Francis, Count of Vendôme

Francis of Bourbon or François de Bourbon, (1470 – 30 October 1495), was the Count of Vendôme and a French prince du sang.

Francis de Bourbon
Count of Vendôme
François de Bourbon, comte de Vendôme.jpg
Vendôme, Loir-et-Cher, France.
Died30 October 1495(1495-10-30) (aged 24–25)
Vercelli, Piedmont, Italy.
Noble familyBourbon
Spouse(s)Marie of Luxembourg
IssueCharles, Duke of Vendôme
Francis, Count of Saint-Pol
Louis, Archbishop of Sens
Antoinette, Duchess of Guise
Louise, Abbess of Fontevraud
FatherJohn VIII, Count of Vendôme
MotherIsabelle de Beauvau


Francis was the son of John VIII de Bourbon, Count of Vendôme and Isabelle de Beauvau, the daughter of Louis de Beauvau, Marshal of Provence.[1] As a legitimate member of the Capetian dynasty, he ranked in France as a prince du sang. Francis was seven, when his father died and he succeeded as count of Vendôme. During his minority, his estates were administered by his brother in law, Louis of Joyeuse.


In 1487, Francis married Marie of Luxembourg, the elder daughter and principal heiress of Peter II of Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol and Soissons, and Margaret of Savoy.[2][3] She brought great estates as her dowry, including the countships of Saint-Pol and Soissons in Picardy, as well as the Château de Condé.

Francis and Marie had:

By Isabeau de Grigny, Francis had an illegitimate son:

  • Jacques de Bourbon

Francis de Bourbon died at the age of 25 in Vercelli, Italy, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Charles IV de Bourbon. His widow Marie administered the family's estates during Charles' minority.



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Francis, Count of Vendôme
Born: 1470 Died: 30 October 1495
Preceded by Count of Vendôme
Succeeded by