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List of Peruvian football champions

The Peruvian football champions are the winners of the highest league in Peruvian football, which is currently named as Torneo Descentralizado and organized by the Sports Association of Professional Football. The Liga Peruana de Football was established in 1912. It was an amateur league that lasted until 1921 due to scheduling and organizing conflicts. In this league only teams from Lima participated. In 1926, the Peruvian Football Federation took control of organizing the tournament and continued the Peruvian Primera División with the introduction of teams from Callao. In 1951, the Primera División turned professional and in 1966, the Torneo Descentralizado was founded in which the first non-capital teams were invited to play the first national championship.[1] Between 1996 and 2008, the Apertura and Clausura format was adopted.

In its early stages the first division was dominated by Universitario and Alianza Lima. Other notable teams were Atlético Chalaco, Sport Boys and Deportivo Municipal. The professional era saw Sporting Cristal rise to challenge the dominance of Universitario and Alianza Lima. These three teams account for nearly a third of the titles won. Melgar and Juan Aurich are the only teams outside the Lima Region to have won a national title.[2] As of 2010, the league title has been won by over 19 clubs but Universitario, Alianza Lima, and Sporting Cristal share a total of 62 titles of the 94 contested. Universitario and Alianza Lima alone account for half of the titles won.

Amateur league (1912–1950)Edit

Peruvian football had amateur status since its foundation until 1950. In the course of this era, Alianza Lima, Atlético Chalaco, Municipal, Sport Boys, and Universitario de Deportes shared the most titles. The first run from 1912 to 1921 featured clubs only from Lima under the Liga Peruana de Football. In 1926 and 1927 two unofficial tournaments were played. In 1928 the first championship official expanded to Callao under the Peruvian Football Federation. In 1936 no tournament took place, however an unofficial tournament were played, where Universitario and Alianza Lima were champion and runner-up respectively.[3]

Season Champion Runners-up Third place Top scorer Top scorer's club Goals
1912 Lima Cricket Association Jorge Chávez
1913 Jorge Chávez Lima Cricket Sport Alianza
1914 Lima Cricket Sport Alianza Jorge Chávez
1915 Sport José Gálvez Atlético Peruano Sport Alianza
1916 Sport José Gálvez Jorge Chávez Sport Alianza
1917 Juan Bielovucic Sport Alianza Unión Miraflores
1918 Sport Alianza Jorge Chávez (C) Tarapacá Ferrocarril Guillermo Rivero Sport Alianza 18
1919 Sport Alianza Sáenz Peña Juan Bielovucic Guillermo Rivero Sport Alianza 15
1920 Sport Inca Sport Progreso Sport Alianza
1921 Sport Progreso Jorge Chávez (C) Sport Alianza
No Tournament
1926 Sport Progreso Tarapacá Ferrocarril Atlético Chalaco
1927 Alianza Lima Unión Buenos Aires Circolo Sportivo Italiano
1928 Alianza Lima Federación Universitaria Atlético Chalaco Alejandro Villanueva Alianza Lima 10
1929 Federación Universitaria Circolo Sportivo Italiano Hidroaviación Carlos Cilloniz Federación Universitaria 8
1930 Atlético Chalaco Alianza Lima Federación Universitaria Manuel Puente Atlético Chalaco 3
1931 Alianza Lima Sporting Tabaco Frigorífico Alejandro Villanueva Alianza Lima 16
1932 Alianza Lima Federación Universitaria Sporting Tabaco Teodoro Fernández Federación Universitaria 11
1933 Alianza Lima Universitario Ciclista Lima Teodoro Fernández Universitario 9
1934 Universitario[4][5][6][7] Alianza Lima Sucre Teodoro Fernández Universitario 9
1935 Sport Boys Alianza Lima Universitario Jorge Alcalde Sport Boys 5
League not played due to Peruvian participation in the 1936 Summer Olympics
1937 Sport Boys Alianza Lima Universitario Juan Flores Mariscal Sucre[8] 10
1938 Deportivo Municipal Sport Boys Universitario Jorge Alcalde Sport Boys 8
1939 Universitario Sucre Deportivo Municipal Teodoro Fernández Universitario 15
1940 Deportivo Municipal Universitario Alianza Lima Teodoro Fernández Universitario 15
1941 Universitario Deportivo Municipal Alianza Lima Jorge Cabrejos Deportivo Municipal 13
1942 Sport Boys Deportivo Municipal Universitario Teodoro Fernández Universitario 11
1943 Deportivo Municipal Alianza Lima Sport Boys German Cerro Universitario 9
1944 Sucre Deportivo Municipal Universitario Victor Espinoza Universitario 16
1945 Universitario Deportivo Municipal Atlético Chalaco Teodoro Fernández Universitario 16
1946 Universitario Deportivo Municipal Sport Boys Valeriano Lopez Sport Boys 22
1947 Atlético Chalaco Deportivo Municipal Sport Boys Valeriano Lopez Sport Boys 20
1948 Alianza Lima Atlético Chalaco Sporting Tabaco Valeriano Lopez Sport Boys 20
1949 Universitario Sucre Sporting Tabaco Emilio Salinas Alianza Lima 18
1950 Deportivo Municipal Sport Boys Sporting Tabaco Alberto Terry Universitario 16

