Graeme Fell

Graeme Vincent Fell (born 19 March 1959 in Dagenham, Essex, England) is a male former 3000 metres steeplechase runner.

Graeme Fell
Personal information
Born19 March 1959
Medal record
Men's athletics
Commonwealth Games
Representing  Canada
Gold medal – first place 1986 Edinburgh 3000 m steeplechase
Bronze medal – third place 1994 Victoria 3000 m steeplechase
Representing  England
Silver medal – second place 1982 Brisbane 3000 m steeplechase

Athletics careerEdit

Fell competed for England at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia, winning a silver medal in the 3000 m steeplechase behind Julius Korir of Kenya.[1][2]

In 1984 he took Canadian citizenship and competed for Canada at both the 1986 and 1994 Commonwealth Games (winning gold and bronze medals in the 3000m steeplechase).[3] He also competed in two Olympics for Canada, in 1988 in Seoul (where he finished 11th in the steeplechase final) and in 1992 in Barcelona. In 1985 in Koblenz, he ran a personal best in the 3000 m steeplechase of 8:12.58, which stood as the Canadian national record for the event until 2013, when the record was broken by Matthew Hughes.

In 1985 he was a co-founder of the Vancouver Sun Run which he won twice in 1986 and 1987. In 2004 he was inducted into the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame. He currently resides in Vancouver and coaches middle and long distance running. He also currently teaches grade six and seven students at Sir William Osler Elementary School. He teaches physical education, english, math, science and writing. In his debut marathon, Graeme Fell won the 1994 California International Marathon in a time of 2:16:13.[4]


All results regarding 3000 metres steeplechase unless stated

Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing   Great Britain /   England
1982 European Championships Athens, Greece 10th 8:34.30
Commonwealth Games Brisbane, Australia 2nd 8:26.64
1983 World Championships Helsinki, Finland 6th 8:20.01
Representing   Canada
1985 World Cup Canberra, Australia 3rd 8:40.30
1986 Commonwealth Games Edinburgh, Scotland 1st 8:24.49
1987 World Championships Rome, Italy 5th 8:16.46
1988 Olympic Games Seoul, South Korea 11th 8:21.73
1990 Commonwealth Games Auckland, New Zealand 4th 8:27.64
1991 World Championships Tokyo, Japan 14th 9:01.73 (fell)
1992 Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain 28th (q) 8:50.87
1994 Goodwill Games Saint Petersburg, Russia 4th 8:26.25
Commonwealth Games Victoria, Canada 3rd 8:23.28
17th (q) 14:04.42 (5000 m)
California International Marathon California, United States 1st 2:16:13
1995 World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 14th (q) 8:24.74

(q) indicates overall position achieved in qualifying rounds.


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