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Kahndaq (Arabic word for: Trench) is a fictional Middle Eastern country in the DC Comics Universe. Its real world location is between Egypt and Israel. JSA #56 states that it is located on the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula.

Notable charactersBlack Adam
PublisherDC Comics

Fictional historyEdit

As revealed in the JSA comic book series, Kahndaq is the homeland of the antihero Black Adam, who served as the magically powered superhero of Egypt over 3600 years ago. In 1600 B.C. Kahndaq is burned to the ground by the supervillain Ahk-Ton; Black Adam's wife and children are killed during this attack.[1] The loss of his family and children eventually drives him to take extreme measures to protect Kahndaq. This, in turn, forces the wizard Shazam to remove Adam's powers and entomb him for centuries.[2]

In recent times the country is ruled by a dictator named Asim Muhunnad. Muhunnad is deposed by Black Adam and a group of former Justice Society of America members, and executed by Atom Smasher.[3] Adam then declares himself the new ruler of Kahndaq. Kahndaq is heavily damaged shortly thereafter by the Spectre, during the "Day of Vengeance" storyline.[4] After this attack, Black Adam joins Lex Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains, as he feels this will serve to protect Kahndaq.[5]

After the events of the Infinite Crisis, Black Adam rededicates himself as the protector of Kahndaq. He instituted many Draconian laws, including public executions every Wednesday (which he carries out himself).[6] Kahndaq also becomes a signatory nation to the Freedom of Power Treaty, which excludes foreign metahumans from operating inside member countries' borders. Other signatories to the Treaty include China, North Korea, and Myanmar.[7]

Adam's harsh policies are tempered after he meets Adrianna Tomaz, a young woman presented to him by Intergang as a bribe to allow them to use Kahndaq as a base for their criminal activities. Adam and Adrianna fall in love, and Adam shares his powers with her, transforming her into the superhuman Isis. After Adam and Isis wed, they find Adrianna's lost brother Amon, and Adam transforms him into the superpowered Osiris. The trio pledge themselves to turn Kahndaq into an earthly paradise. Their plans are short-lived, as Kahndaq is attacked by the Four Horsemen, a quartet of artificially enhanced beings based in the nearby country of Bialya. Osiris is eaten by the humanoid alligator Sobek, who is actually the Horseman known as Famine, while Isis dies after Kahndaq is blighted by acid rains sent by Pestilence.[8] With her dying breath, Isis tells Adam his methods are the only way to protect Kahndaq, and asks him to avenge her. Saddened and enraged, Adam attacks Bialya, killing nearly every inhabitant, then goes on to attack China.[9] After a fierce battle with an army of superheroes, Adam is rendered powerless by the combined efforts of Captain Marvel and Zatanna. The now human Adam returns to Kahndaq to wander its streets anonymously.

The capital city of Kahndaq is called Shiruta, named after Black Adam's deceased first wife. Its flag consists of three horizontal, black and white stripes combined with three golden pyramids, each representing a dead member of Adam's family. At least one of its official languages, as seen in 52 #14, is Arabic.

In other mediaEdit



  • In the Justice League Unlimited episode "Ancient History", Kahndaq has been mentioned in the shared flashback between Green Lantern, Carter Hall, and Hawkgirl while held hostage by the Shadow-Thief.
  • In the Smallville episode "Isis", the Goddess Isis (in the body of Lois) is attempting to use the Dagger of Teth-Adam of Kahndaq to resurrect her lover Osiris.
  • In the Beware the Batman episode "Secrets", Kahndaq is mentioned by Bruce Wayne as the location where Katana had previously been stationed in the military.
  • Kahndaq is referenced in Arrow. In the episode "Suicide Squad" the team try to steal a nerve gas which was created in Kahndaq. This country also appears in the Arrow: Season 2.5 tie-in comic where the team is sent to eliminate members of an extremist group called Onslaught and its leader, Khem-Adam. [10]
  • In the Flash episode "Going Rogue", Captain Cold steals the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond. In the episode "Null and Annoyed", Null steals the Kahndaq Dynasty Crown.

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