Générations Star Wars et Science Fiction

Générations Star Wars et Science Fiction (English: Star Wars and science fiction generations), also called Gen SW, is a French fan convention whose main subject is the Star Wars universe. Other topics are the comics, the science fiction and the fantasy. It is held once a year in Cusset, Allier since 1999. Among its most notable guests are the major Star Wars actors Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker) and David Prowse (Darth Vader) or renowned comics artists like Tom Palmer and Davide Fabbri.

Générations Star Wars et Science Fiction
Gen SW 2010.jpg
View of the convention in 2010.
GenreStar Wars
VenueEspace Chambon
Location(s)Cusset, Allier
Coordinates46°07′48.59″N 3°27′33.32″E / 46.1301639°N 3.4592556°E / 46.1301639; 3.4592556
AttendanceAround 6,500 in 2014
Organized byLes Héritiers de la Force
Filing statusNon-profit

Organizing this event is the main activity of the non-profit association Les Héritiers de la Force (English: The Heirs of the Force) which is not associated to nor endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. There is no entry fee for the visitors attending the convention.


The first venue of the Générations Star Wars et Science Fiction occurred on October 10, 1999 and hosted 500 visitors.[1] It's only in 2002, for the fourth edition, that the convention switched to its current format, a two-days event held on a week-end as close as possible to the French public holiday of May 1.[2]

In 2003, the convention welcomed Jeremy Bulloch, the actor behind the bounty hunter Boba Fett.[3] Since then, it ever hosted at least one Star Wars actor, except in 2007 when health problems forced Kenny Baker to cancel his visit.[4] Comics artists are also mainstays since the coming of Italian artist Davide Fabbri in 2009, mainly with the help of Star Wars comics publisher in France, Delcourt.[5] These guests, among others like stunt coordinator Nick Gillard or photographer Cédric Delsaux, helped the convention to grow up and attract more visitors, until the current record of 6500 attendees in 2014.[6]


Shaak Ti cosplay during the 2014 convention.

The visitors are able to meet the actors and artists, ask them questions, obtain signings or take photos with them.[7] There are also exhibitions, dioramas and merchandising shops. Sci-Fi fans associations present their activities and what they've created like real scale objects or vehicles.[8] The main events regularly happening are cosplay contests, knowledges quizzes, fan art contests, Questions/Answers with the guests or conferences.[8] Since 2013, charity sales are organized on the favour of the children service of Vichy's hospital.[9][10]


The event is organized by the non-profit association Les Héritiers de la Force, based at Cusset.[11] It is the association's main activity but its members also participate at other events or conventions, to promote Générations Star Wars or as cosplayers.[12] They also go to hospitals to help the ill children.[13]

The convention's posters are quite famous among the French Star Wars fandom because of the artworks of painter from Vichy Greg Massonneau.[14][15][16]

The association, and thus the event, are supported by the General Council of Allier[14] and the city of Cusset.[17] There are also partnerships with comics publisher Delcourt[5] and toy manufacturers Lego[18] and Hasbro,[17] for example.

Guests listEdit

Here is the complete list of the convention's guests, up to the 2014 edition.

Star Wars actorsEdit

Name Years Played in
First Others Main character Ep. I Ep. II Ep. III Ep. IV Ep. V Ep. VI
Jeremy Bulloch 2003 2014 Boba Fett X X
Mike Edmonds 2004 Logray X
Garrick Hagon 2004 Biggs Darklighter X
Richard LeParmentier 2005 2010[19] Conan Antonio Motti X
Anthony Daniels 2006 C-3PO X X X X X X
Peter Mayhew 2008 Chewbacca X X X X
Daniel Logan 2009[20] Boba Fett X
Kenneth Colley 2010[19] Firmus Piett X X
Julian Glover 2010[19] Maximilian Veers X
Jake Lloyd 2011[21] Anakin Skywalker X
Paul Blake 2012 Greedo X
Alan Harris 2013 Bossk X X
Chris Parsons 2013 4-LOM X
Dave Prowse 2013[22] Darth Vader X X X
Dermot Crowley 2014 Crix Madine X
Cathy Munroe 2014 Zuckuss X

Comics authorsEdit

Davide Fabbri at Albissola Comics 2014.
Name Years Star Wars Comics
First Others
Davide Fabbri 2009[5] Agent de l'Empire, Empire, Infinities
Benjamin Carré [fr] 2010[23] Dark Times, Knights of the Old Republic
Thomas Frisano [fr] 2010 2011, 2013 French covers[24]
Jérôme Alquié 2011 No
Doug Wheatley 2011 Dark Times, Empire
Stéphane Créty [fr] 2012[25] Agent of the Empire, Star Wars
Christophe Hénin 2012 2013, 2014 No
Julien Hugonnard-Bert [fr] 2012[25] 2014 Agent of the Empire, Star Wars
Thierry Vivien 2012[26] 2013 Parody
Patrick Biesse 2013 2014 No
Tom Palmer 2013 Star Wars Comics Collector
Simon Caruso 2014 No
Tomás Giorello 2014 X-Wing Rogue Squadron, Empire
Guillaume Griffon [fr] 2014 No

Other guestsEdit

Name Years Reason
First Others
Fabrice Labrousse 2007 Star Wars related book author.
Francis Schall 2007 Star Wars related book author.
Cédric Delsaux 2009 2012 Photographer and Star Wars related book author.
Thierry Mornet 2009 to 2014[25] Responsible of comics range for Delcourt and comics writer.
Steve Sansweet 2011[27] Director of Content Management and Head of Fan Relations of Lucasfilm Ltd and Star Wars related books author.
Nick Gillard 2012 Stunt coordinator on Star Wars prequel trilogy.
Stéfan Ledu 2012 Photographer.
Stéphane Faucourt 2014 Star Wars related book author.
Patrice Girod 2014 Editor-in-chief of Lucasfilm Magazine [fr].
Sébastien "Kosept" Lasnon 2014 Graphic designer and illustrator.

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