Judo at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Men's 73 kg

Men's 73 kg competition in judo at the 2000 Summer Olympics was held on 18 September at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.[1]

Men's 73 kg
at the Games of the XXVII Olympiad
VenueSydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date18 September
Competitors34 from 34 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Giuseppe Maddaloni  Italy
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Tiago Camilo  Brazil
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Anatoly Laryukhov  Belarus
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Vsevolods Zeļonijs  Latvia
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This event was the third-lightest of the men's judo weight classes, limiting competitors to a maximum of 73 kilograms of body mass. Like all other judo events, bouts lasted five minutes. If the bout was still tied at the end, it was extended for another five-minute, sudden-death period; if neither judoka scored during that period, the match is decided by the judges. The tournament bracket consisted of a single-elimination contest culminating in a gold medal match. There was also a repechage to determine the winners of the two bronze medals. Each judoka who had lost to a semifinalist competed in the repechage. The two judokas who lost in the semifinals faced the winner of the opposite half of the bracket's repechage in bronze medal bouts.


All times are Australian Eastern Daylight Time (UTC+11:00)

Date Time Round
Monday, 18 September 2000 15:00
Preliminaries & Repechage

Tournament resultsEdit


1   Tiago Camilo (BRA) 0000
2   Giuseppe Maddaloni (ITA) 1002

Mat 1Edit

First round matches
  Choi Yong-sin (KOR) 1001–0000   Sagdat Sadykov (KGZ)
Elimination rounds
Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
  Claudiu Bastea (ROM) 0010
  Kenzo Nakamura (JPN) 0110   Kenzo Nakamura (JPN) 1001
  Christoph Stangl (AUT) 0000   Jarosław Lewak (POL) 0000
  Jarosław Lewak (POL) 1000   Kenzo Nakamura (JPN) 0001
  Jimmy Pedro (USA) 0001   Choi Yong-sin (KOR) 1010
  Choi Yong-sin (KOR) 0010   Choi Yong-sin (KOR) 0110
  Andrew Payne (BAR) 0010   Sebastian Alquati (ARG) 0001
  Sebastian Alquati (ARG) 1010   Choi Yong-sin (KOR) 0001
  Carlos Méndez (PUR) 0000   Tiago Camilo (BRA) 1000
  Miklós Illyés (HUN) 0200   Miklós Illyés (HUN) 0000
  Michel Almeida (POR) 0200   Michel Almeida (POR) 1002
  Eduardo Manglés (VEN) 0011   Michel Almeida (POR) 0101
  Kouami Sacha Denanyoh (TOG) 0000   Tiago Camilo (BRA) 0101
  Noureddine Yagoubi (ALG) 0210   Noureddine Yagoubi (ALG) 0010
  Tiago Camilo (BRA) 1010   Tiago Camilo (BRA) 1110
  Gil Offer (ISR) 0100

Mat 2Edit

First round matches
  Hector Lombard (CUB) 1010–0000   Haitham Awad (EGY)
Elimination rounds
Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
  Giorgi Revazishvili (GEO) 0011
  Andrey Shturbabin (UZB) 1001   Andrey Shturbabin (UZB) 0000
  Vsevolods Zeļonijs (LAT) 1001   Vsevolods Zeļonijs (LAT) 1010
  Ernst Laraque (HAI) 0000   Vsevolods Zeļonijs (LAT) 0001
  Giuseppe Maddaloni (ITA) 0201   Giuseppe Maddaloni (ITA) 0011
  Travolta Waterhouse (SAM) 0000   Giuseppe Maddaloni (ITA) 1000
  Martin Schmidt (GER) 0001   Hassen Moussa (TUN) 0000
  Hassen Moussa (TUN) 0010   Giuseppe Maddaloni (ITA) 1000
  Gennadiy Bilodid (UKR) 1010   Anatoly Laryukhov (BLR) 0010
  Hector Lombard (CUB) 0020   Gennadiy Bilodid (UKR) 0222
  Vitaliy Makarov (RUS) 0011   Askhat Shakharov (KAZ) 0010
  Askhat Shakharov (KAZ) 1010   Gennadiy Bilodid (UKR) 0100
  Germán Velasco (PER) 1020   Anatoly Laryukhov (BLR) 1000
  Thomas Hill (AUS) 0010   Germán Velasco (PER) 0010
  Ferrid Kheder (FRA) 0010   Anatoly Laryukhov (BLR) 1000
  Anatoly Laryukhov (BLR) 1000


The losing semifinalists as well as those judoka eliminated in earlier rounds by the four semifinalists of the main bracket advanced to the repechage. These matches determined the two bronze medalists for the event.

First round matches

Since 23 judoka qualified for the repechage, one match was held to reduce the field to 22.

  Sagdat Sadykov (KGZ) 0001–1101   Jimmy Pedro (USA)
Elimination rounds
First round   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Bronze medal finals
      Jimmy Pedro (USA) 0200         Jimmy Pedro (USA) 0000
  Jimmy Pedro (USA) 0202       Kenzo Nakamura (JPN) 0010           Anatoly Laryukhov (BLR) 1000
  Sebastian Alquati (ARG) 0001         Jimmy Pedro (USA) 1000
      Michel Almeida (POR) 0000  
      Noureddine Yagoubi (ALG) 0002
  Gil Offer (ISR) 0010       Michel Almeida (POR) 0100  
  Noureddine Yagoubi (ALG) 0110  
      Hassen Moussa (TUN) 0010         Choi Yong-sin (KOR) 0000
  Travolta Waterhouse (SAM) 0000       Vsevolods Zeļonijs (LAT) 1000           Vsevolods Zeļonijs (LAT) 1000
  Hassen Moussa (TUN) 1020         Vsevolods Zeļonijs (LAT) 1110
      Ferrid Kheder (FRA) 0100  
      Ferrid Kheder (FRA) 1011
  Ferrid Kheder (FRA) 0001       Gennadiy Bilodid (UKR) 0110  
  Germán Velasco (PER) 0001  


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