime minister Robert Fico's assistant with an Italian businessman in Slovakia. Among numerous tax frauds and public fund scandals, he covered the Panama papers”.[56] The murder led to multiple protests organized under the "For decent Slovakia" movement.


South OssetiaEdit

  • Alexander Klimchuk (head of Caucasus Images) and Grigol Chikhladze (a freelance and member of Caucasus Images) were killed on 10 August 2008 when they tried to enter Tskhinvali.[58][59]



United KingdomEdit


Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina was shot dead by two masked gunmen near his house in Kiev on 16 April 2015

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