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Italicus (flourished in 1st century AD) was a chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci.

Italicus was a son of Flavus, brother of the Cherusci chieftain Arminius. Tacitus writes in the Annals that Italicus was completely alienated from his Germanic roots through his education in Rome. Nevertheless, after the death of Arminius around 20 AD, the Cherusci requested permission to make him king. The request was granted by Tiberius, who furnished him with money, companions and advice. Familiar with both Germanic and Roman ways of waging war, Italicus was initially successful at pacifying the Cherusci. He was eventually exiled by his people. Italicus was however brought back to power with the help of the Lombards. His successor Chariomerus appears to have been defeated by the Chatti around 88 AD.


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