Professional league (1951–present)Edit

In 1951 the league obtained professional status and in 1966 expanded the league to the entire nation, beginning the Descentralizado.

Season Champion Runners-up Third place Top scorer Top scorer's club Goals
1951 Sport Boys Deportivo Municipal Mariscal Sucre Valeriano Lopez Sport Boys 31
1952 Alianza Lima Sport Boys Sporting Tabaco Emilio Salinas Alianza Lima 22
1953 Mariscal Sucre Alianza Lima Sporting Tabaco Gualberto Blanco Atlético Chalaco 17
1954 Alianza Lima Sporting Tabaco Universitario Vicente Villanueva Sporting Tabaco 14
1955 Alianza Lima Universitario Centro Iqueño Maximo Mosquera Alianza Lima 11
1956 Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Deportivo Municipal Daniel Ruiz Universitario 16
1957 Centro Iqueño Atlético Chalaco Alianza Lima Daniel Ruiz Universitario 20
1958 Sport Boys Atlético Chalaco Mariscal Castilla Juan Joya Alianza Lima 17
1959 Universitario Sport Boys Centro Iqueño Daniel Ruiz Universitario 28
1960 Universitario Sport Boys Sporting Cristal Fernando Olaechea Centro Iqueño 18
1961 Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Centro Iqueño Alberto Gallardo Sporting Cristal 18
1962 Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Universitario Alberto Gallardo Sporting Cristal 22
1963 Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Universitario Pedro Pablo Leon Alianza Lima 13
1964 Universitario Alianza Lima Deportivo Municipal Ángel Uribe Universitario 15
1965 Alianza Lima Universitario Defensor Arica Carlos Urranaga Defensor Lima 16
1966 Universitario Sport Boys Alianza Lima Teófilo Cubillas Alianza Lima 19
1967 Universitario Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Pedro Pablo Leon Alianza Lima 14
1968 Sporting Cristal Juan Aurich Alianza Lima Oswaldo Ramírez Sport Boys 26
1969 Universitario Defensor Arica Deportivo Municipal Jaime Moreno Deportivo Municipal 15
1970 Sporting Cristal Universitario Defensor Arica Teófilo Cubillas Alianza Lima 22
1971 Universitario Alianza Lima Defensor Lima Manuel Mellan Deportivo Municipal 25
1972 Sporting Cristal Universitario Deportivo Municipal Francisco González Defensor Lima 20
1973 Defensor Lima Sporting Cristal Universitario Francisco González Defensor Lima 25
1974 Universitario Unión Huaral Defensor Lima Pablo Muchotrigo Cienciano 32
1975 Alianza Lima Alfonso Ugarte Universitario Jose Leyva Alfonso Ugarte 28
1976 Unión Huaral Sport Boys Juan Aurich Alejandro Luces Unión Huaral 17
1977 Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Melgar Freddy Ravello Alianza Lima 21
1978 Alianza Lima Universitario Sporting Cristal Juan José Oré Universitario 19
1979 Sporting Cristal Atlético Chalaco Juan Aurich Jose Leyva Alfonso Ugarte 28
1980 Sporting Cristal Atlético Torino ADT Oswaldo Ramírez Sporting Cristal 18
1981 Melgar Deportivo Municipal Universitario Jose Carranza Alianza Lima 15
1982 Universitario Alianza Lima Juan Aurich Percy Rojas Universitario 19
