List of educational institutions in Taichung

Taichung educational institutions are in Taichung city of Taiwan. They include bilingual kindergartens through elementary and secondary education too all forms of tertiary education. There are also international schools to serve foreigners in the city as well as a handful of language institutes for foreigners to study Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Higher educationEdit


Universities offer four-year programs in a variety of subjects. Taichung possesses both public and private universities.

Public universitiesEdit

National Taichung University.
  • National Chung Hsing University (國立中興大學) – Located in the southern part of the city, it is the most prestigious university in the city. There are more than seventeen thousand students and has seven colleges and a department of continuing education.
  • National Taichung University of Science and Technology (國立台中科技大學) – formerly National Taichung Institute of Technology (國立台中技術學院) and National Taichung Nursing College (國立台中護理專科學校): The two schools merged in 2011 to form the new NTCUST. The school has 5 colleges: Business, Design, Languages and Language Applications, Information and Distribution Science, and Health. NTCUST's nursing program is well known in the region. The university is located on two campuses in the heart of the city. The primary campus is near YiZhong Street (一中街), National Taichung First Senior High School and the National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sports. The secondary campus is located about 2 kilometers down Sanmin road near Taichung Hospital.
  • National Taichung University of Education (國立臺中教育大學) – formerly National Taichung Teacher’s College (國立台中師範學院): Located in West District, it is the premier teacher training school in the city, training future teachers in all areas from early childhood to secondary education, including a research center for special education.
  • National Taiwan University of Sport (國立臺灣體育運動大學) – Located near the center of the city, this is the top physical education university in Taiwan. It is also home to Taichung Baseball Field and the local soccer stadium.

Private universitiesEdit

The Luce Memorial Chapel at Tunghai University.
  • Feng Chia University (逢甲大學) – Feng Chia University is one of the most prestigious private universities in Taiwan. The main campus is located in Xitun District.[1]
  • Tunghai University (東海大學) – Tunghai University is a large sprawling university in Xitun District near Longjing Township.[2]
  • Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology (中台科技大學) – Located in the mountains of Dakeng, CTU has four colleges: Health Sciences, Nursing, Management, and Humanities and Social Sciences. It was upgraded to university status in 2005 and is best known for its nursing and health sciences programs.[3]
  • China Medical University (中國醫藥大學) – China Medical University is one of two large medical universities in the city. It also has a highly regarded full-service training hospital adjacent to the university.[4]
  • Ling Tung University (嶺東科技大學) – Located in Nantun District, the university offers highly regarded design and business programs.[5]
  • Chung Shan Medical University (中山醫學大學) – Chung Shan Medical University is another large medical university, this one on the southern part of the city.[6]

Five-year Junior CollegesEdit

These are schools that one enters after completing junior high schools (ninth year of education) and enters it for five years, essentially serving as your three high school years along with the first two years or tertiary education. One gains entry through participation in a national exam.

Secondary educationEdit

Senior High SchoolsEdit

Senior High Schools are the next step for many students after completing their mandatory nine years of education. However, not all students are able to gain admittance. Entry is dependent on ones performance on a national standardized examination that is administered every year. High Schools are college preparatory and graduates are expected to go on to a four-year university following graduation.

The most prestigious senior high schools in Taichung are Taichung First Senior High School and Taichung Girls' Senior High School. Taichung First Senior High School is a mostly all-boys school with a small number of female students admitted to special programs. Taichung Girl's High School (founded 1919) is the top girls' high school in Taichung.

While Hui Wen Municipal High School is a new school, the modernity of its campus as well as the modern technology available is quickly making this one of the most desirable high schools in the city after the big two.

Public high schools are generally considered more desirable due to their lower tuition and greater resources. However, there are also some excellent private high schools in Taichung City.

Some of these schools also offer Vocational Programs as well as Junior High School.

High Schools
English Name Chinese District Type Website Founded
Taichung Municipal Taichung First Senior High School 臺中市立臺中第一高級中等學校 Municipal Chinese 1915[8]
Taichung Municipal Taichung Second Senior High School 臺中市立臺中第二高級中等學校 Municipal Chinese 1922[9]
Taichung Municipal Taichung Girls' Senior High School 臺中市立臺中女子高級中等學校 Municipal Chinese English 1919[10]
Taichung Municipal Wen-Hua Senior High School 臺中市立文華高級中等學校 Municipal Chinese English 1989[11]
Taichung Municipal Cingshuei Senior High School 臺中市立清水高級中等學校 Municipal Chinese 1946[12]
Taichung Municipal Chungming Senior High School 臺中市立忠明高級中學 Municipal Chinese 1957[13]
Taichung Municipal Shiyuan Senior High School 臺中市立西苑高級中學 Municipal Chinese
Taichung Municipal Huiwen High School 臺中市立惠文高級中學 Municipal English 2001[14]
Stella Matutina Girls' High School 曉明女子高級中學 Private Chinese English 1966[15]
Viator Senior High School 衛道高級中學 Private Chinese
I-ning Senior High School 宜寧高級中學 Private Chinese
Ming-Der Girls High School 明德女子高級中學 Private Chinese
The Affiliated High School of Tunghai University 東海大學附屬高級中學 Private Chinese
Shinmin High School 新民高級中學 Private Chinese
Ling-tung High School 嶺東高級中學 Private Chinese

