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The National Art School, is a tertiary level art school based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The School is an accredited Higher Education Provider offering specialised study in studio arts practice with study offered at a range of levels in various studio disciplines, and has been in operation on the historic Darlinghurst Gaol site in East Sydney in various forms since 1922.

The National Art School, located at the former Darlinghurst Gaol

Redlands Art PrizeEdit

For some years, the Art School hosted the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize,[1][2] whose past winners have included Imants Tillers, Pat Brassington, Callum Morton, Diena Georgetti, Vernon Ah Kee, Ben Quilty, Lindy Lee and Fiona Foley.[3] The Prize started in the gymnasium of Redlands School in Cremorne in Sydney in 1996 as a painting prize, called the Redlands Art Prize, with the total collection of prizewinning entries as of 2020 displayed at the school.[4] The hosting appears to have resumed at Redlands since 2020.[2]


Originally under the management of the NSW Department of Education, the School was re-established by the New South Wales Government in 2009 as a public company limited by guarantee, with two members, the NSW Ministers for Arts and Education, and a Board of Directors was established to oversee governance of the institution.

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