Catherine of Vendôme

Catherine de Vendôme (1354 – 1 April 1412) was a ruling countess of Vendôme and of Castres from 1372 until 1403.

Catherine of Vendôme
Countess of la Marche
JanBourbon katerinavEndome.jpg
Catherine and John I
Died1412 (aged 57–58)
Spouse(s)John I, Count of La Marche
FatherJohn VI of Vendôme
MotherJeanne of Ponthieu


She was the daughter of John VI of Vendôme and Jeanne of Ponthieu.[1] She married John I, Count of La Marche, in 1364.[1]

In 1372 inherited Vendôme on the death of her niece Jeanne and administered it jointly with her husband, then (after his death) with her second son Louis until 1403.




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