Vocational High SchoolsEdit

Taiwan also offers students the opportunity to study specific trades as opposed to going to a general high school. Some vocational programs are highly academic (i.e. language programs) while others focus on preparing students for a job after graduation.

  • National Taichung Home Economics and Commercial High School (國立台中高級家事商業職業學校)[16]
  • National Taichung Agricultural Senior High School (國立台中高級農業職業學校)[17]
  • National Taichung Industrial High School (國立台中高級工業職業學校)[18]
  • Kuang-Hwa Vocational High School of Technology (光華高級工業職業學校)[19]

Special Secondary SchoolsEdit

Taichung also offers special schools for deaf as well as those who have other learning impairments.

  • National Taichung School for the Deaf (台中啟聰學校)[20]
  • National Taichung Special Education School (台中特殊教育學校)[21]

Junior High SchoolsEdit

Junior High School covers grades seven through nine and mark the culmination of mandatory education in Taiwan. Taichung offers a full range of public and private junior high schools.

Junior High Schools
English Name Chinese District Type Website Founded
Chu Jen Junior High School 居仁國中 West Municipal Chinese English 1946
Shang Shih Junior High School 雙十國中 North Municipal Chinese English 1954
Cheng Kong Junior High School 成功國中 Dali Municipal Chinese 1983
Kuang Rong Junior High School 光榮國中 Dali Municipal Chinese 1990
Chung Ming Senior High School (Junior High School Division) 忠明高中國中部 Municipal Chinese
Chung Lun Junior High School 崇倫國中 South Municipal Chinese English 1961
Da-De Junior High School 大德國中 Beitun Municipal Chinese English 1963
Pei Hsin Junior High School 北新國中 Beitun Municipal Chinese English 1964
Tong Feng Junior High School 東峰國中 East Municipal Chinese English 1966
Li Ming Junior High School 黎明國中 Municipal Chinese
Kuang Ming Junior High School 光明國中 West Municipal Chinese 1968
Siang Shang Junior High School 向上國中 West Municipal Chinese English 1968
Yu Ying Junior High School 育英國中 East Municipal Chinese English 1968
Sz Yu Junior High School 四育國中 South Municipal Chinese English 1969
Shi Yuan Senior High School (Junior High School Division) 西苑高中國中部 Municipal Chinese
Wu Chuan Junior High School 五權國中 North Municipal Chinese 1970
Dong Shan Junior High School 東山國中 Municipal English
Chong Teh Junior Junior High School 崇德國中 Beitun Municipal Chinese English 1988
Li Jen Junior High School 立人國中 North Municipal Chinese English 1992
Han Kou Junior High School 漢口國中 Xitun Municipal Chinese English 1991
An Her Junior High School 安和國中 Xitun Municipal Chinese English 1993
Chih Shan Junior High School 至善國中 Xitun Municipal Chinese English 1993
Chung Shan Junior High School 中山國中 Xitun Municipal Chinese 1983
Wan Ho Junior High School 萬和國中 Municipal English
Dayeh Junior High School 大業國中 Municipal English
San Guang Junior High School 三光國中 Beitun Municipal Chinese English 1995
Suu Chang Li Junior High School 四張犁國中 Beitun Municipal Chinese English 2000
Hui Wen Senior High School (Junior High School Division) 惠文高中國中部 Municipal Chinese
I-Ning Senior High School (Junior High School Division) 宜寧高中國中部 Private Chinese
Viator High School (Junior High School Division) 衛道高中國中部 Private Chinese
Stella Matutina Girls High School (Junior High School Division) 曉明女中國中部 Private Chinese
Tunghai University Affiliated High School (Junior High School Division) 東海大學附屬高中國中部 Private Chinese
Shin Min High School (Junior High School Division) 新民高中國中部 Private Chinese
Ming Dao High School (Junior High School Division) 明道中學國中部 Private Chinese
Wagor Educational System (Junior High School Division) 葳格國中小 Private Chinese
Ling Tung Senior High School (Junior High School Division) 嶺東高中國中部 Private Chinese

Primary educationEdit

Elementary school encompasses grades one through six. Typically, students will attend a public school in the zone designated for where ones residence is registered, not where one actually lives.