1983 Sporting Cristal Melgar Universitario Juan Caballero Sporting Cristal 29
1984 Sport Boys Universitario Melgar Jaime Drago
Francisco Montero
1985 Universitario UTC Los Espartanos Genaro Neyra Melgar 22
1986 San Agustín Alianza Lima N/A Juvenal Briceño Melgar 16
1987 Universitario Alianza Lima N/A Fidel Suarez Universitario 20
1988 Sporting Cristal Universitario N/A Alberto Mora Octavio Espinoza 15
1989 Unión Huaral Sporting Cristal N/A Carlos Delgado Carlos A. Mannucci 14
1990 Universitario Sport Boys N/A Cláudio Adão Sport Boys 31
1991 Sporting Cristal Sport Boys Universitario Raúl Horacio Baldessari Sporting Cristal 25
1992 Universitario Sporting Cristal Melgar[A] Marquinho Sport Boys 18
1993 Universitario Alianza Lima Sport Boys Waldir Sáenz Alianza Lima 19
1994 Sporting Cristal Universitario Alianza Lima Flavio Maestri Sporting Cristal 25
1995 Sporting Cristal Universitario Alianza Lima Julinho Sporting Cristal 23
1996 Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Universitario Adrián Czornomaz
Waldir Sáenz
Alianza Lima
1997 Alianza Lima Universitario Sporting Cristal Ricardo Zegarra Alianza Atlético 17
1998 Universitario Sporting Cristal Sport Boys Nílson Esidio Mora Sporting Cristal 25
1999 Universitario Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Ysrael Zúñiga Melgar 32
2000 Universitario Sporting Cristal Sport Boys Eduardo Esidio Universitario 37
2001 Alianza Lima Cienciano Sporting Cristal Jorge Ramirez Wanka 21
2002 Sporting Cristal Universitario Alianza Lima Luis Fabián Artime Melgar 24
2003 Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Coronel Bolognesi Luis Bonnet Sporting Cristal 20
2004 Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Cienciano Gabriel Garcia Melgar 35
2005 Sporting Cristal Cienciano Universitario Miguel Mostto Cienciano 18
2006 Alianza Lima Cienciano Sporting Cristal Miguel Mostto Cienciano 22
2007 Universidad San Martín Coronel Bolognesi Cienciano Johan Fano Universitario 19
2008 Universidad San Martín Universitario Sporting Cristal Miguel Ximénez Sporting Cristal 32
2009 Universitario Alianza Lima Juan Aurich Richard Estigarribia Total Chalaco 23
2010 Universidad San Martín León de Huánuco Alianza Lima Héber Arriola Universidad San Martín 24
2011 Juan Aurich Alianza Lima Sport Huancayo Luis Tejada Juan Aurich 17
2012 Sporting Cristal Real Garcilaso Universidad César Vallejo Andy Pando Real Garcilaso 27
2013 Universitario Real Garcilaso Sporting Cristal Raúl Ruidíaz
Víctor Rossel
Unión Comercio
2014 Sporting Cristal Juan Aurich Melgar Santiago Silva Universidad San Martín 23
2015 Melgar Sporting Cristal Universidad César Vallejo Lionard Pajoy Unión Comercio 25
2016 Sporting Cristal Melgar Universitario Robinson Aponzá Alianza Atlético 30
2017 Alianza Lima Real Garcilaso Melgar Irven Ávila Sporting Cristal 22
2018 Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Melgar Emanuel Herrera Sporting Cristal 40

