Mad Clown

Jo Dong-rim (Korean: 조동림; born March 25, 1985),[2] better known by the stage name Mad Clown (Korean: 매드클라운), is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He debuted with the single "Luv Sickness" in 2008[3] and released his first extended play, Anything Goes, in 2011.[4] He broke into the mainstream following the release of "Stupid in Love," his hit 2013 collaboration with Soyou of the girl group Sistar.[5] He has since release the extended plays Ferocity (2014),[6] Piece of Mine (2015),[7] and Love is a Dog From Hell (2017).[8]

Mad Clown
Jo Dong-rim
150425 매드클라운 03.jpg
Mad Clown in 2015
Background information
Born (1985-03-25) March 25, 1985 (age 35)
Evanston, Illinois [1] United States
OriginSouth Korea
GenresHip hop
Years active2008–present
Korean name
Revised RomanizationJo Dong-rim
McCune–ReischauerCho Tongrim

Early lifeEdit

Jo Dong-rim was born just outside of Chicago in Evanston, Illinois on March 25, 1985. Him and his parents moved back to South Korea when he was around one year old. His family sent him back to the U.S. to study when he was 14. Growing up he was heavily influenced by Rapper 2Pac. He was pursuing a degree in Sociology in the U.S. but later left his studies to continue to pursue music.[9]


He has worked on several collaborations, including Stupid in Love with South Korean singer Soyou from the South Korean group Sistar, released on September 10, 2013.[10]

On March 28, 2014, Starship Entertainment announced on their Twitter account that Sistar's Hyolyn would feature in Mad Clown's comeback track, "Without You".[11] The music video for "Without You" was released on April 3, 2014.

On December 12, 2014, Mad Clown featured on "Anxious" by Melody Day.[12] Mad Clown released his third extended play Piece of Mine in January 2015.[13]

Mad Clown is known for his sharp, high tone rapping. He was a judge and producer for the fifth season of Show Me the Money.[14]

Personal lifeEdit

Mad Clown married his non-celebrity wife on May 15, 2016, after a year of dating.[15] He has a child.

Mad Clown's brother is film and television actor Jo Hyeon-cheol (Korean: 조현철). Hyeon-cheol appeared in the 2016 films The Tunnel and Master, and on the 2017 TV show Argon.[16]


Extended playsEdit

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Anything Goes 55 N/A
Ferocity (표독) 21
Piece of Mine
  • Released: January 9, 2015
  • Label: Starship Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Love is a Dog From Hell
(사랑은 지옥에서 온 개)
  • Released: March 16, 2017
  • Label: Starship Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.


Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
"Luv Sickness"
feat. Junggigo
2008 N/A non-album singles
"Farewell" (이별은)
feat. DC
"Basil" (바질)
feat. Brother Su
2011 Anything Goes
"Stupid In Love" (착해 빠졌어)
with Soyou
2013 1 non-album singles
"Brilliant Is..."
with Skull, Haha, Geeks, Zico, Swings, Double K, Zizo,
Soul Dive, Heo Kyung-hwan, Kim Ji-min feat. Gill, Jungin
75 N/A
"Without You" (견딜만해)
feat. Hyolyn
2014 4 Ferocity
"Love Is You"
with Starship Entertainment artists
10 non-album single
"Fire" (화)
feat. Jinsil
2015 1 Piece of Mine
"Get Low" (털어)
with Jooheon
65 non-album singles
"Sour Grapes" (못먹는 감)
with San E
"Softly" (사르르)
with Starship Entertainment artists
"Like Romance Comics" (만화처럼)
with Brother Su
2016 17
"H.ear Your Colors" (알록달록)
feat. Jooheon
"What Was That" (그게 뭐라고)
with K.Will
"Lie" (거짓말)
feat. Lee Hae-ri
"Love Wishes" (누가 그래)
with Starship Entertainment artists
"Lost Without You" (우리집을 못 찾겠군요)
feat. Bolbbalgan4
2017 5 Love is a Dog From Hell
"Love is a Dog From Hell" (사랑은 지옥에서 온 개)
feat. Suran
"Wash!Wash" (세탁중)
with Justhis
N/A Non-album singles
"Christmas Day" (크리스마스데이)
with Starship Entertainment artists
"Butterfly" (너랑나랑노랑)
with San E feat. Bumkey
"Thirst" (갈증)
with Ailee
"No Question"
with Stella Jang
2019 47

Soundtrack appearancesEdit

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
"Chocolate Cherry Night" (쇼콜라 체리밤)
with Yozoh
2014 N/A Hi! School-Love On OST
"0 (Young)"
with Giriboy, Jooyoung feat. No.Mercy
2015 71 No.Mercy OST
"Once Again" (다시 너를)
with Kim Na-young
2016 2 Descendants of the Sun OST
"Rose of Sharon" (무궁화)
with Donutman, Boi B, #Gun
12 Show Me the Money 5 OST
"Going Home" (비행소년)
with #Gun feat. Gummy
"Bad Blood" (나쁜 피)
"Tonight" (오늘 밤)
with BoA
2017 90 N/A Hit the Top OST
"When It Rains" (비가 오면)
with Soyou
2018 The Third Charm OST
"In My Head" 2019 Voice 3 OST

Other charted songsEdit

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
"Stalker" (스토커)
feat. Crucial Star
2014 20 Ferocity
"Ganggab" (깽값)
feat. Jooheon
"Your Scent" (살냄새)
feat. Brother Su
"Gum" (껌)
feat. Fana, Oh Ji-eun
"Hide & Seek" (콩)
feat. Jooyoung
2015 24 Piece of Mine
"Battle Cry" (때려박는 랩) 59
"Coffee Copy Girl" (커피카피아가씨) 79
"Flowers" (꽃)
feat. Paloalto, Justhis, G2
"Population Control"
"Lonely Animals" (외로운 동물)
with San E feat. Brother Su
44 Non-album single
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.



Year Program Network Notes
2013 Show Me The Money 2 Mnet Contestant
2016 Show Me The Money 5 Mnet Judge/Producer with Gill
2017 High School Rapper 1 Mnet Judge
2018 Show Me The Money 777 Mnet Contestant
2019 Show Me The Money 8 Mnet Judge/Producer with Swings, Kid Milli, and Boycold

Awards and nominationsEdit

Gaon Chart Music AwardsEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result Ref
2013 Song of the Year (September) "Stupid In Love" (with Soyou) Won [41]
2015 Song of the Year (January) "Fire" Won

Golden Disc AwardsEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result Ref
2018 Global Popular Artist N/A Nominated [42]

Melon Music AwardsEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result Ref
2015 Best Rap & Hip Hop Song "Fire" Won [43]

Mnet Asian Music AwardsEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result Ref
2015 Best Rap Performance "Fire" Nominated [44]


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