The "full Ginsburg" is a buzzword that refers to an appearance by one person on all five American major Sunday morning talk shows on the same day: This Week on ABC, Fox News Sunday, Face the Nation on CBS, Meet the Press on NBC, and Late Edition on CNN.[1] State of the Union replaced Late Edition on CNN in January 2009.

The term is named for William H. Ginsburg, the lawyer for Monica Lewinsky during the sexual conduct scandal involving President Bill Clinton. Ginsburg was the first person to accomplish this feat, on February 1, 1998.[2]

Completed full GinsburgsEdit

Name Office Reason for appearance Date

William H. Ginsburg
Attorney for Monica Lewinsky Allegations that his client had a sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton February 1, 1998
Congressman Rick Lazio
Nominee for U.S. Senate in New York's 2000 Senate election, U.S. Representative from the State of New York Announcement of candidacy in Senate Election against Hillary Clinton May 21, 2000 [3]
Secretary Dick Cheney
Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States, former Secretary of Defense and U.S. Representative from Wyoming 2000 Republican National Convention July 30, 2000
Senator John Edwards
Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States, United States Senator from North Carolina Approaching Presidential Election October 10, 2004
Secretary Michael Chertoff
Secretary of Homeland Security Hurricane Katrina September 4, 2005
Senator Hillary Clinton
Junior Senator from New York, Candidate in 2008 presidential election Her Presidential bid September 23, 2007
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of Health and Human Services Swine Flu May 3, 2009
Secretary Janet Napolitano
Secretary of Homeland Security
Dr. Richard Besser
Acting Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Former President Bill Clinton
Former President of the United States Haiti earthquake January 17, 2010[4]
Former President George W. Bush
Former President of the United States
Dr. Rajiv Shah
Administrator of United States Agency for International Development
Lieutenant General P.K. "Ken" Keen
Deputy Commander of United States Southern Command
Rep. Michele Bachmann
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Her Presidential bid August 14, 2011[5]
Jack Lew
White House Chief of Staff 2012 Federal Budget February 12, 2012[6]
Susan Rice
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Reactions to Innocence of Muslims and the
Attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi
September 16, 2012
Timothy Geithner
United States Secretary of the Treasury Fiscal cliff[7] December 2, 2012
Jeb Bush
Former Governor of Florida Promoting his book Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution[8] March 10, 2013
Marco Rubio
United States Senator from Florida Immigration reform April 14, 2013
Daniel Pfeiffer
Senior Advisor to the President for Strategy and Communications Addressing the IRS Tea Party investigation, Associated Press records seizures, and investigation of response to the 2012 Benghazi attack May 19, 2013
Secretary John Kerry
United States Secretary of State Addressing Possible military action against Syria by the United States September 1, 2013
Denis McDonough
White House Chief of Staff September 8, 2013
Jack Lew
United States Secretary of the Treasury 2013 United States government shutdown October 6, 2013
Secretary John Kerry
United States Secretary of State Addressing Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and Operation Protective Edge July 20, 2014
Denis McDonough
White House Chief of Staff Following up on the 2015 State of the Union Address January 25, 2015
Robert Sumwalt
NTSB Board Member Discussing the 2015 Philadelphia train derailment May 17, 2015
Paul Ryan
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Discussion of his role as the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives November 1, 2015
Marco Rubio
United States Senator from Florida His Presidential bid[9] February 14, 2016
Marco Rubio
United States Senator from Florida His Presidential bid[10] February 21, 2016
Ted Cruz
United States Senator from Texas His Presidential bid[11] February 28, 2016
Tim Kaine
United States Senator and former Governor of Virginia His Vice Presidential bid[12] September 18, 2016
Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York City 2016 presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump presidential campaign[13] October 9, 2016
Jay Sekulow
Member of President Donald Trump's legal team

Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice[14][15]

Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner's meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya[16][17] July 16, 2017
Mike Pompeo
United States Secretary of State President Trump canceling secret talks with the Taliban[18] September 8, 2019
Mike Pompeo
United States Secretary of State President Trump ordering the killing of Qasem Soleimani, the highest military commander in Iran[19] January 5, 2020

Special casesEdit

On September 20, 2009, President Barack Obama did what The Politico called a "modified Full Ginsburg" when he appeared on five programs, even though Univision's Spanish-language Al Punto was not part of Ginsburg's original five programs. President Obama, promoting his health care reform proposals, opted for Al Punto to be his fifth program appearance instead of Fox News Sunday.[20] Obama also appeared on Monday, September 9, 2013, with reporters from each of the five networks, plus an extra sixth, to discuss possible military intervention in Syria.[21] He appeared with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room,[22] with ABC's Diane Sawyer on ABC World News,[23] with NBC's Savannah Guthrie on NBC Nightly News,[24] with CBS's Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News[25] and with Fox's Chris Wallace on Fox News's Special Report with Bret Baier,[26] in addition to PBS's Gwen Ifill on PBS NewsHour.[27]

The first person to appear on all six shows in the same week was former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who achieved the feat on March 10, 2013.[28]

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio became the first person to appear on seven Sunday talk shows the same day, on April 14, 2013: all English-language shows listed above, plus Univision's Al Punto and Telemundo's Enfoque, both American Spanish-language shows.[29][30]

Following the South Carolina Republican primary in 2016, Senator Rubio became the first person to complete the Full Ginsburg on two consecutive Sundays.[10] Thanks to a prior Ginsburg in 2013, he is to date the only person to have accomplished this feat three times.


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