Half-year tournamentsEdit

Throughout the history of Peruvian football, tournaments have been divided into a few stages or have employed filler tournaments played alongside the Descentralizado due to the Peru national football team's compromises, be it FIFA World Cup qualification, FIFA World Cup participation, or Copa América.[9]

Parallel tournamentsEdit

These were the filler tournaments played parallel to or in between the national championship. Some of these tournaments awarded the winning clubs with a qualification to an international tournament or guaranteed a spot in a further round whilst two of these filler tournaments did not award anything to its winner. The purpose of these tournaments was so that the national team could participate in its compromises without affecting the national championship when calling domestic players.[9]

Season Tournament Champion Runner-up Award
1969 Apertura Atlético Grau Universitario None
1977 Interzonal Alianza Lima
Coronel Bolognesi
N/A Advanced to end-of-season Liguilla
1978 Interzonal Coronel Bolognesi Unión Huaral None
1981 Regional Deportivo Municipal Universitario Advanced to Copa Libertadores second berth play-off
1989 Plácido Galindo Defensor Lima Universitario Advanced to Regional II end-of-season pre-Liguilla
1993 Intermedio Deportivo Municipal Deportivo Sipesa Qualified for 1994 Copa CONMEBOL
1994 Apertura Sporting Cristal Ciclista Lima Qualified for 1995 Copa CONMEBOL
2011 Intermedio José Gálvez Sport Áncash Qualified for 2012 Copa Federación
2012 Copa Federación José Gálvez Juan Aurich None
2014 Torneo del Inca Alianza Lima Universidad San Martín Qualified for 2015 Copa Libertadores
2015 Torneo del Inca Universidad César Vallejo Alianza Lima Qualified for 2015 Torneo Descentralizado Semifinals
2017 Torneo de Verano Melgar UTC Qualified for 2018 Copa Libertadores
2018 Torneo de Verano Sporting Cristal Sport Huancayo Qualified for 2018 Torneo Descentralizado Semifinals
2019 Copa Bicentenario Atlético Grau Sport Huancayo Qualified for 2020 Copa Sudamericana

Regional seasonsEdit

The first regional seasons began in 1984 where teams were divided into regional groups and would advance to the Descentralizado or descend to the Torneo Intermedia for a promotion/relegation tournament against second division teams. Only the 1984 regional did not crown a champion. Starting in 1989, the Descentralizado was temporarily replaced by two regional tournaments, each crowning a champion and contesting a national season final.[9]

Season Champion Runner-up Third Place
1984 No champion; only a qualification tournament
1985 Universitario CNI N/A
1986 San Agustín Alianza Lima N/A
1987 Universitario Unión Huaral San Agustín
1988 Universitario Unión Huaral Alianza Atlético
1989–I Sporting Cristal Alianza Atlético Aurora
1989–II Unión Huaral Universitario Mina San Vicente
1990–I Sport Boys Universitario Unión Huaral
1990–II Universitario Alianza Lima Sport Boys
1991–I Sporting Cristal Sport Boys Universitario
1991–II Sporting Cristal Universitario Sport Boys

Apertura and Clausura seasonsEdit

In 1997, the first Apertura and Clausura half-year tournaments were introduced and had its champions face each other in a season final as in the regional tournaments between 1989 and 1991. They were abolished at the end of 2008 season.

