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"Keep Gettin' It On", or "Let's Get It On, Pt. 2", was a sequel of the title track on Marvin Gaye's 1973 album, Let's Get It On.

"Keep Gettin' It On"
Song by Marvin Gaye
from the album Let's Get It On
Recorded1973, Hitsville West, Los Angeles, California
GenreSoul, psychedelic soul, funk
Songwriter(s)Marvin Gaye
Ed Townsend
Producer(s)Marvin Gaye

The song was seen as a continuation of the title track from the album. It was the final composition and production between Gaye and Townsend on the first half of the album. The song featured some political overtones with Gaye lamenting, "won't you rather make love, sugar, as opposed to war?"

The basis of this song was recorded as a challenge by Townsend to Gaye. During his vocal sessions, Gaye had a habit of "punching in" parts of a song in order to achieve the perfect vocal take. Townsend, being from the old school of recording, wasn't used to having a performer record a song bit by bit and teased Gaye about it, telling him, "Marvin you couldn't sing a song all the way through if your life depended on it." According to Townsend, Gaye took up the challenge, removing his shirt and singing the entire take "for 40 minutes straight!"

Gaye performed this song only twice in his life, including a lip sync version on Soul Train and on his 1974 live album, Marvin Gaye Live!.