Karuthamuthu (transl. 'Black pearl') is a 2014 Indian television Malayalam language series, which premiered on 20 October 2014 on Asianet channel. It is the second longest running television soap opera in Malayalam television completing successful telecasting for five years with 1,450 episodes and four seasons.[1]

Written byPradeep Panicker
Directed byPraveen Kadakkavoor
Country of originIndia
Original languageMalayalam
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes1450
Production locationKerala
EditorAjith Dev Pothencode
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22 minutes
Original networkAsianet
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original release20 October 2014 (2014-10-20) –
9 August 2019 (2019-08-09)
Related showsKarthika Deepam
Muddu Lakshmi
Bharathi Kannamma
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Karuthamuthu started off with story of a black-skinned lady, her life tribulations and story with Kishor Satya and Premi Viswanath in the leading cast. Kishor Satya and Akshara Kishor played the lead role of season 2 which portrays on the story of Balamol (Daughter of Dr.Balachandran and Karthika). Darshana Das and Rini Raj plays the lead role in season 3 which dealt the trials and tribulations of Balamol and Podimol (Daughter of Jayachandran and Kanya). Finally Season 4 portrayed the story of Muthu (Abhiram-Bala's daughter) played by Baby Kezhiya retaining the same cast of previous season.

The show had highest TRP rating throughout its airing and is the first Malayalam show to be remade in five languages (Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi and Tamil). The show has been retelecasted in Asianet Plus in the noon slot of 1.00PM IST since 15th June 2020.


Season 1Edit

Karthika, a dark-skinned girl, is treated badly by her fair-skinned sister. She marries Balachandran but has to fight societal and family pressures in order to lead a happy married life.

Season 2Edit

Nathan finds Karthu and her daughter roaming around in streets of Tamil Nadu and takes them back but Karthu is physically ill and admits her in a hospital without being into others eyes. The series takes a twist with Bala's arrival to Kaipamangalam.[2] Everyone refuses her except Balan. Later, Balachandran and family learn that Balamol is his own daughter at the same time Karthu's presence on the other hand Mareena and Balan's marriage was fixed, cruel Mareena comes to know the fact that Balan is making a fool of her and plans to kill him. Mareena and Karthu's step-father know that Karthu and her daughter is alive. They plan to kill them without anyone knowing about it. After an accident, Karthu loses her memory and is taken care by Dr. Arun, his mother wants him to marry Paru (Karthu). In an attempt to kill Balan unfortunately Jayan is killed by Mareena and Kanya becomes mentally unstable and later she gives birth to a baby girl. Balan suffers from cancer and leaves to Canada. Finally after series of events Kanya kills Mareena and is imprisoned. Podimol cared for by Karthu who remember her past and is back to Kaipamangalam finally Balan, Karthu and Bala reunite. Mareena's ghost started attacking payyans but everything was just a mirage. According to an astrologer's findings Kunjusekharan becomes worries about Podimol as he predicted that Bala and Podimol cannot survive together at a place. Kunjusekhara mislead Kanya who came back but returns to her house with her baby..

Season 3Edit

Balachandrika becomes the sub collector of the city and story goes around her life. Now the story turn to show the relationship between Balamol and Podimol. Balamol being a collector catches Podimols's wrong doings and forms an instant dislike towards her, despite Bala's soft heart. Bala and Abhiram are in love with each other from quite a long time, but Podimol loves Abhiram, too. Bala secretly marries her long-time lover Abhiram, without Podimol's knowledge. Later Bala's family reveals that Podimol is Bala's cousin and suddenly out of nowhere Bala suddenly starts caring for her, even though Podimol doesn't know that Bala is married to her dear. Bala accidentally promises Podimol to get her love. Aromal, Bala's cousin tries to convey the message to Podimol that Bala is already married to her love. Podimol rejects this idea saying that her blood, her sister won't let her fail. On the other hand, Bala and Abhiram spend time secretly with each other in the fear of Gayathri learning about their marriage. Abhiram and Bala are keen on spending time with each other but cannot due to fate. Meanwhile, Bala conceives and Podimol gets to know it later. She decided to die but Bala saved her. After treatment under Dr. Arun, she got fine and marry Ganesh ,a gentleman whose mom is a horrible woman. Balan died before the wedding and everyone found out two days after the wedding. Bala does all the rituals of her father who left for his heavenly abode. She faints and gets admitted in the hospital where she experiences severe pains. Her condition becomes critical when she was pushed from the stretcher by a person sent by Kunju Shekharan. However, she survived the attack. Bala and Abhiram are blessed with a baby girl. The whole family is joyous. Meanwhile, Gayathri faces ill treatment from her mother in law who berates her all the time. However, her husband provides her with full support from his side.

