The following is a list of notable art schools.

Accredited non-profit art and design colleges edit

Other art schools edit

Academy of Arts edit

  • Academia de Artes (Mexico), an art institution founded in 1967/1968.
  • Academy of Arts (Egypt), a large educational complex in Cairo.
  • Academy of Arts and Academics (United States), a public high school dedicated to the arts, located in Springfield, Oregon.
  • Academy of Art University (United States), a private school of art and design in San Francisco, California
  • Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Israel), Israel's National College of art and Design, located in Jerusalem; school of architecture, fashion, ceramics, fine arts, multimedia, etc., founded in 1906.
  • Chengdu Art Academy (China), an art institution based in Chengdu, Sichuan, and founded in 1980.
  • China Academy of Art (China), an art school of mainland China, founded in 1928 by the government of the Republic of China.
  • Cranbrook Academy of Art (United States), a school of architecture and design, founded in 1932, located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia), a public arts school that offers education in arts at university level
  • Iceland Academy of the Arts (Iceland), a public arts school that offers education in arts at university level
  • Imperial Academy of Arts (Russia), a Russian art institution founded in 1757 which has played a variety of roles in the artistic life of Russia.
  • Iranian Academy of the Arts (Iran), an organization whose aim is the preservation and development of Iranian and local arts
  • New York Academy of Art (United States), located in New York City, it boasts the only graduate program which focuses on the human figure.
  • Royal Academy of Arts (United Kingdom), an independent fine arts institution based in London.
  • Royal Swedish Academy of Arts (Sweden), an independent organization acting to promote painting, sculpting, building and the other visual arts.
  • Wulin Academy of Arts (China), an independent research institution and honorary society based in Hangzhou, dedicated to promoting studies of Chinese arts.

Academy of Fine Arts edit

University of the Arts edit

Includes institutions called the University of the Arts and those with very similar names:

School of the Arts edit

The name of several schools (usually high schools) that are devoted to the fine arts, including:

Similar school names edit

University Schools of the Arts edit

Arts programs within a university may also be called a "School of the Arts". Such programs include:

Artist-initiated schools edit

Some art schools have been initiated by artists; these may be designed to operate as traditional schools, or may themselves be considered art projects.

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