Public Elementary Schools
English Name Chinese Website Founded
Guangfu Elementary School 光復國小 Chinese
Jinde Elementary School 進德國小 Chinese
Leye Elementary School 樂業國小
Dazhi Elementary School 大智國小 Chinese
Taichung Elementary School 台中國小 Chinese
Lising Elementary School 力行國小 English[permanent dead link]
Chungkung Elementary School 成功國小 Chinese
Kuo-kuang Elementary School 國光國小 Chinese
Heping Elementary School 和平國小 Chinese
Shuye Elementary School 樹義國小 Chinese
Xinyi Elementary School 信義國小 Chinese
Da-yuan Elementary School 大勇國小 Chinese
Chung Ming Elementary School 忠明國小 Chinese
Jhong Siao Elementary School 忠孝國小 Chinese
Datong Elementary School 大同國小 Chinese
Taichung Municipal Chung-Cheng Elementary School 中正國小 Chinese
Chung-shin Elementary School 忠信國小 Chinese English
Lai-Cuo Elementary School 賴厝國小 Chinese
Li Ren Elementary School 立人國小 Chinese
Jhonghua Elementary School 中華國小 Chinese
Tai-Ping Elementary School 太平國小 Chinese
Provincial Number Three Elementary School 省三國小 Chinese
Jian-Xing Elementary School 健行國小 Chinese
Du-Xing Elementary School 篤行國小 Chinese
Qiaoxiao Elementary School 僑孝國小 Chinese
Guang-Zheng Elementary School 光正國小 English
Jien-Kong Elementary School 建功國小 English
Suu-Chang-Li Elementary School 四張犁國小 Chinese
Bei Tun Elementary School 北屯國小 Chinese
Jyun Gong Elementary School 軍功國小 Chinese
Taichung Municipal Sihwei Elementary School 四維國小 Chinese
Dung-Guang Elementary School 東光國小 English
Taichung Municipal Jen Mei Elementary School 仁美國小 English
Chengpeng Elementary School 陳平國小 Chinese
Wenxin Elementary School 文心國小
Wun Chang Elementary School 文昌國小 English
Song Jhu Elementary School 松竹國小 English
Ren Ai Elementary School 仁愛國小 Chinese
Shang An Elementary School 上安國小 Chinese
Chongcing Elementary School 慶國小 English
Taichung Municipal Sie He Elementary School 協和國小 Chinese
Da Ren Elementary School 大仁國小 Chinese
Da Peng Elementary School 大鵬國小 Chinese
Tai An Elementary School 泰安國小 Chinese
Yong An Elementary School 永安國小 Chinese
Situn Elementary School 西屯國小 English
He Cuo Elementary School 何厝國小 Chinese
Guo An Elementary School 國安國小 Chinese
Shang Shih Elementary School 上石國小 Chinese
Chun An Elementary School 春安國小 Chinese
Li Ming Elementary School 黎明國小 Chinese
Dong Sing Elementary School 東興國小 Chinese
Zheng Ping Elementary School 鎮平國小 English
Yong Chun Elementary School 永春國小
Nan Tun Elementary School 南屯國小 Chinese
Wen Shan Elementary School 文山國小 Chinese
Da-Shin Elementary School 大新國小 English
Taichung Municipal Hui Wen Elementary School 惠文國小 English
Xin Xing Elementary School 新興國小 English
Feng Jia Elementary School 逢甲國小 English
Private Elementary Schools
English Name Chinese Website Founded
Washington Bilingual Elementary School 華盛頓雙語小學 Chinese
Ming-Dao Future Heir Bilingual Elementary School 道普霖斯頓雙語小學 Chinese
The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Taichung University 台中教育大學附設實驗國民小學 English
Natural Way Elementary School 道禾實驗小學 Chinese
Yu Jen Catholic Elementary School 育仁小學 Chinese
Shen Chai Elementary School 慎齋小學 Chinese
Wagor Educational System (Elementary School) 葳格小學 Chinese
The Elementary School of Tunghai University 東海大學附設小學 Chinese
Feng Le School 豐樂實驗學校 Chinese

International schoolsEdit

Taichung has three international schools. Two of them use English as the medium of instruction and offer an American-style curriculum, while the third is a school for Japanese children. One must possess a foreign passport to attend any of these schools.

Mandarin and Taiwanese Training CentersEdit

Taichung City/County offers three accredited Mandarin language programs.

Other schoolsEdit

Taichung City has dozens of kindergartens and cram schools. While many are registered with the government and can be found on the Chinese version of the Taichung Education Bureau website (see below), not all are.

Shane English School – Daya District – A private English language institution for Taiwanese citizens, taught by English speaking natives.

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