Kim Na-young (Korean김나영; born December 31, 1991)[2] is a South Korean singer and actress who gained immense popularity through social media exposure on New Year's Eve 2015, when her single "What If It Was Going" topped Melon's (South Korea's biggest music streaming site) music charts, holding the top place for five days, and high spots on other streaming sites.[3][4][5] She has recorded several soundtracks, including "Once Again" for Descendants of the Sun.[4][6][7]

Kim Na-young
Born (1991-12-31) December 31, 1991 (age 31)
  • Singer
  • actress
AgentFlex M[1]
Musical career
Years active2012 (2012)–present
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Na-yeoung
McCune–ReischauerKim Nayŏng

As a solo artist, she released three studio albums, 26 singles and 22 soundtrack appearances.

Music career Edit

She debuted as a singer in 2012, after which she took the unusual route of busking in the Hongdae area, where a video clip of her singing on a cold winter night went viral and attracted over 1 million views.[3]

She has had a few TV appearances and was a contestant on Mnet's Superstar K in 2013, but did not reach the finals.[5] From her appearance on Superstar K, her singing skills were noticed in the K-pop industry and she did a 2014 original soundtrack for a Korean drama.[3]

New Year's Eve 2015 viral success Edit

Her sudden rise in popularity, without being known much by mainstream media, occurred with the release of the viral video clip "What If It Was Going" and was called remarkable. Social media experts said the video's reception, which "spread like wildfire among young trendsetters," was because "mobile oriented social networks are changing the traditional routes to success for singers."[3] She called the success, which coincided on her birthday, December 31, an unforgettable birthday gift.[5]

Descendants of the Sun OST Edit

She has recorded a number of soundtracks, including those for The Girl Who Sees Smells, Orange Marmalade and Bubble Gum.[4] In March 2016, she and Mad Clown collaborated for a well received OST "Once Again" for Descendants of the Sun, and used as background music when the drama's leading roles flashed back to old memories.[6][7]

2019: First music show win Edit

On June 23, 2019, she received her first music show win on SBS' Inkigayo with her single "To Be Honest".[8]

2020: Do You Like Brahms? Edit

On September 21, 2020, the original soundtrack Kim sang titled "Dream" was released for the South Korean television series Do You Like Brahms? as the sixth part.

Discography Edit

Studio albums Edit

Title Album details Peak chart positions
From the Heart
  • Released: October 18, 2016
  • Label: Neverland Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track listing
  1. I See (그래 그래)
  2. Sometimes (가끔 내가)
  3. Watch Memories (꺼내본다)
  4. Before We Met (너를 만나기 전)
  5. Losing Myself (시들어가)
  6. Heart (마음)
  7. Never (그럴 리가)
  8. What If It Was Going (어땠을까)
  9. As You Told Me (니 말대로)
  10. Road (길)
  • Released: November 15, 2018
  • Label: Neverland Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track listing
  1. A Sad Night (널 떠올리는 밤)
  2. I Can't Say That (그 한마디)
  3. I Want You
  4. Being An Adult (어른이 된다는 게)
  5. Forget (이제 그만)
  6. Like That (그렇게)
  7. But I Must (헤어질 수 밖에)
  8. May Be (그럴지도 몰라)
  9. No Blame (널 미워하지 않길)
  10. End of Love (우리 서로)
  11. Miss U
  12. I Can't Say That (그 한마디) (Inst.)
  • Released: October 31, 2021
  • Label: Neverland Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track listing
  1. The Youngest Day
  2. We Were in Love (정말 좋았었는데)
  3. Killing Me Softly
  4. The Face of Love (상관해줘)
  5. For A Long Time (오랜날 오랜시간)
  6. Free!
  7. My Faded Day (내 빛바랜 날들)
  8. Moment (그 때)
  9. Friend, Where Are You (친구야 넌 어디에)