Apertura/Clausura seasons
Season Champion Runner-up Third Place
1997 Apertura Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Universitario
Clausura Alianza Lima Universitario Sporting Cristal
1998 Apertura Universitario Sport Boys Sporting Cristal
Clausura Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Sport Boys
1999 Apertura Universitario Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal
Clausura Alianza Lima Universitario Sport Boys
2000 Apertura Universitario Sport Boys Melgar
Clausura Universitario Sporting Cristal Cienciano
2001 Apertura Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Melgar
Clausura Cienciano Estudiantes de Medicina Sporting Cristal
2002 Apertura Universitario Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal
Clausura Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Alianza Atlético
2003 Apertura Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Coronel Bolognesi
Clausura Alianza Lima Alianza Atlético Sporting Cristal
2004 Apertura Alianza Lima Cienciano Alianza Atlético
Clausura Sporting Cristal Universidad San Martín Cienciano
2005 Apertura Cienciano Universitario Alianza Lima
Clausura Sporting Cristal Universidad San Martín Coronel Bolognesi
2006 Apertura Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal Coronel Bolognesi
Clausura Cienciano Universitario Coronel Bolognesi
2007 Apertura Universidad San Martín Cienciano Sport Áncash
Clausura Coronel Bolognesi Universitario Cienciano
2008 Apertura Universitario Sporting Cristal Universidad San Martín
Clausura Universidad San Martín Sporting Cristal Sport Áncash
2014 Apertura Juan Aurich Melgar Universidad César Vallejo
Clausura Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Unión Comercio
2015 Apertura Sporting Cristal Melgar Deportivo Municipal
Clausura Melgar Real Garcilaso Sport Huancayo
2016 Apertura Universitario Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima
Clausura Sporting Cristal Universitario Melgar
2017 Apertura Alianza Lima Real Garcilaso UTC
Clausura Alianza Lima Real Garcilaso Melgar
2018 Apertura Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima Real Garcilaso
Clausura Melgar Alianza Lima Ayacucho
2019 Apertura Binacional Sporting Cristal Universidad César Vallejo

Title definitionsEdit

Several matches to define champions have been played over the course of Peruvian football history. The earliest title-defining matches were played between teams that tied for first place at the end of the season or tournament phase and forced an extra match to determine the champion. Eventually, finals were organized to be played at the end of the season after set conditions were fulfilled or tournament winners. The first of these finals started in the eighties when winners of each regional tournament played each other to determine the season champion; if the same team won both tournaments, they were champions by default. In the late nineties the Apertura and Clausura tournaments were hosted so that the winners of each tournament would also face each other in the final. If the same team won both tournaments, they were champions by default.

In 2001, Alianza Lima won the Apertura tournament, but their performance in the Clausura tournament suffered and placed a shocking 10th place—which led to a rule change. A tournament-winning team had to place above a set place in order to be able to play the final. In the cases of the seasons of 2002, 2007 and 2008, one or both of the tournament winners failed to place above a set position therefore no final was played and the season champion was determined by the aggregate table or by the tournament winner that had satisfied the set conditions.


Match went to extra time
Match decided by a penalty shootout after extra time *
Match replayed

List of finalsEdit

Year Winner Score Runner-up Venue
1986 San Agustín 1–0 Alianza Lima Estadio Nacional
1987 Universitario 1–0 Alianza Lima Estadio Nacional
1988 Sporting Cristal 2–1 Universitario Estadio Nacional
1989 Unión Huaral 1–0 Sporting Cristal Estadio Nacional
1990 Universitario 4–2 Sport Boys Estadio Nacional
Year Winner Agg. Runner-up 1st leg 2nd leg 3rd leg
1998 Universitario 3–3* Sporting Cristal 1–2 2–1
1999 Universitario 3–1 Alianza Lima 3–0 0–1
2001 Alianza Lima 3–3* Cienciano 3–2 0–1
2003 Alianza Lima 2–1 Sporting Cristal Single match
2004 Alianza Lima 0–0* Sporting Cristal Single match
2005 Sporting Cristal 1–0 Cienciano Single match
2006 Alianza Lima 3–2 Cienciano 0–1 3–1
2009 Universitario 2–0 Alianza Lima 1–0 1–0
2010 Universidad San Martín 3–2 León de Huánuco 1–1 2–1
2011 Juan Aurich 2–2* Alianza Lima 1–2 0–1 0–0
2012 Sporting Cristal 2–0 Real Garcilaso 1–0 1–0
2013 Universitario 5–3* Real Garcilaso 2–3 3–0 1–1
2014 Sporting Cristal 5–4 Juan Aurich 2–2 0–0 3–2
2015 Melgar 5–4 Sporting Cristal 2–2 3–2
2016 Sporting Cristal 1–1 Melgar 1–1 0–0
2018 Sporting Cristal 7–1 Alianza Lima 4–1 3–0

Other definitionsEdit

These matches were played when teams were tied for first in the general league or in a specific tournament.

