Highway M18 (Ukraine)

Highway M18 is a Ukrainian international highway (M-highway) connecting Kharkiv to the southern coast of Crimea in Yalta.[1] The highway is also has an alternative route (M29) which runs parallel and designed as an expressway between Kharkiv and Novomoskovsk. The section from Novomoskovsk to Yalta is part of European route E105.[2] The section from Kharkiv to Krasnohrad was previously P51.

Highway M18 shield}}
Highway M18
Автошлях М18
Route information
Part of E105
Length682.6 km (424.1 mi)
731.6 km (454.6 mi) with access roads
Major junctions
West end M03 / M20 in Kharkiv
Major intersections M30 in Novomoskovsk
M14 in Melitopol
M17 in Dzhankoy
West end H19 in Yalta
OblastsKharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Crimea
Highway system
M17 M19
M18 and M29 interchange near Valky, Kharkiv Oblast
A roadside cafe on M18 near Melitopol

The section between Yalta and the border of Crimea belongs to Crimea which has been annexed by Russia in 2014. Russia refers to the section in Crimea as 35A-002.

Main routeEdit

Main route and connections to/intersections with other highways in Ukraine.

Marker Main settlements Notes Highway Interchanges
0 km Kharkiv   M20  M03
Novoselivka   M29
Hubynykha   M29
Pishchanka (Novomoskovsk)   M30
Zaporizhzhia   H08  H15
Melitopol   M14
Dzhankoi   M17
Simferopol   H05  H06
682 km Yalta   H19

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