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Las Piedras (Spanish pronunciation: [las ˈpjeðɾas]) is a municipality in east Puerto Rico (U.S.) located in the center region of the island, north of Yabucoa; south of Canóvanas and Río Grande; east of Juncos and San Lorenzo; and west of Naguabo and Humacao. Las Piedras is spread over 7 wards and Las Piedras Pueblo (the downtown area and the administrative center of the city). It is part of the San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Las Piedras

Municipio de Las Piedras
Town and Municipality
Skyline of Las Piedras
Flag of Las Piedras
"La Ciudad de los Artesanos"
Anthem: "Somos de la Ribera"
Location of Las Piedras in Puerto Rico
Location of Las Piedras in Puerto Rico
Coordinates: 18°10′59″N 65°51′59″W / 18.18306°N 65.86639°W / 18.18306; -65.86639Coordinates: 18°10′59″N 65°51′59″W / 18.18306°N 65.86639°W / 18.18306; -65.86639
CountryUnited States
TerritoryPuerto Rico
 • MayorMiguel "Micky" López (PNP)
 • Senatorial dist.7 - Humacao
 • Representative dist.35
 • Total33.89 sq mi (87.8 km2)
 • Land33.88 sq mi (87.7 km2)
 • Water.01 sq mi (0.03 km2)
 • Total38,675
 • Density1,141.5/sq mi (440.7/km2)
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)
Zip code
Major RoutesPR primary 30.svg PR primary 31.svg CR 183 jct wide.svg CR 198 jct wide.svg CR 204 jct wide.svg

Las Piedras has many natural attractions such as La Cueva del Indio which is a place that has original Indian playgrounds, caves and paintings that denote some characteristics of the ancient island's natives. Las Piedras is located about 45 minutes from San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital and 5 minutes from Palmas del Mar, Humacao which is one of the biggest resorts in the Caribbean.



Las Piedras was founded in 1793.

When after the Treaty of Paris (1898), the U.S. conducted its first census of Puerto Rico, it was called Piedras and its population was 8,602.[1]


Las Piedras[2] is on the eastern side of Puerto Rico but not on the coast. According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, the municipality has a total area of 33.89 square miles (87.8 km2), of which 33.88 square miles (87.7 km2) is land and .01 square miles (0.026 km2) is water.

Hurricane MariaEdit

Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017 triggered numerous landslides in Las Piedras with the significant amount of rain that fell.[3][4]


Like all municipalities of Puerto Rico, Las Piedras is subdivided into barrios. The municipal buildings, central square and large Catholic church are located near the center of the municipality, in a small barrio referred to as "el pueblo".[5][6][7][8]



  • Manufacturing: computers and pharmaceutical.

Special communitiesEdit

Since 2001, when law 1-2001 was passed,[10] measures have been taken to identify and address the high levels of poverty and lack of resources and opportunities affecting people living in specific places (barrios, communities, sectors, or neighborhoods) of Puerto Rico. In 2004, the following places in Las Piedras were on the list of Comunidades especiales de Puerto Rico or marginalized communities:[11][12]

  1. Quebrada Grande neighborhood
  2. Rivera neighborhood (Hoyo Gardens)
  3. Boquerón
  4. Cinco Cuerdas
  5. El Cerrito
  6. Fondo del Saco
  7. Lijas
  8. Pueblito del Río

In 2017, Governor Rosello created a new government agency to work with the Special Communities of Puerto Rico Program and Jesús Vélez Vargas, its director stated that the program was evolving.[13][14]


Landmarks and places of interestEdit

  • La Cueva del Indio (Indian Cavern)
  • Monte del Retiro (Settlement)
  • Artesanial Walk
  • Francisco Negrón Park
  • Las Piedras Historic Museum
  • Panoramic Route 917


Festivals and eventsEdit

  • Güiro Festival - March
  • Typical (Folk) Cultural Festival - April
  • Festivities of the Cross- May
  • Youth Festivities - July
  • Typical (Folk) Festival - September
  • Pork Festival - November
  • Patron Saints Festivities - December


Like all municipalities in Puerto Rico, Las Piedras is administered by a mayor. The current mayor is Mickey Lopez, from the New Progressive Party (PNP). Lopez was elected at the Puerto Rican general election, 2008 -present general election.

The city belongs to the Puerto Rico Senatorial district VII, which is represented by two Senators. In 2012, Jorge Suárez and José Luis Dalmau were elected as District Senators.[15]


There are 24 bridges in Las Piedras.[16]



The flag of Las Piedras has three horizontal stripes of equal width, the stripe at the top is colored white, the center stripe is colored green and the bottom stripe is colored blue. In the middle of the flag rests an image of the Taíno sun in yellow.

Coat of armsEdit

In a silver field resides a blue monogram of the Holy Virgin, topped by a blue crown. Seven silver stones border the silver field and at the tip of the shield resides the Taíno sun in gold denominated as the "Sun of Las Piedras".

Notable nativesEdit

  • Angel López - Singer from the acclaimed and famous worldwide group, Son By Four.
  • Luis “El Artesano" Cruz - Professional Boxer.
  • Yariel Morales Rivera - Mr. Puerto Rico 2015. Professional model and the only Mr. Puerto Rico (in history) from Las Piedras.
  • Margaro Rivera Guzmán-Scholar, attorney and prominent businessman
  • Modesto Castro Dávila - Las Piedras Mayor (1980-1984).
  • Rafi Jimenez - Broadcaster
  • Juan Velázquez- Farmer and political activist
  • Elwood Cruz - Reporter
  • Juan Manuel Lebrón - Comedian
  • Sotero Gómez Hernández- Puerto Rico House Representative
  • Silvia Ricardo - Judge
  • Carmen Benítez - Notable teacher
  • Celia Mondríguez: elderly people rights advocacy
  • Isabelo Rivera - Adjutant general of the Puerto Rico National Guard
  • Modesto Velázquez Flores - Prosecutor
  • José R. Camacho - Broadcaster.
  • Eugenio López - Rancher, Boxer.
  • Zenón Hernández - Writer, poet.
  • Francisco Negrón Díaz - Sport and businessman.
  • Miguel Loíz - Teacher, Senator for Humacao district Puerto Rico.
  • Miguel Hernández Agosto - Puerto Rico Senate President (1988-1992).
  • Víctor Santana Pérez - Teacher, historian, writer and planner of Monte del Retiro.
  • Tomas Diaz - Clay Artisan.
  • Cano Diaz - Creator of the now famous "Stringed Hammocs".
  • Wilfredo Ramos Vázquez-Attorney, philosopher, poverty rights advocacy, public defender, Artificial Intelligence researcher
  • Juan Rosa Martínez: first elected mayor of Las Piedras, businessman and sindicalist
  • Nicky Cruz-evangelist, reformed gang leader, author of bestselling book, "Run Baby Run". David Wilkerson based his best selling book "The Cross and the Switchblade" in part in Nicky's life

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