Lady Dongsanwon

Lady Dongsanwon of the Suncheon Bak clan[1] (Korean동산원부인 박씨; Hanja東山院夫人 朴氏; lit.'Lady of the Eastern Mountain Courtyard'), personal name Bak Yeoju (Korean박여주; Hanja朴驪州)[verification needed] was a Silla and Later Baekje Royal family member as the oldest maternal granddaughter of Gyeon Hwon and the daughter of Bak Yeong-gyu who was a nobleman in Later Silla and also Gyeon Hwon's trusted general.[2] She also became the 18th wife of Wang Geon, King Taejo of Goryeo and they had no any issue.[3] She was the oldest sister, along with Queen Mungong and Queen Munseong.

Lady Dongsanwon
Royal Consort of Goryeo
PredecessorLady Sogwangjuwon
SuccessorLady Yehwa
Suncheon, South Jeolla Province
Suncheon, South Jeolla Province
SpouseTaejo of Goryeo
HouseSuncheon Bak (by birth)
House of Wang (by marriage)
FatherBak Yeong-gyu
MotherGrand Lady Gyeon Ae-bok



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