Iron Gate II Hydroelectric Power Station

The Iron Gate II (Romanian: Porțile de Fier II, Serbian: Ђердап II, romanizedĐerdap II) is a large dam on the Danube River, between Romania and Serbia.

Iron Gate II Hydroelectric Power Station
Dam Serbia Djerdap 2.jpg
LocationGogoşu, Mehedinţi County,
Mihajlovac, Bor District,
Coordinates44°18′16″N 22°33′54″E / 44.30444°N 22.56500°E / 44.30444; 22.56500Coordinates: 44°18′16″N 22°33′54″E / 44.30444°N 22.56500°E / 44.30444; 22.56500
Construction began1977
Opening date1984
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsDanube River
Height35 m (115 ft)
Length412 m (1,352 ft)[1]
CreatesIron Gates II Reservoir
Total capacity0.6 km3 (0.14 cu mi)
Catchment area579,200 km2 (223,600 sq mi)
Surface area52 km2 (20 sq mi)
Power Station
TurbinesRomania: 10 × 32 MW
Serbia: 10 × 27 MW
Installed capacityRomania: 321 MW
Serbia: 270 MW
Annual generationRomania: 1.3 TWh
Serbia: 1.31 TWh

The dam is built at the Danube's 853 km (530 mi).[2] The project started in 1977 as a joint-venture between the governments of Romania and Yugoslavia for the construction of large dam on the Danube River which would serve both countries. At the time of completion in 1984 the dam had 16 units generating a total of 432 MW, divided equally between the two countries at 216 MW each.

The Romanian part of the power station was modernised and another 2 units were installed; the nominal capacity of the 10 units was increased from 27 MW to 32 MW thus having an installed capacity of 321 MW. The Romanian side of the power station produces approximately 1.3 TWh per annum.

The Serbian part of the power station currently has 10 units with a nominal capacity of 27 MW each and a total power generation capacity of 270 MW.[3] The Serbian side of the power station produces approximately 1.31 TWh per annum. At the celebration ceremony for the 27 years since the power station's deployment it was announced that production in 2011 reached 1.46 TWh despite bad weather conditions.[4]

Current total power generation capacity of the power station is 591 MW.

In 2011 a border checkpoint between Serbia and Romania for cars and light cargo vehicles was open. As of 2018 the Serbian side of the power plant is in the process of revitalization. When finished, the power of each aggregate will be lifted from 27 to 32 MW.[2]

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