Highway M20 (Ukraine)

Highway M20 is the second shortest Ukraine international highway (M-highway) which connects Kharkiv to the border with Russia at Hoptivka in Kharkiv Raion in Kharkiv Oblast (Kharkivshchyna) (Ukrainian: Дергачівський район, Ха́рківська о́бласть (Харківщина)) and Nehoteevka in Belgorodsky Raion in Belgorodskaya Oblast (Russian: Нехотеевка, Белгородский район, Белгоро́дская о́бласть).[1] The section from Lisne to the Russian border is part of European route E105, known as the Crimea Highway (Крым шоссе) in Russia.[2]

Highway M20 shield}}
Highway M20
Автошлях М20
Route information
Part of E105
Length28.5 km (17.7 mi)
Major junctions
South end M18 / M03 in Kharkiv
North endRussian border at Hoptivka checkpoint
Highway system
M19 M21
Hoptivka checkpoint on Ukraine-Russia border

In 2011 major renovations took place on segments of the road in preparation to the Euro 2012.[3]


Highway M20
Marker Main settlements Notes Highway Interchanges
0 km Kharkiv   M18  M03
28 km Hoptivka in Kharkiv Raion / Border (Russia)   M2 

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