Year Winner Score Runner-up Venue In contention
1928 Alianza Lima 1–1 Federación Universitaria Stadium Nacional 1928 Campeonato de Selección y Competencia
Replay Alianza Lima 2–0 Federación Universitaria Stadium Nacional
1935 Universitario 2–1 Alianza Lima Stadium Nacional 1934 Torneo de Primeros Equipos
1955 Alianza Lima 2–1 Universitario Estadio Nacional 1955 Campeonato Profesional de Lima
1961 Sporting Cristal 2–0 Alianza Lima Estadio Nacional 1961 Campeonato Profesional de Lima
1968 Sporting Cristal 2–1 Juan Aurich Estadio Nacional 1968 Torneo Descentralizado
1976 Unión Huaral 2–0 Sport Boys Estadio Nacional 1976 Torneo Descentralizado
1989 Sporting Cristal 2–0 Alianza Atlético Estadio Nacional 1989 Torneo Regional I
1990 Universitario 1–0 Alianza Lima Estadio Nacional 1990 Torneo Regional II
1991 Sporting Cristal 1–0 Sport Boys Estadio Nacional 1991 Torneo Regional I
1991 Sporting Cristal 1–1* Universitario Estadio Nacional 1991 Torneo Regional II
1998 Sporting Cristal 1–0 Alianza Lima Estadio Nacional 1998 Torneo Clausura
2001 Alianza Lima 2–1 Sporting Cristal Estadio Nacional 2001 Torneo Apertura
2001 Cienciano 1–0 Estudiantes de Medicina Estadio UNSA 2001 Torneo Clausura
2002 Universitario 1–0
Alianza Lima Estadio Monumental
Estadio Mansiche
2002 Torneo Apertura
2006 Cienciano 2–1 Universitario Estadio Mansiche 2006 Torneo Clausura
2014 Sporting Cristal 1–0 Alianza Lima Estadio UNSA 2014 Torneo Clausura
2015 Melgar 1–1* Real Garcilaso Estadio Miguel Grau 2015 Torneo Clausura


Universitario and Alianza Lima have a clear advantage of titles won over the other clubs in Peru. Since 2010, they have won a combined total of 47 Primera División championships of the 94 seasons contested, 25 and 22 respectively. Sporting Cristal trails behind with 15 professional era titles since their debut in 1956 and further behind is the traditional Sport Boys having conquered 6 league titles. Newcomer Universidad de San Martín de Porres has begun to challenge the dominance of the Big Three with back-to-back titles in 2007 and 2008 and a third i 2010. In addition, Melgar and Unión Huaral are the only clubs outside the metropolitan area of Lima to have won a national championship. Other noteworthy clubs to have won championships include 4-time winner Deportivo Municipal.

Universitario is the club with the longest spell in the Primera División, playing since 1928 when they debuted in the Primera División. They are followed by archrivals Alianza Lima who competed in the first edition of the Primera División but were relegated in 1938 and returning a year later for an uninterrupted spell since 1940. Melgar is the team with the longest run in the Primera División outside Lima, competing since 1971.[10]

The oldest clubs currently participating in the Primera División are Alianza Lima and Cienciano which were founded at the beginning of the turn of the century in 1901. The newest clubs active in the Primera División include Inti Gas, Sport Huancayo, Real Garcilaso and Universidad de San Martín. The current Juan Aurich participating in the Descentralizado is not the same club that competed in previous seasons. Inti Gas Deportes was previously known under several different names but the entity first played in the top flight as Inti Gas Deportes with their promotion after finishing second in the 2008 Segunda División.