Singles Edit

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Certifications Album
"Street Life"
with Jang Won-ki
2013 32 Superstar K5 – Kim Na-young vs Jang Won-ki
"If Winter Ends" (겨울이 지나고 봄이 오듯이)
with MJ
2014 Non-album single
"I'm Sorry" (미안해)
with Tricky and Shin Jong-wook
I'm Sorry
"Sometimes" (가끔 내가) 32 From the Heart
"As You Told Me" (니 말대로) 42
"Never" (그럴 리가) 2015 67
"Believe Me" Non-album single
"What If It Was Going" (어땠을까) 2 From the Heart
"I See" (그래 그래) 2016 99
"Watch Memories" (꺼내본다) 25
"No Blame" (널 미워하지 않길) 59 Inner
"Tears" (눈물)
with Monday Kiz
2017 35 Non-album single
"Being an Adult" (어른이 된다는 게) 40 Inner
"Love Sick" (사랑앓이)
with F.T. Island
18 Over 10 Years
"But I Must" (헤어질 수 밖에) 24 Inner
"Miss You" 84
"Each of Us" (우리 서로) 2018 38
"I Can't Say That" (그 한마디)
"Incorrect Answer" (오답)
feat. Lee Min-hyuk of BtoB
80 Non-album singles
"To Be Honest" (솔직하게 말해서 나) 2019 1
"Goodbye List" (헤어진 우리가 지켜야 할 것들)
with Yang Da-il
"Not Anyone Else" (다른 누구 말고 너야) 2020 53
"Farewell Poem" (니가 없다면) 116
"A Letter for You" (봄 내음보다 너를) 2021 118
"The Day I Loved You" (사랑했던 날) 106
"The Youngest Day" 123 Me
"Press" (누른다) 2022 Non-album singles
"Dial Your Number" (너의 번호를 누르고) 44
"I Can't Help It" (어쩔 수가 없나 봐) 177
"I Can't" (못해) 57 Re:Wind 4Men Vol.02
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.

Soundtrack appearances Edit

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
"You Let Me Go With a Smile"
with Lee Eun-ha
2014 Trot Lovers OST
"Hope And Hope" (바라고 바라고) Marriage, Not Dating OST
"Ordinary Farewell" (흔한 이별)
with Song Yu-bin
2015 The Girl Who Sees Smells OST
"If I Did" (그랬다면) Orange Marmalade OST
"To Me, You" (내겐 그대) Bubble Gum OST
"Once Again" (다시 너를)
with Mad Clown
2016 2 Descendants of the Sun OST
"Say Goodbye (My Heart Speaks)" (가슴이 말해) 28
  • KOR: 150,245
Uncontrollably Fond OST
"I'm OK" (괜찮다고) 2017 The Emperor: Owner of the Mask OST
"If Only" (그럴걸) Love Playlist 2 OST
"Maze" (미로) 49 While You Were Sleeping OST
"The Package"
with DinDin
The Package OST
"Because I Only See You" (그대만 보여서) 2018 80 What's Wrong with Secretary Kim OST
"Tell Me" (말해줘요) Are You Human? OST
"Close I'll Be" (너의 모든 기억속에) 2019 106 Romance Is a Bonus Book OST
"I Get A Little Bit Lonely" (조금 더 외로워지겠지) 43 Search: WWW OST
"At That Time" (그 무렵) 111 When the Camellia Blooms OST
"Heart Break"
with Gaeko of Dynamic Duo
2020 The King: Eternal Monarch OST
"Like The Winter That Loved Spring" (봄날을 사랑한 겨울처럼) Men Are Men OST
"Dream" (그리워하면 그댈 만날까봐) 110 Do You Like Brahms? OST
"Where Are You" (그대는 어디에) 2021 141 Run On OST
"My All" (우연이 아닌것만 같아서) My Roommate Is a Gumiho OST
"There for You" (이별후회) 30 Our Beloved Summer OST
"Love Hurts a Little More" (조금 더 아파도) 2022 Forecasting Love and Weather OST
"Breath" (숨결) [26] Alchemy of Souls OST
"You Are The Sea" (너는 바다) Curtain Call OST
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.

Filmography Edit

Television shows Edit

Year Title Network Role Notes Ref.
2021 The Listen: Wind Blows SBS Cast Member [27][28]

Theater Edit

Year English title Korean title Role Ref.
2022 Gwangju 광주 Jeong Hwa-in [29]

Awards and nominations Edit

Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination
Award ceremony Year Category Nominee / Work Result Ref.
Golden Disc Awards 2020 Digital Song Bonsang "Goodbye List" (duet with Yang Da-il) Nominated
Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award Nominated

References Edit

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