John VIII, Count of Vendôme

John VIII de Bourbon (1425 – 6 January 1478) was Count of Vendôme from 1446 until his death. A member of the House of Bourbon, he was the son and successor of Louis, Count of Vendôme.[1] As a courtier of King Charles VII of France, he fought the English in Normandy and Guyenne. He attached himself to King Louis XI, but was not in royal favor. He withdrew to the Château of Lavardin and completed its construction.

Coat of arms
Died6 January 1477(1477-01-06) (aged 51–52)
Noble familyBourbon-Vendôme
Spouse(s)Isabelle de Beauvau
FatherLouis, Count of Vendôme
MotherJeanne de Laval

In 1454, he married Isabelle de Beauvau,[2] daughter of Louis de Beauvau, Marshal of Provence[3] and Marguerite de Chambley. They had:

Jean also had two illegitimate sons  :

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John VIII, Count of Vendôme
Born: 1426 Died: 6 January 1477
Preceded by Count of Vendôme
Succeeded by