Season 4Edit

It portrayed the story of Muthu daughter of Abhiram and Bala.


Season 1 and 2 (2014 – 2017)Edit

Season 3 and 4 (2017 – 2019)Edit

  • Rini Raj as Balachandrika Abhiram IAS
  • Pradeep Chandran as Commissioner Abhiram IPS
  • Baby Kezhiya as Muthu
  • Darshana Das as Gayathri
  • Shalu Menon as Kanya Jayan
  • Kiran Iyer as Ganeshan
  • Santhosh Kurup as Ret Prof. Nathan
  • Giridhar as Sreekanth
  • Srihari as Kunju Shekharan
  • Sreelatha Namboothiri as Shekharan's mother
  • Dr. Sharmila as Jagadhamba
  • Soniya Baiju Kottarakkara as Kaipatoor Kanakambaram
  • Anoop Sivasenan as Sukeshan
  • Niya as Karthika Balachandran
  • Soorya Praveen as Ganga Sukeshan
  • Bindu Ramakrishnan as Sukeshan's mother
  • Babu Annur as Sukesan's father

Awards WonEdit

  • Best Serial - Karuthamuthu
  • Best Actor - Kishor Satya
  • Best Debut Male - Richard
  • Best Debut Female - Premi vishwanth
  • Best Debut Female (special jury) - Lekshmipriya
  • Best Actor in a Negative role (special jury) - srihari
  • Best Actress in a Negative role ( special jury) - Archana suseelan
  • Best Director - Praveen kadakkavoor
  • Best Screenplay - Pradeep Panicker
  • Best Character Actor - Santosh Kurup
  • Best Character Actress (special jury) - Dr.Sharmila
  • Best Actor in a Humorous role (special jury) - Jayakumar
  • Most Popular Serial - Karuthamuthu
  • Life Time Achievement award - Sreelatha Namboothiri
  • Best Actor - Kishor Satya
  • Best Child actor - Akshara Kishor
  • Best Director - Praveen kadakkavoor
  • Best Screenplay - Pradeep Panicker
  • Best Character actor - Santosh Kurup
  • Best Character actor(Special Jury) - Giridhar
  • Best Character actress -Thara Kalyan
  • Best Actress in a Negative role - Archana suseelan
  • Most Popular Actress (Special Jury) - Lekshmipriya
  • Best Script - Pradeep Panicker
  • Best Actor in a Humorous role- Jayakumar
  • Best Director - Praveen kadakkavoor
  • Best Actress in a Negative role - Archana suseelan
  • Best Audiography - Sreejith Vj
  • Most Popular Actress - Darshana Das
  • Best Video Grapher - B.Kumar
  • Best Character actor - Santosh Kurup


Language Title Original release Network(s) Episodes
Malayalam Karuthamuthu
20 October 2014 – 9 August 2019 Asianet 1450
Telugu Karthika Deepam
కార్తీక దీపం
16 October 2017 – Present Star Maa Ongoing
Kannada Muddulakshmi
22 January 2018 – Present Star Suvarna Ongoing
Tamil Bharathi Kannamma
பாரதி கண்ணம்மா
25 February 2019 – Present Star Vijay Ongoing
Marathi Rang Majha Vegla
रंग माझा वेगळा
30 October 2019 – Present Star Pravah Ongoing
Hindi Karthik Purnima
कार्तिक पूर्णिमा
3 February – 27 March 2020 Star Bharat 45


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