As of 2018, Universitario, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal have won 26, 23 and 19 official league titles respectively. They are regarded as the Big Three of Peru. However, other teams have risen to new heights. In particular, a team from Cusco, Cienciano, has been the only Peruvian team to win international tournaments || Copa Sudamericana 2003 and Recopa Sudamericana 2004 ||, though it has yet to win the domestic league title. Other notable teams include Melgar and Unión Huaral, which are the only non-capital teams to have won a national championship.[10]

Titles by clubEdit

Club Total Liga
de Lima
Amateur era
Lima & Callao
Professional era (1951–present)
Lima & Callao
Universitario[C] 26 7 3 16
Alianza Lima[D] 23 2 6 6 9
Sporting Cristal[E] 19 2 17
Sport Boys 6 3 2 1
Deportivo Municipal 4 4 0 0
Universidad San Martín 3 3
Atlético Chalaco 2 2 0 0
Melgar 2 2
Sport José Gálvez[F] 2 2 0
Lima Cricket 2 2 0 0 0
Mariscal Sucre 2 1 1 0
Sport Progreso 2 1 1
Unión Huaral 2 2
Centro Iqueño 1 0 1 0
Defensor Lima 1 0 0 1
Jorge Chávez 1 1 0
Juan Aurich 1 1
Juan Bielovucic 1 1
San Agustín 1 1
Sport Inca 1 1

Titles by clubEdit

There are 20 clubs who have won the Peruvian title.

Teams in bold compete in the Liga 1 as of the 2019 season.

Club Winners Runners-up Winning years Runners-up years
Universitario 26 14 1929, 1934, 1939, 1941, 1945, 1946, 1949, 1959, 1960, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1974, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2009, 2013 1928, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1955, 1965, 1970, 1972, 1978, 1984, 1988, 1995, 2002, 2008
Alianza Lima 23 22 1918, 1919, 1927, 1928, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1948, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2017 1914, 1917, 1930, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1943, 1953, 1956, 1961, 1964, 1971, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2009, 2011, 2018
Sporting Cristal 19 13 1956, 1961, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1988, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2002, 2005, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 1962, 1963, 1967, 1973, 1977, 1989, 1992, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2015
Sport Boys 6 9 1935, 1937, 1942, 1951, 1958, 1984 1938, 1950, 1952, 1959, 1960, 1966, 1976, 1990, 1991
Deportivo Municipal 4 8 1938, 1940, 1943, 1950 1941, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1951, 1981
Universidad San Martín 3 0 2007, 2008, 2010
Atlético Chalaco 2 4 1930, 1947 1948, 1957, 1958, 1979
Melgar 2 2 1981, 2015 1983, 2016
Mariscal Sucre 2 2 1944, 1953 1939, 1949
Lima Cricket 2 1 1912, 1914 1913
Sport Progreso 2 1 1921, 1926 1920
Unión Huaral 2 1 1976, 1989 1974
Sport José Gálvez 2 0 1915, 1916
Juan Aurich 1 2 2011 1968, 2014
Jorge Chávez 1 1 1913 1916
Centro Iqueño 1 0 1957
Defensor Lima 1 0 1973
Juan Bielovucic 1 0 1917
San Agustín 1 0 1986
Sport Inca 1 0 1920

Titles by regionEdit


A. ^ Melgar is recognized as the third-placed team for 1992 regular season. Ovación Sipesa received the berth for the 1993 Copa CONMEBOL as Liguilla runner-up, however they did not participate in the 1992 regular season.
C. ^ Includes titles as "Federación Universitaria" (until 1932).
D. ^ Includes titles as "Sport Alianza" (Liga).
E. ^ Formerly "Sporting Tabaco" (until 1955), although no titles were won under that name.
F. ^ Liga team from Lima, not to be confused with José Gálvez from Chimbote.


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